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BVI receives positive feedback from estranged cruise lines

Carnival Cruise Line has had a strained relationship with the BVI since the previous NDP administration signed preferential berthing agreements with other competitor lines.

Two cruise lines that had become estranged to the BVI in recent years have given positive feedback to the territory that its efforts towards satisfying guests are ‘noteworthy’.

The recognition came from Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises recently.

“The vibe I’ve received in connection with the Premier and the people has been very positive. So I can bring that back to my senior leadership because we always want to diversify our itinerary for our guests. So in the future, I can’t say right now or tomorrow, but I can say in the future there may be a possibility for Carnival [yo return],” said Director of Commercial Homeport Operations on the Carnival Cruises, Carlos Estrada.

“I think we are heading the right way,” he added.

Strained relationship

In the meantime, Premier and Tourism Minister Andrew Fahie said the cruise line has shown their commitment to the territory despite having a somewhat rocky relationship.

He said: “The relationship between Carnival and the BVI was strained, and we set a reset button since I became Premier, and we have had a lot of dialogue.”

He added, “I think Carnival has shown their recommitment to the BVI by adding the inaugural calls of the Carnival Sunrise which was in June and that came with 3,900 passengers and 1,100 crew. So it was a good indication of things to come, and we are in continuous dialogue. So I would say that the initial move was a good-faith gesture to show that there is better and more to come. That relationship is getting stronger and stronger and will result in more calls to the BVI.”

Good reviews

Associate Vice President of Government Relations with the Royal Caribbean Cruises Andre Pousada also had good reviews on the destination.

“We are excited as well as Royal Caribbean to increase the calls in the BVI. Actually, this is a destination that has high levels of guest satisfaction for our company. So that is one of the reasons why we are increasing our calls to this destination,” Pousada said.

Notably, the Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines pulled out of the Territory more than three years ago after local government signed preferential berthing agreements with Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    Do we really want these low life carriers here?

    They spend nothing, look awful and cause problems.

    Let’s stick with the high end operators.

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    • @Rubber Duck says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Carnival and Royal Caribbean are low life carriers? Wow!

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    • You don't know what you're talking about says:

      The “low life” carriers like these two mentioned in the article actually spend money in the territory unlike the big mouse and most of the “high end operators.”

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    • Expat says:

      Sorry but are you actually serious? Have you seen the state of Tortola? You should be greatfull tourists are coming to this pathetic place

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    • SMH says:

      These low life carriers’ passengers are more likely to spend locally due to the fact that Caribbean and worldwide minorities. Take a cruise before talking crap.

  2. Ausar says:

    As always, this is awesome news for our country!

    We need more and more of this: News of the tourism industry that will continue to lift our hearts and spirits as it pays dividends to the country’s economy!

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  3. My say says:

    Legalize medical marijuana and CBC products and that will stimulate the economy. How many of you is using KEMPZ BODY LOTION.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Natures little secret, the NDP signed an agreements to dump garbage. TOLA reads DUMP on the Charts.. Cruise ships REALLY

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    • CW says:


      It’s been a dump for a long time, quit pretending otherwise. If you put 10% of the effort you spend MAKING STRUPE COMMENTS THAT HURT BVI as you did helping make it wonderful you wouldn’t have anything to whine about.

  5. Tola says:

    @expat if where you are from is better than here why are you here go fast plane flying everyday.

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  6. Why? says:

    So have they remediated their dumping shiz all over the Caribbean or still dgaf?

  7. CW says:


    good things that need to happen to help continue economic development and recovery efforts (slowest in the Caribbean) are stifled by HATERS MAKING STRUPE COMMENTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE ONLY STRUPE IDEAS AND CANT IMAGINE A DAY WHEN BVI IS GOOD. IT WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR STRUPES EVEN THO THEY THE PROBLEM AND OFFER NO SOLUTIONS.


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