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April date promised to fix pooling problem on Lee Road

Residents are forced to manoeuvre through the water that has pooled on this sections of the Lee Road on Virgin Gorda. (Photo Credit: BVI News)

Virgin Gorda residents will have to wait until April before the lingering issue of water pooling on the Lee Road is addressed.

The water has been causing exceptional discomfort to residents living on the sister island since the August floods last year.

Ali O’Neal who lives in the area told BVI News that he has had to use wooden pallets to cross the pool of water that has flowed from the Lee Road and settled in his yard.

He said the stagnant water is now a breeding ground for mosquitos.

O’Neal has to use wooden pallets to access his home daily.

While speaking at a recent public meeting on the islands, outspoken Virgin Gorda resident Shereen Flax-Charles called on the government to intervene.

In response, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works Anthony McMaster said he now has the final designs for a development project to fix the issue.

He said government will be opening up bids for contractors wanting to take on the project.

McMaster further said the process will be done in consultation with property owners since sections of the area to be worked on might encroach on their property.

“What I can share with you is that the discussions so far with the property owners have been very positive so I do not foresee why we should not get that April deadline hit,” he said.

Residents said the water problem on the road is as a result of drainage issues; particularly after a nearby pond was dumped with soil.

A drainage issue is said to be the main cause of the water problem on Lee Road.

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  1. state of emergency says:

    They said the same thing last year april

  2. RespHmmect says:

    The Roads in the Purcell and Free Bottom are worst than that and our representatives have done nothing about it. We are voting them out

    • Albion says:

      Exactly. Johnson’s Ghut is an accident waiting to happen – the grill has been off since before Irma, and sooner or later someone is going to just drive their car into that hole and get someone killed. It is just crazy dangerous the way it is right now.

  3. VG says:

    They allowed that man to build his mansion at and all the soil and rock that was removed to build his foundation was dumped in the pond. While it might be private property, it has created a major inconvenience to the ENTIRE population. Does government NOT have any authority??? Are you telling me that something that is a detriment to the ENTIRE community physically, socially, and economically is allowed to happen for the sake of one person???? Eminent Domain is the government’s answer to some of these problems. ALL the money being spent foolishly would be better spent on things that benefit the masses of the people and not just as select few

  4. Diplomat says:

    All rivers, streams, ghuts……..etc discharge into the sea. Over time, natural drainage paths are formed. Blocking these drainage paths without providing for alternate paths will result in flooding. On the way out to the sea, drainage/runoff sometimes flow into and through natural ponds, marshes, man-made detention and retention ponds……..etc.

    The bottom line is that natural drainage paths should not be haphazardly blocked; ponding and flooding will occur, causing property damages, land erosion, health risks….etc. Interrupting these drainage paths, coupled with alternate flow paths, should be an integral requirements of the project. As such,the contractor should take the requisite action(s) to facilitate drainage.

    April is the next promised drop date so let’s see what happens. In the interim though, the health risks, drainage flows, residents inconveniences…….etc must be addressed. Poor drainage cause premature road failures and waste of taxpayer money. Taxpayers should and must get more value their scare money. VI spends much money on roads but gets little in return. They get pot hole dodging, increased vehicle operating cost, bumpy rides, pent up frustration ……..etc.

  5. JMG says:

    Just like the ‘pooling’ problem walking between Bobbies Market and Vanterpools Dept. Store. Picked up a elderly tourist who had tripped on the wooden pallets there. No injuries, no problems…..been like it for years. Not an Irma problem. Deal with it!

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