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Beaches not safe for tourism yet, gov’t told

Not the beaches mentioned in the article.

Government is being told that some of the territory’s beaches are not safe for tourists or residents at this time.

A number of sharp debris caused by the hurricanes are buried under the sand at destinations such as Long Bay, Apple Bay, and Carrot Bay beaches, said First District Representative, Andrew Fahie.

Fahie raised concern following incidents in which persons were injured by hidden debris.

“You have galvanize and all kind of other debris fall in the sea. No one’s fault, but nobody take them out. So now the sea starts to wash back the sand and everything so a lot of it is covered over. So, we have had cases where young children have gone to the sea and got cut from pieces of galvanize,” Fahie told BVI News, while also stating that the issue was first brought to his attention by his constituents.

The opposition leader urged government to swiftly address the issue before inviting visitors back on BVI shores.

“What I’d want to tell government if they’d listen is we welcome tourist back. We want them back but there are certain precautionary measures that need to be taken. You might not get all but at least we know that we tried.”

“I don’t know if they are doing it but that’s something to wait and see because you have to clear all the seabed,” Fahie said during a community meeting in Carrot Bay.

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