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Conspiracy? No public facility working in 1st District

While claiming that all state-owned facilities in the First Electoral District are non-operational, residents said they are convinced the National Democratic Party (NDP) government has conspired to sabotage that district.

According to residents, the First District is being ignored by the Dr D Orlando Smith-led government because it is represented by Andrew Fahie, who is also Leader of Opposition.

“All our public service industries are down. The two public schools (Isabella Morris Primary and Leonora Delville Primary), the clinics, the community centres, the fire stations, the police station, the port, the post office,” one resident of the First District lamented.

“Take all of that into consideration and you’re going to tell me now that y’all care about the First District? This is terrible. If anything happen down here, that’s it. You guys say ‘OK, that’s Mr Fahie’s District [but] we got to go beyond Mr Fahie [and] you got to see the people,” she added, while addressing government minister Mark Vanterpool during a meeting in the First District yesterday.

They also decried the bad condition of their roads and the lack of piped water or electricity in most of the district.

NDP not bad people

Residents, in the meantime, accepted that not all issues will be resolved with immediacy but begged government to keep them informed.

“We ain’t say y’all ain’t good people. You are good people. But you fall short when it comes to dialogue and communication,” said one resident who noted that communication ‘gives people hope’.

In response, Vanterpool told residents that their concerns have been noted, and promised to address the issues.

This is not the first time government has been accused of sabotaging communities being represented by an opposition member.

Up to last year, former Opposition Leader Julian Fraser claimed that communities his constituency were being affected by political victimisation.

Fraser claimed that government was deliberately neglecting his constituents who were experiencing extreme water shortages. The government, at the time, denied the claims.

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