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BVI ordering equipment to test for coronavirus itself

The BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) has said they are working to have local testing equipment for the coronavirus in full operation within the next few weeks.

Chief Executive Officer of the BVIHSA Dr Ronald Georges gave that indication last Thursday February 27 after reports surfaced of a potential suspected case of the coronavirus in the BVI.

“We are working very assiduously to make sure that we have the ability to test for the coronavirus in-country. We have a PCR machine (or a thermal cycler) at the hospital, and we have ordered test kits,” Dr Georges said.

“There are some additional requirements that we have to do to be certified to be able to do those tests, and we are hoping to have that completed within about a week or so,” the CEO added.

Dr Georges further said that once the equipment is present in the territory, the current two- to three-day turnaround period for test results will be considerably shortened.

But once the testing equipment arrives in the BVI, Dr Georges said test-runs will have to be done to ensure the test results are accurate. 

“We have to make sure that our quality control is in place. So we have to do some tests, send them overseas for confirmation, and once that process is finished, we would have the ability to do testing in the territory, and our turnaround time will be much quicker — within 24 hours,” he explained.

Measures continue to be in place

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health Dr Irad Potter said the health services in collaboration with all the other relevant authorities, will continue to ensure that the territory is well-prepared to handle the virus, should it slip through the borders.

“Most people who get the coronavirus would only have mild illness. A few people would be sick severely enough to be hospitalised. We are reviewing all our resources that we have, we are reviewing all of our protocols, we are testing our systems and we are quite confident that given the provisions that we have, we will be able to manage a case,” Dr Potter stated.

He added: “Everything that we do is geared towards reducing not only the risk of the importation of the virus but, also ensure that the public is knowledgeable, know what to do to protect themselves individually and collectively as a BVI family.”

In the meantime, there are currently no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the BVI, health authorities have said.

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  1. Caribbean says:

    One case of Corona Virus was reported in Santo Domingo.

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  2. Wow says:

    We should have already had these kit in place. Such a big hospital and still not ready, We must be proactive and not reactive!

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    • Observer says:

      Do you understand how this process works rather than typing idiotic statements? Do you understand the worldwide demand for the kits, the manufacturering of the kits, the fact that the places that would manufacture them are the some of he same places that are the epicenter of the outbreak? The testing process to identify this new strain and to ensure these kits can consistently capture a positive when needed?? Just stop with your paranoia based dumb statements…….I don’t know how some of you nitwits would have expected kits to already be here………

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      • Wow says:

        If you know how things work around here you wouldn’t be commenting and calling people names. It takes one idot to know another.

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    • Agreed says:

      From the time the BVI got wind of this, they should have started prepping. The thing about the BVI, they have the mentality’ that they are immune from everything.

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    • Knowledge says:

      Would you believe that even the United States do not have enough testing in place. According to a senator from California two days ago.

      Give the BVI health services a chance.

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      • HA! says:

        A chance with my life? Yo Mad!
        They slack! How come they can get it in a week or so now? this thing break out since last year…. Come on now… Common sense. sigh

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    • Gerwyn Flax says:

      Exactly my concern.

  3. Guest says:

    Santo Domingo now have it. Which means roughly 45 percent of BVI married men over 45 will have it in 3 weeks..

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  4. Thanks says:

    Thanks PREMIER for moving in the right direction.

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    • Eyes says:

      Thanks for what , not having the safety people first he and Malone have fail us this virus out since January as a threat and why wait until it’s at our door to purchase what is needed we demand scanners at every port ,we need to also scann for ourselves stop playing with our lives Mr premier.

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  5. @Thanks says:

    He has to, this should be his number 1 priority.

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    • Hey says:

      Its a small world so only a matter of time but this goes beyond government they could only do so much but should be everybody’s priority as a community.What is our government without us as a people.

  6. mw says:

    Imagine if they infected the equipment with corona virus..

  7. Overdue says:

    This really should have happened much sooner given the scale of the situation worldwide even if we were only able to test on a limited basis in the first instance.

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  8. ? says:

    2 cases in St. Martin’s too

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  9. Nick says:

    What about the man in has been more than 3 days now.where are the results?

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  10. Let's Pray says:

    With God’s help we will be just fine.

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  11. dafdesfdsf says:



  12. Cuban says:

    Good luck with that one Dr Ron!
    All the equipment is made in China and, China is closed.
    Maybe a business opportunity for BVI. Manufacturer of medical equipment, medical school, medical weed………………

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