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Cane Garden Bay beach still unsafe, residents told

Ronald Smith-Berkeley

The Ministry of Natural Resources is advising the public that Cane Garden Bay beach is still unsafe for swimming.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Ronald Smith-Berkeley gave the caution yesterday, weeks after government announced that the beach’s water had ‘very high counts of bad bacteria’.

“If you know of anyone who is thinking about going into the water at Cane Garden Bay, for right now, it is not the safest thing to do,” Smith-Berkeley said.

“While it is quote-and-quote ‘open’– meaning you could go and relax on the sand – the caution is to not bathe in the water.”

While speaking at a public consultation on the recovery plan yesterday, the permanent secretary said both his ministry and the Ministry of Communications and Works are ‘feverishly’ trying to rectify the problem.

Cane Garden Bay beach is said to be riddled with the E coli bacteria after being exposed to untreated sewage from a neighbouring sewage plant.

E coli can cause severe cases of illness, and persons may experience seizures or strokes, need blood transfusions and kidney dialysis, or live with permanent kidney damage.

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  1. HMPH says:

    So the untreated sewage still flowing in CGB.

  2. Transparency says:

    Could the Ministry of Natural Resources confirm how many tests were performed and at which interval, and whether the samples were taken from different areas of the beach. I am hearing that the testing was done only once, by the sewage pipe, a day after heavy rainfalls…

    • horses mouth says:

      the test was done 3 time at 4 differnt location and there is high consertration of poop water in, in the water ….we just did one last week the highest is at the wedding bar and the rest area are high thank you for your concern.

      • Transparency says:

        Thanks for this; getting accurate information is key.

        Then there is a need to get to the source of the issue and fix this problem asap. CBG is a reference, not only to tourists but also to BVI citizens and residents. Such a great and happy place to lime.

  3. Politics says:

    If the sand is higher than the water level,in which way and how can it still be contaminated.sounds like a political decision.

  4. ? says:

    So what about people fishing in that area or nearby and then others eating that same fish? Won’t aren’t they at risk for disease/sickness as well?

  5. Other beaches says:

    What about the other beaches?

  6. Not credible says:

    Did you know that taking a sample with bare hands can show E.coli ? After the recent swells the bay has been heavily flushed This is just political posturing to keep that bus firmly on Mitch.

  7. See says:

    This is simply the truth . The water is polluted from e coli as well as garbage and debris from the slobs at both ends of the bay . The sewage plant is ONLY one issue . FIX the salt ponds which are the natural filtering of the massive run off into the bay . A few days ago the entire bay was brown and debris was floating everywhere . The clean up is a massive job . Local residents and volunteers have only been able to do so much .

  8. MERCY says:

    The slobs at the end of the bay wonder who they a really mystery

  9. Big Phil says:

    Need power. Need power now. Can’t run the sewage plant without power. When is Cane Garden Bay getting power?
    Anyone have an answer?

  10. upfullness says:

    Old people say the sea cleans it self. Am I to believe the ruff swells the past few days is not wiping out the bacteria? Hon Mitch needs to get his own people to do a test and present it to the public.

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