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BVIEC workers accused of accepting bribes

Linesmen working to restore power to sections of Tortola recently. (Photo Credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson)

BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) workers are being accused of accepting bribes to fast-track power restoration for select residents in the British Virgin Islands.

BVIEC workers are also being accused of taking materials from utility poles in certain areas and using them to power other areas in the territory.

Deputy General Manager at the BVIEC, Henry Creque said only one of those accusations is true.

“From time to time, yes, material has been used from one location and given to another,” he said while responding to the claims.

“In the beginning, it wasn’t such a big issue to customers because the material was on the ground … But it is at the stage now where sometimes I ask them (linesmen) to get some materials off of poles to use in different areas just because that area is closer to the existing power or it may have been just to extend the main line further along so that all the customers along the main line eventually get power.”

The BVIEC boss said materials are being taken because of a general shortage of electrical parts needed to facilitate power restoration.

He said shipments of new materials don’t arrive in the territory quickly enough so the BVIEC usually take parts from select locations to complete work in areas where restoration efforts had already begun.

Creque, however, noted that parts are not taken from areas where it would take a considerably long time to be replaced.

He urged residents to be patient with the electricity company.

BVIEC workers taking bribes not reported

In relation to claims that BVIEC workers are accepting bribes, Creque has condemned any such practice.

“We will take that extremely seriously if crews are being paid [illegally]. If anybody is taking any kind of illegal contribution or whatever, that is extremely serious.”

He continued: “I have no knowledge of any such incident. But, if any customer or anyone has ever heard of something, I would hope that it would be reported to us if they have any evidence. But, thus far we have not received any such complaints.”

It is said that power has been restored to approximately 60 percent of the territory. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, Anthony McMaster said power restoration will be completed by Easter.

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  1. Albion says:

    I hope this would not be true. When BVIEC workers came to my road we cooked them food and gave them cold beer at the end of the day. But they were already there – we weren’t bribing them to come. Our nieghborhood was just trying to show some gratitude for their hard work.

  2. Think about it says:

    Govt leading by example.

    • non-belonger says:

      yes, surprising which areas get restored first eh. You need to live near a politician.

    • Concerned says:

      I DO NOT think electric workers have/are, but the top Government officials teach them how. Even Omar said it was O.K. for ministers to put theirs hands in the cookie jar!!!

  3. Yes says:

    This is true because I personally was asked for a large figure with promises of power restored in 3 days. Henry disappointed me during this process he has his head in the sand.

  4. The real Boo says:

    Cash or wife?

  5. Hah says:

    So you telling me these guys were accepting bribes and only now I know about this? Who are these despicable people. Please provide a name and number so that I can curse them out. Please the sooner the better.

  6. Interested says:

    Well,if you know that they are accepting bribes,and you need current ,Do an undercover sting operation,offer them money and the perpetrators will be caught.

  7. BitterPill says:

    Family and friends first, then those with big wallets, then everyone else. That’s human nature.

  8. Saddened from afar says:

    And then we all wonder why the island is the way it is. A few unscrupulous individuals casting blights. The department needs to set an example and fire them once determined who they are. Allowing bad behavior to continue only allow others to follow in kind. As the adage goes, “monkey know what tree to climb.” FIRE THEM!!!

    • After easter plz says:

      Fire them after restoration takes place I still don’t have electricity.

      I don’t know about bribes but i know of a particular team who asked specifically where (Not on the main) a prominent member of society lived so they could restore power to that individual and I guess the people along the way were the default recipients.

      We know the friend friend ting is taking place just look at some areas that have power, they are nowhere close to the main but there is that someone who knows the right person, makes a call and click the power is on.

  9. Strupsss says:

    You all just full of drama in this place!

  10. Paco says:

    Crap. These guys working their A$$ off from sun rise to sun rise, Sunday to Sunday for our ungrateful A$$. The most we can do is wait our turns, offer up our help and a cold drink if we can. Come on they’re humans doing machine jobs. Bribe my A$$. Complaint for everything which don’t goes your way.

  11. Creque is a crook! says:

    How many communities has he personally oversaw the process of restoration that weren’t scheduled?

    The f£&@ outta here with that BS.

  12. Bossy says:


  13. Sad but true says:

    100% true, payed them a lot of money out of pure desperation. Yes they are working their asses off and doing a great job but there are a few individuals that have accepted money in return for power restoration. They skipped our house when they restored our area and the only way they would come back was if we paid them, which we did. Sorry but this island is as corrupt as they come. Everything is more expensive now…everyone is desperate for money. Can you really blame those accepting cash or those giving it out? It’s wrong but these are desperate times people.

    • BitterPill says:

      Yes we can blame all persons who offer and accept bribes. The mantra, “They do it so why can’t I?” is one thing that is wrong with the world. You got one thing right though, since Irma people are desperate for money. Last time I checked bribery was illegal. Are we to start seeking money from other illegitimate means also? Because why stop at bribery?

  14. watcher says:

    That are asking for bribes. Fact.

  15. My bribe... says:

    I promise to bake cookies for all the linesmen when I get power back!????
    I saw someone comment once that there should be an estimated schedule posted for the public to have an idea of when they will be restored. Even if it has to be updated, some timelines would help greatly.
    Btw.. why do some parts of Paraquita Bay have power and others do not? Problemed area? Information would help anxiety levels a lot!????????

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