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UPDATE: Banco only suspending Saturday drive-thru services

Banco Popular is one the banks that operate in the British Virgin Islands.

This story has been updated

After a previous statement that its drive-thru services has been suspended and “will only be available on the last Saturday of the month, except for Christmas day”, Banco Popular clarified Monday evening that “only Saturday service is suspended”.

Drive-thru services, therefore, continue  on weekdays from Mondays to Fridays.

The bank did not explain the reason for the Saturday suspension. 

“Platform services will continue to be by appointment only. The branch will also maintain the limited entry for teller services, not exceeding 10 people at the same time. Lobby services will remain available Monday to Friday on its regular schedule,” Banco further said.

Changes of VG branch

As for other changes, the financial institution said that starting Monday, November 15, retail services will only be available on Fridays at its Virgin Gorda branch. Transactions received through the night depository will be verified weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, Banco said.

This change will also remain in effect until further notice.

“ATM will be available at all Popular locations. TeleBanco services will remain available 24 hours, seven days a week. For assistance, clients may call 1-888-724-3659. Any additional changes in operations will be notified through social networks and news media,” the bank said in a statement dated Friday, November 12.

“Popular reminds its clients that they can count on the digital banking tools available to conduct their transactions without having to visit a branch. To learn about the digital services available, visit:

Banco Popular’s full news release as posted on its website on Friday, November 13, 2021.


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  1. Well sah says:

    This bank only popular for bs..

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  2. What's next says:

    Were is the Government. This is so unacceptable to the people of the Virgin Islands. No BVI Love here.

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    • Fab says:

      What’s it got to do with government? Banco is a private company. If it wants to close some services, that’s their business. Our government is the last organisation we should look to for solutions to anything. They have proved that since Irma.

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      • Doh says:

        The Branch on VG was subsidized by the BVI GOVERNMENT. They are being paid to operate there. so as the person was saying, WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT IN ALL OF THIS??????????

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  3. NOGOOD says:

    We should all take our money out of Banco Popular, this bank is the worse.

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  4. vg resident says:

    Banco has charged me $10/month for my checking even though I have $500 in the account, which when I opened the account was told that would eliminate all fees. Time to close the account. which I am doing this week.

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  5. Ti says:

    What kind of craziness is this? This bank is going from horrible to what I can only term as indescribable.

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  6. Speechless says:

    What kind of craziness is this? This bank is going from horrible to what I can only term as indescribable.

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  7. Really now? says:

    This is not good at all. There are so many unemployed persons in these Virgin Islands and the bank sometimes only have one teller and here you are now lessening the banking hours. This is so SAD!

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  8. Nonsense says:

    Will someone answer the phone? Will calls be returned? Will the complement of tellers be increased to handle the increase in walk-in customers? Will all the customer service booths have personell? Will management be courteous and respect customers? Banco needs a new management team. The present one is pathetic. They do not understand the role if Public Relations and they care less for customer service. For months they directed customers to a number that was not being answered and if it was calls were not returned. And the response of the management to this dilemma was you just have to keep trying. Please get a new manager.

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  9. Banco acting weak... says:

    The way Banco acting with total neglegence and without care for it customers is suspicious, Are they getting ready to call banksuptcy and leave…I am concerned..

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  10. resident says:

    from bad to worse

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  11. Tola says:

    Banco as always

  12. Voter says:

    Did our premier know this was about to take place when he was giving the budget speech.?

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  13. Mr Shovels says:

    This bank is just going down the drain. I told one of the reps I may have to close my accounts because of poor service and her reply was “do what you have to do”. They don’t even care if they have business or not.

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    • @Mr. Shovels says:

      Wow. Make sure you get the name of a Bank’s representative that will tell you something like that and report it. The only question is to who. All of them are lacking. The banks in this jurisdiction are doing the mere minimum. Very sad.

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  14. A customer says:

    “Suspending service” 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Don’t let them Kidd themselves! there has been no such thing as service at that facility for years , how dare they?

  15. Closing down? says:

    Is this bank trying to leave the BVI? Because it was bad enough doing service with them when you could sit in the comfort and relaxation of your vehicle instead of standing for hours in the hot sun. I really didn’t think this bank could get worse but apparently I was wrong. Any suggestions for a decent bank in this place or do I need to send all my money overseas?

  16. Say What says:

    Is this a madness. I can see the drive through closed on Saturday only, but not during the week.

  17. Roads says:

    How does Banco get to take over a whole public road so it’s customers can sit and wait for service and stall traffic in the whole block while people waiting in their car for hours, pumping out more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than China?

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  18. The Nation says:

    Is it because of the traffic issues created? The government should never have made that road as a main road. The minister have to realize that a driver thru teller service is what every bank needs in this COVID time. This is the most backward decision ever and of government and the traffic issue is not the cause then I’d be surprised. The drive thru service needs to be re instituted ASAP.

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    • Guess what? says:

      What gave you the impression that this has to do with Traffic diversion. I wont be surprised if this is blamed on Andrew Fahie as usual. Why did the website not get the Management staff of the bank to speak out. Tips from the grape vine tends to suggest that many bank popular staff resigned when they were forced to resign where they realized they were going to be sacked for deciding against vaccination.

  19. Wow says:

    The manager had to be high at the time he was speaking

  20. Anonymous says:

    Fridays is already queens for hours on VG.

    Took me 6 weeks of ringing to get my cards reinstated after blocked for no reason.

    I can’t transfer money out of this bank to another bank without taking a day off and going from VG to RT and doing it by going into the branch and withdrawing the visiting the other branch to deposit, unless I want to pay a ridiculous amount in transfer fees.

    Revolut and other online services will have replaced all of these useless high street banks within a few years.

    I feel bad for those without technology who have no alternative.

  21. Me says:

    This is so sad! Are they leaving the BVI?

  22. redstorm says:

    Do not ask if they are leaving, you see all the signs then ask such questions. Take the money out and go National. I stand five and a half hours to get into that bank only to be told the bank consultant is going on lunch. Silly decision and more to come.

    • Hmph says:

      National bank sucks just as bad. I closed my account with them recently because after their new system change over last year August they haven’t been paying interest to any of my accounts. They claim they fixed the issue yet no change is visible. The customer service there is useless. All the banks in the VI suck!

  23. Means says:

    I think they mean that they will open the drive tru daily as usual but on weekends they will only open one Saturday, which is the last Saturday of each month. I hope thats what they mean as otherwise would spell disaster.

  24. Staff says:

    Banco Pop may be experiencing a staff shortage due to their vaccination mandate. If BP cannot recruit new vaccinated employees in the BVI they may close their 2 BVI banks soon.

  25. Candle says:

    Is this bank planning on closing down or something? I cannot afford to do business there because working people cannot afford to be in a line for several hours. Before they find a way to decrease the customers’ time at the bank they put policies in place to increase the Time. My goodness!

  26. Teacher says:

    How do we as teachers get through this one when we don’t have the extra time in the day to deal with long lines when we only have 45 mins t0 55 mins for lunch?????
    Are we going to protest THIS……?????

    • Oh Well says:

      Interesting one! However, this is a private entity. We could protest by closing our accounts. I for one is gone. The line at these banks are rediculous. It must mean they are not treating their staff right because I have never seen such high teller turnover, as with these banks (a few more than others). A young lady told me what she was making at that same bank, and I was in disbelief because she was working some long hours as a teller.

    • Here is how... says:

      Organize another Sick-Out each time you all need to go to the bank.

    • How? says:

      Another Sick Out.

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