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BVI unofficially records two COVID-19 recoveries

The British Virgin Islands, unofficially, now has two patients who have recovered from the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Health Minister Carvin Malone and Premier Andrew Fahie announced during a radio broadcast Thursday night that two of the territory’s three confirmed COVID-19 cases returned a negative result after retesting.

Malone said the samples of those two patients were among eight others that returned a negative result when tested here in the territory.

Though the results all came back negative for this first retest, Premier Fahie said the BVI will have to wait for official verification from the Caribbean Public Health Association (CARPHA) who will conduct their own tests. CARPHA’s results are expected to return from Trinidad by Monday, April 13.

“There were six new tests and two of the persons who tested positive before also tested at that time because they were due based on the schedule in terms of retesting,” Premier Fahie explained.

“Two of the persons were those who confirmed as positive cases a few weeks ago in the BVI, and they have now gone through all the measures of the isolation and all the different possible treatments possible for them, and they have now tested negative,” he further said.

Confident in BVI’s testing capabilities

The Premier also expressed significant confidence in the BVI’s testing capabilities stating that he is almost certain the results from CARPHA will reflect those of the first testing.

“The record thus far has been [that] 100 percent of whatever the local tests turn out to be, that it stays consistent with the verification for CARPHA, and we pray God that it will remain the same in this case,” Fahie stated.

If the results from CARPHA also return as negative, the BVI will officially have only one confirmed case of COVID-19.

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  1. The Reaper says:

    Hmmmmmm …U don’t have to take My for
    It..They can say what they want. Let me out!!!!! .Of Here !!!!!!

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    • Ms wize says:

      Dwl…you are funny

    • Who dune it says:

      Is Trinidad using the corrupted Chinese test? Is that why there is no other positive tests? You people better wake up. The Chinese caused this and now are looking like the heroic saviors. They are trying to infiltrate every Country and Territory. Like the Muslims they are looking to take you over without ever firing a shot. The islands of the Caribbean are the most susceptible as the Chinese and Muslims see the Blacks of the Caribbean as easy targets.

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  2. 2020 says:

    “There were six new tests and two of the persons who tested positive before also tested at that time because they were due based on the schedule in terms of retesting,” Premier Fahie explained.

    So, what are the results of the remaining 4? Six new tests (incl. 2 re-tests).

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    • @2020 says:

      “Malone said the samples of those two patients were among eight others that returned a negative result when tested here in the territory.”

      The 6 also returned a negative result.

      They’re being sent overseas to confirm.

    • true says:

      they all came back negative 6 new people and the 2 repeat tests which occur after 14 days.

      Try reading the story before commenting

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      • @true says:

        Don’t be ignorant. Ever stop to think @2020 did read the story but did not quite understanding.

        People can be so rude and ready to pounce on someone’s comment.

  3. 8th District Gyal says:

    Happy news! Pray that #3 will fully recover and no new cases Amen!

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  4. Facts says:

    Great News.

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  5. SMH says:

    A wider range of testing is needed. All healthcare and essential workers should be tested along with residents who are presenting signs or came into contact with those who were infected. We can not take a low number of cases for granted. We need to strive for overall wellness without disaster.

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    • Every says:

      single super market cashier and other employes should undergo mandatory testing.

      This should be required by the health depratment and the managers of those business places, for their own health and safety, as they were all on the frontline before and during the mass crowding and shopping.

      Many of them, especially the cashiers could have been exposed to the virus.

      God forbid, if any of them were unfortunate enough to be exposed, their family members may also have been exposed.

      And sadly and without care for their health or life, some supermarket managers refused to allow its cashiers to wear gloves. That was cruel!! This problem still needs more time to unravel itself.

      Hoping health officials would read this, take note and implement.

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      • SMH says:

        If you guys were paying attention you would know that testing is not done arbittarily but based on certain conditions present and on a case by case basis.

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    • Lol says:

      These 6 were done in one day. They already tested all of the contacts of the cases and more persons they were all negative.

  6. Come on says:

    After so many people inexplicably ignored the social distancing/common sense spacing out of 6ft and police did not assist, we need to test a lot more.

    We also need to have the recent senior deaths and the Jamaican confirmed at least to authorities as to whether COVID was a cause (they could also have had it but died from other things).

    People, next time we are all allowed out, don’t be so selfish and ignorant. It costs nothing to cover faves and keep apart a sensible distance. There was no reason for all those people who were not entitled to go out say one to be there. We should be better than what we showed last week.

  7. lol says:

    I dont trust batman nor robin

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  8. Bam says:

    There you have it,all by design for the messes around the world. Corona or covid ain’t kill a damn soul.
    It’s a new age program they setting up an us the lil island will wanna fall in line with the other world leaders

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  9. bull junks says:


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    • Boo says:

      What is the incubation period and when do persons infected get symptoms? Answer this and you will understand why 14 days

  10. Adan. says:

    Should Keep the airport and ferry locked for 30 days more and set a curfew from 7.00pm to 7.00am

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    • 6pm-6am says:


    • @Adan says:

      Oh really? Perhaps you should think about the hardship that is coming your before you contribute such foolishness to this forum.

      The government needs to open the borders in an attempt to jump start the economy, while ensuring that all the necessary precautions are in place to mitigate against the spread of the virus.

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  11. Diaspora says:

    Undoubtedly, this is great news on this Easter weekend. However, the VI cannot ease up on the gas; it must continue putting pedal to the medal. It must continue with testing, contact tracing, social distancing, closed borders, quarantining…….etc until such time that data shows it may be safe to open. The VI is not going to return to normal any time soon, if ever. There will be a new normal.

    Moreover, the VI is in a quandary, for though it can do all the right things, ie, behaviour changes, administrative and engineering changes, social/physical distancing, 24 hour lock down, quarantining……etc, if its trading partners and neighbors are not doing the same, the territory will be at risk to experience a secondary infection wave.

    Further, the VI is facing a perfect storm, ie, Covid-19 pandemic, slowing economy, and start of the hurricane season. Some tough seas are ahead for the VI and its residents. Government has been doing a credible job managing this pandemic but the coming weeks, months will heap more on its plate and it has to continue leading at this high and effective level. Crisis management is the true test of leadership. Never let a good crisis go to waste says Rahm Emmanuel, former President Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor. No rest for the wary.

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  12. Quiet Warrior says:

    The community is enduring great sacrifices during the 14 day, 24- hour lockdown and it is for good reason. The lockdown can’t go on for an indefinite period so what should the community expect when it emerges from this lockdown on 4/19? What is the government plan to take care of Covid-19 now, and to address in the future?

    The VI closest trading partner, the USVI, borders were not fully closed (Cyril King Airport was still open) so how is government going to dealt with travel between both territories (USVI has 50 confirmed cases; 34 STT, 14 STX, SJN 2; 45 pending; 43/50 recovered; Source Worldometer). Were than any coordination and collaboration between the VI and USVI, recognizing that there are jurisdictional differences

  13. BVI says:


  14. curfew says:

    I believe the lock down was put in place to buy time to get supplies to treat the outbreak, because these Islands are so close together. When the curfew is over all kinds of boats are going to find their way here illegally so I did my curfew and i still will have to be careful. so no more curfew after the 19th please.

  15. Still says:

    The lockdown is what we all needed to stay safe but also with this lockdown period is a way for any new cases to come out, is there anyone or families within their household for the time been lockdown complained about having corona coved 19 symptoms? Are their any families been rush to the hospital as an emergency of shortness of breath etc if not i think we’re ready to jump start the economy locally just just let the money in the islandsturn around until we are clear to open up our borders just sayin.

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