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Cashiers accused of stealing nearly $60K from store


The Roadtown Wholesale building that houses Cash & Carry and RiteWay supermarket in Pasea Estate.

A man and a woman who were cashiers at Road Town Wholesale’s Cash and Carry in Pasea Estate are being accused of stealing nearly $60,000 from the store.

Charged with theft and false accounting are Fort Hill resident George Wells, and 34-year-old Sharon Forde.

Wells is accused of stealing $37,908 while Forde is accused of taking $21,939.

They were not made to plead to the charges when they appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo on Friday (February 2) because their cases will be transferred to the High Court.

It is alleged that the duo stole the monies by fabricating customer refunds at the store.


Allegations are that the store conducted an audit sometime in June/July last year and discovered that a number of curious refunds were being done since January 2017, and a quantity of money was missing.

Management subsequently launched an internal investigation using CCTV footage. It is alleged that the video footage corresponded with the dates and times when the accused cashiers entered ‘questionable’ refunds into the store’s database.

The footage allegedly showed Wells at his workstation on several occasions inputting information into the cash register.

The Prosecution alleged that a receipt would eject from the register on each occasion, and the Wells would hide it in his pocket or discard it.

No customers present

Footage reportedly showed that no customer was at Wells’ checkout station when he entered those refunds into the cash register.

Similarly, footage of Wells’ co-accused Forde revealed that no customer was at her checkout counter when she submitted refunds.

The court was told that the accused cashiers had a pattern when refunding items. They only refunded the more-expensive items such as $500 bottles of champagne, it is alleged.

The court was told that the store’s management confronted the two accused after the probe and both allegedly confessed. Wells allegedly claimed that he stole the money because he was having ‘financial difficulties’.


The matter was subsequently reported to police.

Based on store policy, a refund can only be done when a store supervisor’s code is entered into the system.

Investigations revealed that a supervisor’s code was entered during all the questionable refunds. But, when police interviewed the supervisors whose codes were used, they had no knowledge of the unauthorised refunds.

Police subsequently arrested the accused duo.

During a police interview with Wells, he allegedly said he received the code from a store supervisor to conduct legitimate refunds. He allegedly admitted that used the codes to do fake refunds.

Though Forde told police that she used the codes to conduct refunds, she claimed that she did refunds because customers complained that the store’s prices were ‘too high’.

Both accused were subsequently charged.


Wells, a British Virgin Islands native, was granted $80,000 bail and told to report to the Road Town Police Station on Mondays between 6am and 6pm.

On the other hand, Forde was offered $60,000 bail. The St Lucian was ordered to surrender her travel documents and report to the Road Town Police Station on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

They will return to court.

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  1. Haymaker says:

    WOW!!! Dumb as criminals, you cannot cheat those machines, every receipt that comes out there’s a corresponding one in the system, compare the inside one to sales will tell if it’s accurate or discrepencies. Fools, cashiers should have enough sense to know that.

    • Mango says:

      Somebody in charge has to be responsible for allowing that amount for such long time go be stolen…

    • retailer says:

      No there is not always. In modern retail systems you can only refund by scanning the barcode on the original receipt. In many modern stores the CCTV is automatically adjusted when a refund is done and it is recorded separately and reported to security. Refund fraud is a very common form of stealing in retailing. Some retailers have no protection against it.

  2. Brains says:

    Well, if we did a better job of educating people, they might have the sense to recognize that [allegedly] helping yourself to the till is a sure ticket to Ballo.

    • LOL says:

      You have to educate someone about not stealing? It’s not yours, LEAVE IT THE F*&^ ALONE!! How hard is that? Look at the amount of money they took with no remorse!!!!! No education in the world can trump GREED.

      • Brains says:

        @ LOL, but how do you learn that stealing is wrong? Parents and school-it’s called education, Problem is here that too many set the example with greed and get away with it,

  3. .... says:

    The store ought to be investigated abt the duty free period

  4. Reply says:

    Whom can you trust? Apparently no one. There is always some report of an employee(s) accused of stealing from their employer. It’s unnerving.

    What I cannot understand is why it usually take these employers so long after such large sums are taken to catch on to it. You would think a store like Riteway will be more capable than other stores to catch something like this early.

    Employers need to be more vigilent when it comes to their money. Sticky fingers are always lurking. Trust no one. These kind of cases are frequently in the news, and the court sees many repetitively.

    Peope need to stay awake, or only sleep with one eye closed because the bloddy theives are always busy.

    Anyway, any employee discovered to have stolen from me will not only be fired on the spot and shown the door but they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I dislike dishonest people that much.

    • Crazy says:

      Be for real! It’s all about SYSTEMS! The system put in place was for ONLY Managers to have the refund codes therefore the business would monitor these issues by dealing with the managers directly. All hell breaks loose when the managers become lazy or complicit in giving codes willy nilly to regular staff.

      • Reply says:

        Clearly whatever “system(s)” they have in place is woefully inadequate that they could not catch this sooner. Don’t they monitor their books by shift, nightly, or weekly? Why did it take them this long to catch this? It should not take an audit to catch a thief.

        I notice that whenever these cases hit the news, large sums of money are involved. It appears to me that people are not watching their money closely or they do not have routine accounting systems in place to catch these sticky fingers on first try.

        They are being robbed blind, and before they get wind of it lots of money is already out the door. Make no mistake, each time this happens, we all pay with higher prices.

        Too many bloody sticky fingers in this place, and too many laxed employers. A match made in sticky fingers heaven.

        • Yep says:

          Imagine the small businesses such as bars and restaurants that cannot afford an accounting system nor cameras. They rob them blind, then they run labour about wrong firing. Don’t they know the owners will have some idea of how much they will usually bring in prior to their arrival on the scene. Brazen thieves!!!

          • Oh says:

            As small as they are in these times they need to invest in base line POS systems and cameras. They don’t have to go straight for the expensive stuff, the basics can work until they can afford better. As long as you have business with steady traffic and multiple employees you need to put systems in place to monitor.

  5. well wow says:

    George you surprised me. didn’t expect this from you

  6. Interested says:

    How did they obtain the supervisors codes?

  7. *Hmm says:

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!! Last thing I want to see is my name in the news for stealing nope, maybe for knocking down somebody when it comes to my children but not for being a thief.
    Times hard yes that’s without a doubt but you going thief from the very place that providing you with a paycheck still at the end of the day? Now what, you out of a job & in even more of a bind SMDH.

  8. Apple says:

    Justice. All is fair in War and love..Rite way doing the same. Let the peoe go. Set them free..

  9. Sigh says:

    This guy was one of the more helpful employees there. Did not expect to hear this kind of news about him.

  10. ??? says:

    Good gig but got busted…

  11. Ok says:

    Pay your workers better!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where were the supervisors that cash them out charge them too

  13. Electric Shock! says:

    Well! looks like their goose are now boiled, roasted, baked, fried, grilled, steamed, and microwaved, all at the same time. Good luck.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is alot of information given in the public domain when the case has not yet been heard.

  15. Just Asking says:

    This is alot of information given. All you trying those people case.

  16. Diplomat says:

    Timothy 6:10:”For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” This is from the Bible; to that, I would add the lack of money is the root of evil. Think Rev Ike you to spout this off. Money is a temptation and even with controls in place many think they can beat the system.

    This is 1984 people; technology abounds and big brother is watching. Leave the people suddin lone. Every rope has an end. Be patient and work hard for what you want. Do not try to follow your neighbors, for you don’t know how they get dem suddin.

    Of course, everyone is innocent supposedly until they are proven guilty. But in general, we must think about the shame we bring upon ourselves, families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, home boys/girls…….etc. Sad.

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