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BVIAA wants to name facility, event in Dag’s honour

Coach Xavier ‘Dag’ Samuel

The BVI Athletics Association (BVIAA) said it is pushing to have part of the A.O. Shirley Recreational Grounds in Road Town renamed in honour of local coach Dag Samuels.

Samuels, who is popularly known for coaching 400m-hurdles sensation Kyron McMaster, perished during Hurricane Irma last September.

President of the BVIAA Steve Augustine said the association has come up with a number of initiatives to honour the fallen coach.

“We have decided amongst ourselves that we will put forward a formal recommendation to government to formally name the pavilion at the A.O. Shirley recreational grounds the Dag Samuels Pavilion,” Augustine said.

He added that the association is hoping to have the change made when the hurricane-damaged facility is rebuilt.

Another initiative being put forward by the BVIAA to honour Coach Samuels is to put on an annual ‘large scale’ track meet. The track meet would also be titled in the coach’s name.

“The revenue that the association would collect from the track meet would allow us to do other things in Dag’s name,” Augustine said.

“One of the things we came up with instantaneously was to develop a few scholarships in Dag Samuels’ name that would go towards the youth being able to live out their athletic dream by offering some additional financial assistance to those who want to truly pursue athletics professionally.”

He continued: “Dag is a guy that we loved and that really worked with us and definitely worked towards building a bigger and better sport and his name will live on.”

Samuels guided young Kyron McMaster to a world-leading and unmatched 47.80-second run at a track meet in Jamaica last year.

McMaster was the only athlete in the world to run below 48 seconds for 2017.

Coach Samuels, in the meantime, was laid to rest on October 21.

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  1. Reply says:

    Great idea. He deserves that honor posthumously.

  2. Well deserved honor! says:

    This would be a fitting honor to pay respects to a great man. Wholeheartedly support and endorse this proposal and hope that it is received well by our decision makers.

  3. wow says:

    I have no issues with naming something after Mr. Samuels but I have one question. Who is A. O. Shirley? isnt the grounds named after him? Do we replace people at any given time forgetting their contribution? Come on people!!!!

    • Reply says:

      “The BVI Athletics Association (BVIAA) said it is pushing to have PART of the A.O. Shirley Recreational Grounds in Road Town renamed in honour of local coach Dag Samuels.”

      The operative word is “part”.

      By the way, buildings, roads, stadiums are renamed all the time although this is not what is being suggested here.

    • LOL says:

      You people have a reading problem. They said the Pavilion.

  4. Disagree says:

    Why rename the A.O. Shirley Recreational grounds when it was given a name because of the generous contributions of Mr. Shirley in sports? Why not name the multipurpose sports complex in honour of Dag and leave the name of the A.O. Shirley Recreation Grounds untouched? We easily forget the reason why things are named after individuals. Next thing they will say rename the E. Walwn Brewley Softball Field in Dag honour.

    • Truth says:

      Jesus Christ did you guys attend school? READ!!!!!!! Nowhere did the article say rename the grounds, it said NAME THE PAVILLION/BUILDING ON THE SAID GROUNDS AFTER MR. SAMUELS!

  5. Blame Irma says:

    @Truth Irma just didn’t left the BVI in a devastation she also left some who can’t read and understand have patience.

  6. No says:

    I agree that Dag should be honored but the grounds are already in honor of AO Shirley.
    Why not rename a street. It will be akward to have the AO Shirley grounds with the Dag Samuel stand or building. Tortola is Big be creative. Everything does not have to be in or
    Around the grounds.

  7. Bvi says:

    Why the pavilion? He was not and AVID SPECTATOR. if anything it should be the Track.

    • Ummm says:

      Dag lived in that Pavillion. The only thing he didn’t have was a bed in there. He was there first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

  8. Brad Boynes says:

    @ TRUTH… Some jack donkeys just don’t get it.

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