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BVI likely to start producing marijuana for medicine

The British Virgin Islands might begin harvesting plants such as marijuana for the medicinal purposes.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources Dr Kedrick Pickering made the announcement during a recent public meeting at the Watch Tower on Tortola.

He told residents: “We have been entertaining discussions about the development of our local medicinal plants because the whole arena – I mean medicinal marijuana – has now expanded,” Dr Pickering said.

“Extracting the medicine from plants is a big, big deal and that is now a big part of the discussion in terms of our whole concept of agribusiness and how we can identify local medicinal plants to advance that,” he added.

Dr Pickering recently said the local agriculture sector will become the main revenue-earner for the BVI.

Benefits of medicinal marijuana

Meanwhile, more and more countries have started to explore the reported medical benefits of the highly controversial drug.

Some benefits include treating glaucoma, controlling epileptic seizures, reversing carcinogenic effects in the body, and improving lung health, among other things.

Over the years, a number of persons in the territory have called for the BVI to decriminalise marijuana.

Vice President of the BVI Medical Doctors Association Dr Craig Stoutt and Social Commentator Douglas Wheatley are two locals who recently said they support such a move.

However, Dr Stoutt said he does not support the decriminalising of marijuana for recreational use.

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  1. Herb says:

    Legalize It. Don’t Criticize it.

    Think about the COst Profit turnover.

  2. Save lives says:

    I hope when they do this that they also release all the people in prison for doing EXACTLY what they are now considering making legal!

    • Wow says:

      You know of people in jail for medicinal marijuana?

      • .Com says:

        @wow just hush ya smart ass. Marijuana or Herb for the better name. the same HERB is wa them want to use to benefit from now..not a different HERB. So yes ppl been in Jail for HERBS..& have criminal records & difficulty being hired in many areas because of such. I for the Move..but Government need to be real about it..& all that faced these injustices need a piblic apology from our Government for partaking in crimes against humanity..for when u disrupt a human’s life for years, & make it difficult for them in being hired after, for a HERB,caused families to be torned apart etc, thats a crime against humanity. #Forward with movements Government #ButDoItRite #TakeResponsibilityForYourCrimesAgainstInnocentPpl.????????????

      • Prophet says:

        Yes we do.
        You ppl are really disgraces. How long ago have our own ppl been saying these things yet they have to go to some so called expert in another country for themm to finally hear what has been said at home for free all this time. DISRESPECT in ALL ASPECT.

  3. The watcher says:


  4. TurtleDove says:

    I have nothing against that stuff but how about putting our energy into increasing food production. We may never be able to feed ourselves but we sure can get it to the point of people making enough money to supplement their income and add to the economy.

  5. Ok says:

    Well its about time

  6. Guest says:

    BVI’s secret society is already setting up the frame work for dispensaries and their locations, while still locking up people for using it. Have any of you noticed a set of the well to do people are edging the story now. Their secret meeting has already taking place behind closed doors.

  7. John Locke Rousseau says:

    Who will be benefiting from the “cost-profit- turn over profits?

    The government it is hoped and not external capitalist under the guise of “investors.”

    The B.V. I. must shed its reality of being one big green titty, available for all to suck on except the government and people

    • @John says:

      Why do you think all of a sudden agriculture is back on the map? When the locals were pushing they said they don’t have time or money for that and found every reason why it shouldn’t be funded. Now all of a sudden they had a change of heart? Really? Watch the game, not just the score!

  8. That’s great BUT says:

    They can do this but can’t bring better providers for internet service that we are getting rob everyday ?

  9. Overpaid says:

    Very good Minister
    The BVI climate is perfect too, for the Opium Poppy. Let’s get high in the BVI on Heroin and Marijuana.
    You will of course need more civil servants as well as a new Ministry Department. May I suggest, ‘The Department Of Dope’ A Division Of Financial Services, BVI.

  10. Jenn says:

    We NEED this legalized. We need an alternative to traditional drugs and medications. Cannibis has been proven to help with numerous disorders and diseases. My son just had a brain tumor surgically removed. There’s a possibility it may grow back again. Cannibus oil has been proven to shrink brain tumors. My son could benefit from this. I have even considered leaving the BVI and moving to the states where medical marijuana is legal. This isn’t about getting high. It’s about curing and healing naturally. PLEASE LEGALIZE IT. The BVI needs this.

    • Beast Mode [OFF] says:

      Check out: Holland & Barrett online. It (CBD oil) is now being sold within the UK high street stores and online. Also suggest for your son obtaining it directly from a dispensary in the US or Canada. Reason is these fools here in the medical fraternity are making jest with people’s health and personal choices for alternative medicine all due to the profits they can reap by design. Da Cuban and his arch-nemesis both jockeying for this industry now all of a sudden makes you wonder what’s at play.

  11. .Com says:

    @wow just hush ya smart ass. Marijuana or Herb for the better name. the same HERB is wa them want to use to benefit from now..not a different HERB. So yes ppl been in Jail for HERBS..& have criminal records & difficulty being hired in many areas because of such. I for the Move..but Government need to be real about it..& all that faced these injustices need a piblic apology from our Government for partaking in crimes against humanity..for when u disrupt a human’s life for years, & make it difficult for them in being hired after, for a HERB,caused families to be torned apart etc, thats a crime against humanity. #Forward with movements Government #ButDoItRite #TakeResponsibilityForYourCrimesAgainstInnocentPpl.????????????

  12. Sam the man says:

    I suspected some people was already partaking of the herb after they foolishly declared Agriculture would be the main economic pillar of the BVI in the next few years…. We’ll be growing poppies for heroin next … Why stop with just marijuana!

  13. Oh well! says:

    Like button hit in error.

  14. BVI Female 18-25 says:

    I think we need to take a page from the international book. Many places have legalized it and as a result their economy has seen a big improvement. Decriminalizing small amounts will be a good start and a show of good faith in my opinion. The world already knows what medical marijuana can do and is capitalizing on it. The BVI is behind in so many ways because of greed and irresponsibility the least we can do is make a big push forward to attempt to catch up.

  15. History says:

    The correct name of the venue is the WATCH HOUSE not the Watch Tower…

  16. Disappointing says:

    Disheartening news. Guess the school children will now have easier access to dime bags to ease the stress of studying hard, and legally, too.

    The BVI is experiencing a societal quagmire of astronomical proportions, and each day we see and hear more evidence of the erosion of the Territory’s social fabric. Are we taking heed of the warning signs? And now this?

    This decision, while guaranteeing more votes for the politicians supporting the cause, will further aid in the breakdown of moral standards here. Reminds me of Aesop’s fable about the dog that grabbed for the bone and ended up losing it all,

    Heaven help us! Consequences, my people,

  17. Beast Mode [ON] says:

    See this is exactly what I was saying for years – watch how this is controlled by the same Government ministers and their friends/affiliates as they reap the profits. Here is a Md. whom should already now be a proponent for legalization considering his past and his professional opinion on the benefits of the plant. Sir you are speaking as if you just had an epiphany on the matter and so MAGICAL ELVES have come to the collective BVI’s rescue with this new economic pillar. A medical farm would require tons of cabin energy (artificial lighting) to augment the short sunlight hours, nutrients (imported) and loads of H2O (which is in short supply). The majority of the highest paid jobs would be imported as QA standards would be high. Simply put – the bulk of the profits would escape our shores and a very small fraction of local workers would be employed. The tax incentives would be high as the capital costs to setup here would be astronomical. Let’s not even discuss security costs/needs. So IMO the tangible benefits would be to the deal makers and the person(s)/Company that gains this lucrative deal. Remember other countries have already been in this business and the statins (CBD) can be grown anywhere in the world – so what makes here so lucrative and special from the rest of the world already on the legalized path? More manufacturered wealth distribution by the 1%!

    • Guest says:

      Watch how all those white collar NDP cronies will now have more expertise in planting marijuana than people who have been growing it for years and given first preference for setting up dispensaries or sitting on boards….Watch…All their friends will get the licenses before anyone else….

  18. ??? says:

    His rich friends have probably instructed him to follow up on this. Thank you once again, rich friends.

  19. What a set says:

    When Hon. Andrew Fahie publicly recommended this two years ago the ndp scoffed at it. But anything is possible now that the ndp wants the youth votes for the next General elections. A set of con man them NDP.

  20. Visitor says:

    There was to much sun.
    Making big deals with drugs?
    Another s*&T hole country is expanding

  21. Prophet says:

    All marijuana is medical LOL you ppl need to start thinking for yourselves more and listening to rubbish less

  22. XYZ says:

    Some body will come a slave to this.

  23. watcher says:

    I suspect there will be many producers of legal Marijuana and that profits will not be what the good doctor is hoping for.

    I am not a user but I am in favor of legalizing it.

    • Just a question says:

      Since you suspect that there will be many producers, would any one consider exporting it somewhere? To like a medical company that could make the medicine/ I do not know much as this hence the question

  24. Lodger says:

    We are not talking about dime bagd behind the bike sheds here! Growing medical marijuana is not just a case of chucking seeds or seedlings in the ground, and smoking the dried leaves. It requires huge investment to grow and process it properly to a standard acceptable for export. There can not be very many in our tiny population who need it for medical rather than recreational purposes, so I assume it will be exported. But what would be our market? What countries will allow it in and what standards will they require?
    I predict it wont happen.

  25. MrWannaBe says:

    Doctor Stoutt,why are you not supporting the decriminalization of marijuana? Thought you had more sense than that bro,being a doctor and all.

  26. Tallfat says:

    We don’t want to hear you until the laws changed…

  27. Richgdgy says:

    Yeah Just what you guys need!More DOPE!Thats just the answer for your Crime problem.How did you let the LIBS take control of your islands and Morals?Answer-They came from afar!

  28. Ras Allah Speaks says:

    Research my people- it’s another way to carve out our unpresidented success in the global market place. Don’t sleep on information. Let’s carve out, once more before it’s too late, our place in the global market, once again, at a time when it’s crucial. Research which strain grows best in our climate and claim it- intellectual property rights. There will always be detractors, but if you’re plug into the natural state of awareness, you will know this venture can catapult us to global prosperity if we are smart with it- ie: medicinal, cancer agents blockers and supplements, medical tourism, and other value-added spinoffs. Produce the strain that grows best in our climate and we are on our way- . This natural plant has so much more to be discovered that should undeniably require an investment in our young local scientists.

    We need to stop being so negative on ideas that are presented to us even if it comes from “questionable” politicians for their own ulterior motives. Politicians “once taken the oath” – accept their dualistic role at that moment of accceptance- a play on conscience. They have to accept within their being- how they intend to balance their mental, physical, and spiritual motives; this in itself is a “craft.” Research the definition of a craft.

    “You can only know them from this point on- by their works.”

    With that said- Keep in mind- “with our votes” – we have granted them access to some of the most powerful and brilliant mind- for good or for worst- globally through our “X”es “votes;” and as such they are privy to information beyond the average population unless they share with us.

    A preview of- International happenings in the industry: “ONE LOVE SO LONG THERE IS BREATHE:”

  29. Agreed says:

    I agree. The market will expand as the plants use becomes more known and pressure on lawmakers to make changes increase. Get in now, cultivate your strains and test them for their properties. As markets open the consumer will want a break down of properties on what they buy. This is the field to get into, it is still under developed. The other plant I think is worth exploring is andiroba (a tree from the amazon). Andiroba oil is the best thing I have tried against mosquitoes. Someone could make a fortune developing a repellant.

  30. WELSAH says:

    Weed psychosis is real

  31. Long Look citizen says:

    Dr Pickering am very disappointing in you for saying such a thing. I from Long Look and you know that’s that place you and the government build up in long look all them young boys does is smoke and gamble and don’t forget there is where most of the shooting and killing happen. I can’t sleep good I can’t walk good in long look to go home in peace but time I get home my clothes smell like I was smoking. You know there is a smoke place where a foul farm is where them guys hang out right infront of the Spanish shop where the church was and we have sos much problems with inhaling all that smoke and you talking about legalizing marijuana products for medication purpose nonsense. … I wonder if you see what happening to the young man then. Can’t you see they killing one another what you think is causing the problem stop and thing. That’s my to cent. This is one vote you lose and a whole family of children and grand children who usually comes home to vote for you. Nonsense Dr. Pickering.

  32. Ras says:


  33. Ras says:


  34. Ras says:

    Its a scam … Its a con….. What’s in it for us the weed smokers and locals

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