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BVI can be a real model for green economies, says Governor

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert said he believes the BVI can be a real model of leadership in achieving a green economy in the territory.

The governor said he supports the many green initiatives currently being undertaken by both government and private businesses.

“I think it is actually a really important moment for us to think as we recover and we develop the territory going forward, how we show leadership,” the governor said during a conference with members of local media recently.

He also touched on the significance of going green, as the negative effects caused by the gradual increase of climate change could pose another threat to the territory.

“We have one of the world’s most beautiful natural environments and we also sadly realized in 2017 the impact of climate change and what it can do to these environments and to our community and society as well,” Governor Jaspert added while responding to questions on his stance about banning the importation of vehicles older than 10 years as well as the introduction of electric vehicles to the territory.

While he did not give a direct response to the question, the governor noted that his office has been taking measures to reduce the territory’s carbon footprint.

“I am trying to promote, which is very dear to my heart, that we keep the territory improving in its approach to being green. At Government House and my office, we are trying to cut the use of plastics and to go as close to plastic-free as we can but also to look at how we reduce our impact on the environment,” he said.

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  1. Radio Rich says:

    Pie in the sky ‘Guvnar’. Take a look around, this place is fu@£ed!

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    • Call Me Ishmael says:

      Thank you Mr Governor.

      Let’s start by eliminating plastics like straws, plastic grocery bags. Then let’s introduce a world class recycling program.

      We can become a world leader in this.

      Let’s go!

  2. Jane says:

    Tortola, VG and Anegada need to have a waste recycling center or waste staging post. Mattresses, small appliances, fluorescent tubing, cooking oil, green waste, builders waste, batteries all this stuff can be recycled if a relatively simple center was built. Government needs to do this NOW. We have boats arriving full of goods and leaving empty. This is not rocket science.

  3. My take says:

    This man is a snake in the grass

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  4. Clearly says:

    When ever you see a governor trying to be so involved and pretending that he loves the BVI please watch out.

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  5. Hmmm says:

    I hear them trying to diplomatically make moves to stop the buju show. Can’t trust them.

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  6. Mendomon says:

    Maybe someone should go to Pockwood Pond…cause it sure isn’t green…it’s TOXIC.
    “Natures Little Secret”

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  7. Concerned says:

    Dear Governor not this population, majority of the people here are throwing their garbage anywhere and everywhere, any incentive to stop plastic grocery bags has been ignored for years now. There is no pride in the country and environment here – only demands for “me born here”. So far governments have only spent money foolishly that you have to ask yourself why, what has been their incentive for that. A non existing airline, fuel-reliant electricity even clean energy has been available for years and years, scrubbers for incinerators which have never been delivered…the list is endless

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    • Indeed says:

      People are NASTY. Plain and simple! Throw your trash in the bins not by it or on the road! Instead of hauling your bulky items to the bin and having it look disastrous and blocking traffic like Free Bottom, drive your vehicle further to pockwood pond and just DUMP it there. If you have a vehicle to transport it to the bin it can go further, otherwise PAY A TRUCK OR BEG a favor! Have some pride. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, just do your part in being CLEAN. Some people are just lazy and nasty. Heavy fines should be applied to all who litter so that they won’t think about doing it again

  8. BVI Haters says:

    This new site is where all the BVI haters gather- I have come to see that now- you need to be shut down- outlived your purpose

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  9. @Concerned says:

    Errrrrr, what did you say??? errrr write???

  10. TJ says:

    Governor go back to the elitist UK with your commie garbage about green economics.

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  11. Yup says:

    It is all of our responsibility to reduce the plastic we but into the trash:

    “The uncontrolled burning of plastic must be considered one of the great environmental health hazards of our time. It is associated with a number of extremely harmful pollutants, from carbon monoxide, which affects mental function, to dioxins and furans that cause cancer and affect immune and reproductive system and are persistent in the environment. It is also associated with contaminants and other volatile organic compounds that cause cancer and respiratory illness, to asthma. In short, it’s a public health nightmare.” Mike Webster for The Guardian.

  12. Enforcement says:

    With respect, there are lots of laws and legislation but nothing gets enforced. The police force falls under the governors responsibility. I would respectfully ask the governor to work on getting the officers to enforce all the laws or there is little point in having them.

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