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COMMENTARY: Not brain surgery, persons just need help

Alred Frett

By Alred Frett, Contributor

It is almost six months post-hurricane and a journey from East to West and North to South still shows the devastating effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Vivid details are still fresh in everyone’s mind and each have stories to tell but their stories are the same as yours and mine because we were all in this together and while no one expected miracles, most believe there should be far more progress.

There is no comfort in acknowledging that we moved from total hopelessness to dreams of possibility when we feel driven back to deep despair and there is no solace when those who can help are more interested in profiting from the misery of others… Who feels it knows it.

No wonder they are pissed off when politicians proclaim how good things are or make excuses for their failure to meet our needs.

These are rough times and we should never be ungrateful for assistance received but I may have praised government too soon for perceived actions because the public’s concerns seem to have multiplied as good citizens who once lived in comfort now struggle to meet the basic needs of food and shelter… Some are just beginning to realize how these are interconnected to other factors.

Consequently, many feel victimized when Government departments that should be making it easier for their recovery appear hell-bent on making it worse and excusing their inefficiencies and non-productivity on elected leaders… Meanwhile, persons find justification and amplified hopelessness when looking at damaged Government building and wondering how can they help us when they are unable to help themselves?

It is a self-imposed curse to put stumbling blocks in the path of others

We all should try and ensure that the worries are unfounded when concerns that sewerage and solid waste are being linked to sickness and deaths as manpower is misdirected and processes that should take minutes to complete now take weeks.

Civil servants venting their personal frustration on those they are paid to serve is not the answer and failure to find solutions today simply ensure more failures tomorrow.

This is not brain surgery, persons need help, We deserve better and a leader’s job is to ensure that ways and means are put in place to facilitate and expedite the necessary processes.

Persons should be encouraged to work in order to make an honest living for themselves and the territory especially, since they are the ones paying for the projects and salaries of politicians and civil servants.

Continuing reports of difficulties and frustration faced with basic processing at Immigration and Labour threaten their personal livelihood and further retards the overall recovery works and efforts.

Residents already unable to afford the newly-inflated costs of goods and services receive neither help nor relief when that help and relief is tied up for months at the ports before being processed for delivery.

To truly help each other is to eventually help ourselves

Clearly, any extension granted by Government becomes nullified when the related goods and services are delayed or not received and it becomes questionable when a simple act of giving DMV permission to grant temporary amnesty to minor damaged vehicles is handicapped.

This makes us suspicious that regulations are intended as a means of imposing charges, fines and fees as a source of Government’s revenue.

A look at our Government buildings and national park reveals how far we have been knocked down and warn us that we can only get back up by recognizing the significant roles played by these and other factors in the individual and collective recovery of our people and territory.

This is no time to stop trying even if it means being in the park on Thursdays, you too must play your role in our recovery.

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  1. Thank You says:

    Your comments are dead on. Too bad those who need to hear this, aren’t capable of listening or acting.

    • SMH says:

      I agree with you 100%. People needs help and the problems that plague us need fixing like now. We need to quit with all the meetings and meetings and just do what needs to be done.

  2. RealPol says:

    AC, real talk. In 6 months, we should be farther along. Progress is painstakingly and frustratingly slow. Too much bureaucracy to get the simplest thing done. The BVI is in crisis and some adjustments in the bureaucracy is needed to see a glimpse of progress. A sense/glimpse of progress boosts hope and dispel despair.

  3. Stainlessbloke says:

    Mr. Frett, I care so much about our islands and as an expat I go out on a limb to critisize. You could not have said it better. I too wonder if current situation is not designed when we have a minister saying expats should not be allowed to invest and Immigration acting like gestapo.

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