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BVIEC offering temporary jobs to residents

Deputy Chairman of the BVIEC, Henry Creque.

The BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) is offering temporary jobs to unemployed residents.

Jobs became available just recently after Works Minister Mark Vanterpool instructed the BVIEC to employ willing residents.

“I opened up the door last Thursday to the Board to tell them to hire people even if they are not technical, but if they can hire people to help hold the poles, help to move the lines, whatever it is,” said Vanterpool during a community meeting in the First District yesterday.

BVIEC Deputy Chairman Henry Creque, who also attended the meeting, told residents that they need only show up at the BVIEC’s Long Bush location daily to get jobs.

He said persons may not get work straight away but urged them to be persistent.

“Come at 7 o’clock in the morning every day and we will try and fit them in as much as possible. They don’t always get through the first time but people who have been coming consistently have gotten work,” Creque said.

He noted that the BVIEC is hiring both male and female workers.

Meanwhile, Vanterpool’s move to make jobs available for residents is in a bid to fast-track electricity restoration and reduce unemployment.

Several persons were left jobless when two category 5 hurricanes smashed into the territory in September. A considerable amount of persons who became unemployed were working in the tourism industry – one of the worst affected by the hurricanes.

Tourism is the BVI’s second largest revenue-earner.

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