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Another shooting on Tortola; man injured

Another shooting has happened on Tortola.

Police told our news centre that one man has been injured in the incident.

BVI News understands that the shooting happened sometime before 10pm in the Horse Path area of the island.

The gunshot victim has been hospitalized.

His condition is not known but unconfirmed reports are that he was shot in the torso.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, this is at least the third reported shooting since the start of the year.

Two men were killed a week ago in what police describe as a drive-by shooting near Althea Scatliffe Primary School and the Red Cross building in Road Town.

At least one other man was shot and injured days before that double-murder.

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  1. Citizen says:

    A willing to join the police in nightly stop and search. It seems like this has becomes necessary as this night shooting is now on the increase.
    I am in support of the law enforcement officers and willing to do what it takes to protect this territory.
    God bless the BVI.

    • BVI Culture - an oxymoron says:

      The increase in crime is the natural and obvious consequence of the BVI embracing liberal and left wing views.

      It has happened everywhere in the world. We look as stupid complaining about the rise in crime as does the fool that complains when his hand is burnt when he puts it into the fire.

      We need to renounce liberalism, renounce everything that Obama said he stood for (in fact his only concern was to manage his legacy – which is now a legacy as being a worse President that Carter), renounce the victem culture, renounce reliance on a socialist reliance on Government, and take responsibility for our our actions and futures.

      • Island man says:

        Hope you are not blaming Obama for the 17 killed in Florida school shooting because you dont sound reasonable at all by blaming Obama for things like Wakko Texas where almost 100 killed by white Supremes. Hope you are thinking straigh.
        Leave the Obama out of your selfish agenda.

        • huh! says:

          The fact that is 50% black does not mean that his legacy is one of meaningless words and the record for the most number of rounds of golf played whilst in office.

        • huh! says:

          The fact that Obama is 50% black does not mean that his legacy is not one of meaningless words, and the record for the most number of rounds of golf played whilst in office.

      • @oxy moron says:

        I can see right through you!!!
        But its ok

  2. bring back the curfew says:

    CURFEW ON….no shootings….CURFEW OFF….5 shootings and counting

  3. friend says:

    Make him talk

  4. ...time will tell says:

    When war start man getting thro down????????????

  5. Tola Man says:

    what a s***hole Tola is

  6. Heartless says:

    It seems like the island is getting worse rather than better. The criminals apparently have no respect for the law. And the community and those who know these criminals/killers choose to remain silent. Even the cold blooded murder of an innocent child had no effect on any of them,but I hope the image of that child haunts them until the day they all depart this earth.

    • Prophet says:

      Criminals by definition don’t have respect for the law which is why tougher gun laws don’t work. Legalize hand guns and watch these crimes stop b/c the would be victims would be armed and not easy targets.

      The police need to pressure this victim to talk.

  7. watcher says:

    another nail in the coffin of the tourism business.

  8. Richgdgy says:

    The Good people of the BVI have to take their islands back!Screw PC and all the Lib views that breed drugs ,booze,and crime.WE went their for 20 years and the BVI Islanders were the nicest in the world.Take your islands back now before you turn into another Chicago!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Bvi population is at risk…it soon will be extinct. Prays!!!

  10. Love my bvi says:

    It’s the witchcraft and evil cats fault. Or the expats, volunteers, or the UK not helping. Blame everyone except our ourselves…

    • Yes! says:

      Don’t forget the police. Police are failing society because they are not taking the children who’ve been for years totally disregarded by their parents and making them upright and law abiding citizens.

  11. Saddened from afar says:

    It’s unfortunate that some cannot say NO to the “get rich scheme” mentality, especially when it involves drugs. When the drug pipeline between South America and North America, specifically the U.S., was shutdown/cutoff, the pipeline simply shifted to the Caribbean. And because corruption has taken a hold within various government entities and the law, the islands are now seeing the after affect. As long as the pipeline remains in the Caribbean and (young) people don’t grasp the concept of, “You can run, but where will you hide?,” the lawlessness will continue in Tortola and throughout the Caribbean. Put a muzzle on corruption and a difference will be seen….

  12. portraitpainter says:

    To all of you on this post but especially ‘Watcher.’
    Watcher was 100% regarding another nail in the tourism business. I am from the US and I have been going to Tortola for over 9 years at least 6 times a year. Renting an apt. for a month at a time. It cost me a lot of money. During those years, I was robbed by my cleaning ladies, charged more for food at restaurants than I should have and the local laundry ( West End ) only returned half my clothes after I dropped them off and claimed they never got them. Funny thing is, I saw my clothes being worn by people walking in that area. Again, I was NOT a tourist but a part time resident. I know the island.
    Now you are dealing with the aftermath of the two hurricanes and multiple murders. I have to say that even before the hurricanes, you were earning a bad reputation for being hateful towards tourists of any color. You smile at them and then take advantage any way you can. The average cruise ship tourist wouldn’t notice but I did.
    I really believe that many of you were raised to take and take anyway you can to have some money. You don’t realize that you can do this just by being honest. Your kids have guns. As parents, you surely could have seen this trend towards violence and stopped your child from taking that path? Talked to them about bad choices? Giving them hope regarding college and a solid career? Tell them that they don’t need to steal to have money?
    Murder is just so insane. Obviously, we have it here in the US as well but it seems so large on Tortola.
    I love your island, believe me…but I don’t think I’ll come back or recommend it as I used to.

    • Retired says:

      Correct portraitpainter. Lots of long time visitors and tourists to the BVI from all over the world are now ending their relationship with the BVI because of the troubles here. There are simply better and safer islands to visit in the Caribbean now where the local people and residents are much more pleasant, friendly and honest than in the BVI.

    • Oh so true, Up North says:

      @PortraitPainter, you too? My wife and I had some of the same things happened to us while living on Tortola for a couple of months during Winter Season up North.Yes, the famous (West End) laundry.Very famous for clothes you the client know you dropped off and then you see someone wearing your stuff. I guess they are saying we are just partimers in their Country and there is not anything we are going to say or do about it.

      • portraitpainter says:

        Guess they liked our/ your style? I personally did do something about my missing laundry and actually got some of it back! The laundry said it was in a different machine by accident….huh. That was only after 6 trips there to complain and after I sent a local friend in to see what was going on. Never saw the rest of my stuff except for those wearing them.
        I’ll bet the laundry lady made a decent profit!
        Just so damned disappointed with an island that I dearly loved. Now, it is going south and fast.
        Hard to say goodbye but it just isn’t worth the effort. You can’t trust anybody there. Now, these insane shootings.

    • MERCY says:

      Please give me a break go get drunk with your folly talk England left this country 200 years ago and call it no mañ laND, with your sad story you only came here for money and nothing more goodbye.

  13. Visitor says:

    Could not agree more. Given the small population the violent ,gun crime is huge! We came for the ‘original’ BVI… Not big development,crime. With immigration staff ( often blunt but not too bad) and departure staff ( most rude ever experienced) have to now ask why all the extra effort to make the extra trip to BVI. The sailing was great but that was the key draw. Probably won’t be back.

  14. Tourist says:

    Agree, the sailing is wonderful but, will not be back. St.Barts or Bali.

  15. WELSAH says:

    Ministers are taking this for a joke . CURFEW and enlarge police department .

  16. BT CREASE says:

    If we as a society dont come together to fight crime and leave it all on the police, It will just rise. We need to educate our sons and daughters and keep them away from the streets.Enforcement starts from home. If you afraid you going to get shot for talking then send an anonymous tip.

    • Heartless says:

      Sorry to Say, but if society didn’t come together after the brutal murder of an innocent CHILD , I don’t know what else can bring society together to end these senseless violence in our small communities.

  17. portraitpainter says:

    Well, Until your police officers are willing to step it up and you island people are willing to talk about what you have seen and know, you really can’t fix the problem.
    I am fully aware of how the local police ignore many complaints ( esp. from visitors who have been robbed.) To add insult to injury they often treat the victim as the perp. WTF? And now, they can’t solve any of the recent murders not to mention a long list of murders going years back? Seems to me that it is just easier for the police to say that they tried for a week or so and then they forget about it. Just sweep it under the rug.
    I wonder what you will do without tourism.
    Things are not going to get better. Long term visitors that bring in revenue are going to stay away. Cruise ships may come in but word travels. Tortola is no longer ‘ Nature’s Little Secret ‘
    It is becoming Nature’s Little Hell.’
    You think you are having financial issues now? Just wait. Keep up the regular shootings and see what happens to your island. Nobody is going to go there.

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