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Cabinet to get involved before Mayflower removed

The vessel named Mayflower is resting next to the ferry terminal in Road Town. (BVI News photo)

Cabinet, which is the executive branch of Government, will have to get involved before the vessel toppled next to the Road Town Ferry Dock is removed.

This is according to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ronald Smith-Berkeley, who said the vessel is partly why the facility has not been reopened.

The vessel named Mayflower has been resting on its side next to the dock since Hurricane Irma smashed into the British Virgin Islands five months ago.

“In the next couple of weeks, a paper should be going to Cabinet to speak to that issue. It’s not as straight-forward as it seems. But hopefully, by the end of this month, I guess maybe the next four or six weeks it should be removed,” Smith-Berkeley said.

He was speaking last week at a public meeting in Cane Garden Bay about government’s proposed recovery plan for the BVI.

The Permanent Secretary said his ministry is partnering with the Ministry of Communication and Works to move the vessel.

BVI News understands that there were unsuccessful attempts to remove Mayflower recently.

As for the ferry dock, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said remedial work on the structure is going well.

“Work has been going on steadily getting the building repaired. I was in there last week and I can see that they’re actually making good progress,” said the Premier, who was also speaking at the meeting.

The repairs are being financed through funds from the $65 million loan that government is borrowing from the Caribbean Development Bank.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Disaster Recovery Coordination Committee Brodick Penn, announced recently that the terminal will reopen late next month.

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  1. Albion says:

    This is why nothing ever happens in BVI – because everything needs to go through Cabinet before anything happens. Every little thing needs to be passed by all four ministers sitting together before anything happens.

    • WARNING !!!! WARNING !!! says:

      Government should not touch this boat unless it gets clear written authorization from the owner, a declaration of his inability to undertake the removal and disposal of the vessel, and an exemption from any liability or risks associated with the removal.

      Alternatively, under existing legislation, it may be possible to declare the vessel a derelict, and an abandoned vessel, an as such becomes the responsibility of the state for removal.

      The question of cost recovery remains an issue, especially in view of the size of the undertaking
      and the owner’s inability or otherwise to pay in cash, cash equivalents, or exchange of fair value.

      No other vessel of this size has been so breached,
      and the owner may well litigate that his boat was
      not severely damaged, and he intended to put it back in service…at some time in the future.

      Ensure marine surveys are done and maritime legal advice is sort before undertaking removal.

  2. hmmm... says:


  3. WHAT.. says:

    Does the government own this boat? If not why are they involved?

    • Not2Sure says:

      The boat belongs to an influential BVIslander. That means that the taxpayer must pay the cost of removing it because Government is afraid to confront one of their own.

      • The Real Boo says:

        I think he is broke and has no money so je is getting a “hand”

        • WHAT.. says:

          I’m broke and have no money and I need a “hand” also! So why should this owner get help from the gov., other people need help just to get a roof over their head and eat a decent meal. Same as always, it is what name you have,, who you know or how much money you got …..Sickening

  4. Ken says:

    the boat is owned by a private company they should be held responsible for moving it and all the CLEAN UP not the government!

    • Retired says:

      Are principals of the private company and the BVI government run by persons with the same name?

    • Zumba says:

      Speedy’s Removed two of thier vessels from off the Rocks near St.Thomas Bay Jetty, pretty sure the government was not even a thought. If the Government chooses to remove this non functioning vessel that has been sitting for years he should sign it over to be scrapped. And repay for the salvage…. Why is this even a discussion, you have numerous non functioning vessels sitting in the harbor and now that they washed up and they make no sense to do anything to them you abandoning it to the hands of other Tax Payers.

  5. The Real Boo says:

    All this because its his cousin?

    • Retired says:

      Maybe the BVI government will remove this fleet of dilapidated ferries in the entrance to the old Careening Hole, now Road Reef Marina!

  6. wow says:

    waste of taxpayers monies.

    • WHAT.. says:

      Not “waste”. It is abuse of taxpayers monies. Plan and simple and so very blatant! However, this is just an example of what BVI Islanders have become accustomed to and are afraid to stand up against. .. It is wrong and killing us.

  7. Tallfat says:

    What part will the 65m play in this removal. Btw what part will the 65m play in removal of two boats owned by the said company next to visar? For many years they have these rustic junk clogging the waterways so now seem the RIGHT time to impose on tax payers.

  8. lol says:

    doc will help his cousin

  9. Sam the man says:

    What a private vessel owner is [allegedly] being bailed out by Government and taxpayers money? Crazy… doesn’t this boat owner have the business and vessel insured? that is the correct and responsible thing if he/she hasn’t then tough – its your own fault …No Doubt Party always look after their own though …

  10. small island says:

    I am also concerned about the many abandoned boats where the owners did not have insurance. As many are not even regostered or from outside the territory, will the govt. contract to have them removed also or will they be left?

  11. WOW!!! says:

    Irmaria and those earth quakes! Y’all keep it up!

  12. MERCY says:

    Well my a** I need a new diesel engine for my boat

  13. Socrates says:

    Who owns this boat? Why does removing the boat needs to go to Cabinet. Is this something type of anansi tory? Is this boat some type of historical relic? Why can’t government just give the owner written notice to remove the boat and if the owner refuses just take the wrecking ball to it?

  14. See says:

    Who owns the damn boat ? Move it or go to jail . Enough of this BA – – . How much nonsense can we endue . Sorry if you cant afford it . Dont own a boat
    Yaxpayer and recovery moneu for this c**p. CRIMINAL !!!

  15. Island Man says:

    I just love to listen to this news. Just don’t have name for these so call parliamentarians. you guys will actually sit to debate moving a privately owned boat.
    what a waste of time and money while our kids are still awaiting their schools to be repaired and open.
    Abbot and the bunch of Castillos are amazing!

  16. Yeah says:

    So how do all of you suggest that the government clears the port? Let’s say you drop down dead tomorrow and you have no money or no one to bury you, how would you be buried?

    People should think then talk. You all do not even know what is being considered as yet? Settle down and be responsible for once man. Stop shooting off the mouth without information.

  17. Symbol says:

    This boat is a symbol of the devastation of Irma. Saw many tourists taking selfies, etc.
    Perhaps, it’d be interesting to move it a bit and secure it, and transform it into a bar or some sort of photographic museum of the carnage done by Irma on our islands? $5 to get in, etc. a couple of shops in there selling memorabilia and BVI stuff. A bar. Just a thought. Money to go to recovery.

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