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Bartender fined for marijuana


A Great Mountain man was slapped with a $1,500 fine at the Magistrate’s Court on Monday after he was found with 24 grams of cannabis.

Twenty-nine-year-old James Bibby, a bartender was fined after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled drug.

He will serve two months at Her Majesty’s Prison if he fails to pay the sum.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that at about 11:30 pm on September 28, police were conducting a traffic stop-and-search operation in the vicinity of Nanny Cay.

The court further heard that Bibby was a passenger in a jeep that was signalled to stop.

During the search, police uncovered loose leaves suspected to be cannabis in a backpack belonging to the bartender.

He reportedly told police: “It is just some weed for my personal use.”

He was subsequently charged.

I use it for medicine

Bibby’s attorney Stephen Daniels told the court that his client was suffering from cystic fibrosis which is a disorder that mostly affects the lungs and other organs.

The court was told that Bibby would use the drug to find relief for symptoms in coughing up thinner mucus.

However, without a medical certificate to validate his defence, the court did not consider it as a mitigating factor.

“If I had that [medical certificate] I might have been more lenient,” Magistrate Baptiste-DaBreo said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    His kind poses a greater threat to the BVI and its Afro sovereignty than him having some leaf matter in his back pack.

    Understood are the so called legal parameters surrounding such leaf matter also, but such continued antiquated views and approaches to a leaf matter is just, well, ludicrous.

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    • Just Ice says:

      @ Anonymous
      what racist sanctimonious illogical drivel
      Go Siddung moo moo ….

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    • West End says:

      This country aint black, white, pink, blue or yellow.
      It’s only black in your heart.

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      • @West End says:

        When i was born, and where i grew, there was only my kind around.

        They came later. So yes, my perspective will always be that of a Black Afro Caribbean BVIslander frame work.

        I consider here our lands, period!

        Something wrong with that?

        Visited a European country lately?

        Did any in-depth reading and studying relative to history?

        What are your historic and cultural perspectives relative to the BVI and its citizens?

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        • Nonsense says:

          Did you see he is born here? B V I local. There are many many more like him.

          Whilst you were busy tearing down the caribbean expats, the international expats were putting down roots.

          Nothing to see here. He from yah.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      He barn here.

  2. Eagle eye says:

    How long will these so call educated people realize that they are the uneducated yones.

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    • School Child says:

      In regards to his education, James Bibby is a graduate of Elmore Stoutt High School. So what are implying about his education here?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Would not one have to be reasonably “educated” in order to judge and discern an “uneducated?” thus illustrating in reverse that which was judged?

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  4. wize up says:

    I tell u: others are sent packing to jail for less: marijuana is unlawful in this zone: thanks RVIP!!!! Good looking out

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  5. Lilly says:

    I am surprised that they even searched him.

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  6. Right Sed Fred says:

    Man how we worrying about some leaf in a backpack. We ain got mo important tings a worry about? Can leave young Bibby alone?!?

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  7. Smh says:

    Local to a local / keep ya head up my boy. All will be good.

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  8. Jaime says:

    @anonymous .. ur a moron.. what threat is James posing ..he is a wonderful young man, doesn’t cause any trouble for anyone and he is local..these police need to be focusing on more important matters than to be harrasing the small fry….U gotta be kidding me.. so many places in the world is legalizing marijuana and we r so backward..I am really sorry this happen to u james…those of u who do not know James he is truly a wonderful person and his parents are as well .. y the police don’t go looking for the real crooks n drug smugglers ..lock them up n leave the lil man alone ..

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    • Anonymous says:

      You are such a moronic jerk jack a** that, if you had taken time our to try and comprehend, you would have concluded that our positions are basically the same, you can’t comprehend what you read, but quick to insult from afar you dumb moron.

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  9. @Lilly says:

    He is a BVIslander so he would not receive that kind of peiviledge.

  10. HerbNoGrabba says:

    I burning a spliff while reading this article

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  11. @Jamie says:

    You are a jack-a**! And you are devoid comprehensive contextual abilities.

    Go read and learn moo moo.

    Lastly, just a defensive reminder. You attacked me. Thus, by all means, i will defend if need be.

    So left me and my opinion, a human right i have, be without your nasty insults.

    why, to my face you had not the balls or anything else to confront me for my personal opinion, you jack-a**!

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  12. Ausar says:

    What a sad state of affairs in this land..

    This is why we need legalization of medicinal marijuana.

    My God, when will this country get on board with the rest of the world.

    So many of our people are ill, and the legislation of appropriate usage could get about the saving of so many lives.

    Get on board, BVI; get on board!!

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  13. h says:

    Free it up…Look at Canada

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  14. Askiska says:

    Both of my grand parents were born in the BVI. My mom and dad were not. Am not. Am I consider as a BVI lander?

  15. 90 year bvislander says:

    Everyone seems to be so quick to judge people here online, it’s disgraceful. Mr Bibby’s family has been here for 60+ years, he is third generation bvislander. He is not a treat to this country, if anything he has been a positive influence on this country over the years. You know he spent years teaching young bvislanders how to sail through the yacht club here. Him and his teammates brought home plenty of medals for the bvi over the years. It was his grandfather who build the first beef island bridge. I’ve known his family for sixty something years and they have been nothing but good honest respectful people.
    From my quick research on cystic fibrosis it would seem marijuana does have positive effects in regards to patients quality of life. I believe there are many people who would benefit from medical marijuana here in the bvi.
    It’s time for us to look at our laws and amend them, not give our young people a criminal record for such things. Maybe one day the bvi will come out of the dark ages. #bvistrong

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