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BVI still beautiful place to vacation, visitors endorse

The Cronks

Retired Australian couple Deb and Peter Cronk are on a personal mission to ‘spread the word’ that the British Virgin Islands is still beautiful and vacationers are welcome.

The Cronks were initially sceptical about visiting the territory after the widespread devastation from the hurricanes last September, but the couple decided to throw caution to the wind.

They arrived on January 6 and soon realised there was little to be cautious about. The couple has now decided to stay until May.

They set sail from their homeland in 2015 and made stops in two other Caribbean nations before arriving in the hurricane-hit BVI.

Now almost two months since their arrival, the first-time visitors said they are enjoying the islands and want others to do the same.

In an exclusive interview with BVI News yesterday, Deb said they have been spreading the word and sparking the interest of family and friends through photos, videos, and word of mouth.

“We have been telling our friends to come up, don’t stay away. It’s still so lovely, still so many beautiful things to do, there are still places to eat and drink.”

“We were not sure [about coming to the BVI] … We heard people saying ‘still come because we need the business’. So, we decided to come even if we weren’t sure, and we have been very glad we did,” she said.

“It’s been very sad to see the damage but we are happy it is not as crowded as it would be and we found plenty of places that are really trying to be open and we are very happy to give them our business,” she added.

Her husband Peter is a retired electrical engineer while she was in real estate.

They own a Lagoon 420 catamaran called Chat Eau Bleu, which is currently moored at Tortola Marine Management marina.

The Cronks (left) shared a photo op with their friend Robyn Fawcett at Red Rock on Tortola recently.

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  1. Thank you! says:

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Cronk for deciding to visit us and for spreading the word that our islands are still beautiful..

  2. Reason says:

    Now this is what Im talking about. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Cronk in not only coming here but staying here in the territory and sprading the news about our beautiful islands. May the lord continue to bless you…

  3. "Crabs in a Barrel" says:

    Glad they didn’t visit Huntum’s Ghut, Horse Path, or Baugher’s Bay in their recent travels. May have had a different view of how the islands are ‘coming along’!
    Regardless, the truth is these islands are still beautiful, and I hope they always will be.

  4. Snoppy says:

    Good on ya Mates

  5. Well says:

    I’m just wondering why yall always say “if they visit *residential area* they’ll have a different view” Everywhere in the world, the residential areas are an eye soar or isn’t completely up to par. That’s why there’s hotels and etc. That’s why there’s tourist sites and etc. Stop downplaying tourists good compliments about the islands because you’re just ignorant.

    • Reader says:

      Agreed! Thanks to you Mr. & Mrs. Cronk for your visit, for contributing to our economy and for spreading goodwill about the British Virgin Islands. Blessings!

  6. Tim Demarest says:

    We’re coming to Tortola in November, can’t wait to get to Smuggler’s cove and Callwood distillery!!!

  7. Tourist says:

    Agreed that the BVI is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit. Everywhere in the world have the good side and the seedy side.I am a tourist and it would be odd for me to visit the residential side of anywhere that I choose to visit.I visit the BVI every year and I will continue to do so.

  8. Awesome says:

    Thanks Cronk family.

  9. Mandingo says:

    The BVI is truly still a really great vacation spot. I was burned and raised here and like every inch of it. I frequently do staycations and will continue to do so. Visit the baths in Virgin gorda lovelier than ever. Thank you Mr ans Mrs. Cronks. See y’all next year.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was there for 7 days lasr week still beutiful!!! Highly recommend

  11. Pond Apple says:

    Our group has been visiting every year since 1975 and never missed once, until this year, we always stay at Fischer’s Cove unfortunately that is impossible this year, but we’ll be back next year, we have always loved our friends from the BVI and visit all areas of both Tortola and Virgin Gorda, it’s been the best vacation ever. We miss not going there this year.

  12. rastarite says:

    If you’re on a boat you will still enjoy the beauty of nature. If you’re on Tortola it’s a dump… wrecked buildings, cars, debris still everywhere, roads barely driveable and boat wrecks everywhere – 25 still stranded in Trellis Bay, Village Cay a mess… the list goes on.
    Get real people AND what about cell phone coverage and wi fi… Joke!

    • Reader says:

      Agreed! Thanks to you Mr. & Mrs. Cronk for your visit, for contributing to our economy and for spreading goodwill about the British Virgin Islands. Blessings!

  13. Reader says:

    Of course we are still in recovery mode, so yes there are some things yet to be corrected. Hopefully you can help in some way. Have you considered that we all could have been obliterated? I’m sure you can find more than one thing you could be thankful and hopeful for, having survived 2 historic category 5 hurricanes (not to mention the many floods etc. in between).

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