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Consultants hired to improve cargo port operations

The Port Purcell cargo facility on Tortola. (Photo Credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News)

Residents should start seeing improvements in operations at the Port Purcell cargo facility soon.

This is because government hired consultants to improve how the facility runs.

While speaking at a conference with members of the media yesterday, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said government received the consultation services last week.

“We actually had three consultants – specialists in port-organization, management and whatnot – meeting here with the Ministry of Communications and they have now developed alternative plans to include efficiency so that things could be moved much more quickly,” Dr Smith said.

The Premier did not specify when residents will start seeing improvements at the facility. He, however, said: “It should be happening any time now.”

Residents and business operators have been experiencing major challenges in clearing imports at the facility since the hurricanes and customers have had to wait weeks to get goods.

The Ministry of Communications and Works said recently that, based on investigations, most customers are to be blamed for clearance delays. The ministry said most customers have not produced the relevant paperwork to clear their goods.

On the other hand, the BVI Ports Authority had said delays were because of damage to the facility caused by the hurricanes.

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  1. Albion says:

    Someone suggested to me recently – why don’t we suspend cruise ship arrivals for a month and use the cruise ship dock as an arrivals dock for containers with duty free goods (ie. building materials only). Customs can control access and, in the hopefully unlikely event that containers need to get temporarily stored before they get collected, there is lots and lots of space next to the Admin complex.

    • Wow says:

      Does that make any sense? You will offload containers at the Pier Park? I take it you have never been to the pier park? WTF!!!!!! The problem in the BVI isn’t that we need consultants, we just need to put our egos aside and even if the idea is not ours but makes sense, we should go ahead with it. The port issue is a simple fix but too many hard headed people with points to prove are in positions and everyone afraid to send their asses packing.

    • I FROM HERE says:

      @ Albion

      You usually post sense so I won’t kill you for this BS idea you post today!

    • hmm says:

      that cruise pier is not a safe place to off load ANYTHING. no barriers around

  2. "Crabs in a Barrel" says:

    C’mon man! People may very well make errors in paperwork. But if they do, they can’t even get to their goods until it has been approved! The point here is even when you get your paperwork correct you are waiting for weeks while they try to offload containers, find your goods, send you away and tell you to come back later. At day’s end I actually put a lot of blame on the big shippers along with their BVI based agents, more so than on Ports. Ports is making the best of a tough situation, even though they most certainly could organize things much better.

  3. Not2Sure says:

    Suspending cruise ships to allow rebuilding materials to come in faster would send the wrong message. The tourist industry needs to be “open for business”.

    • Concerned says:

      Yes, open the tourist industry, then try to balance the budget by outrageous charges (8 peopleX 8 days+ entry fees = over $1,000 for a charter yacht to enter BVI!!! A.= Does not in total bring enough to help much.
      B.= drives away the tourists & c.Sure i not an incenrtive which is what the Premier was asking for last week.

  4. Resident says:

    @Wow. I totally agree with you. Why place someone at the head if they can’t find ways to solve the problems in their Dept. That’s why you’re the head. You have to see where the shortcomings are and find solutions. They don’t have to come directly from you. Have your meetings and brainstorm. Jeez, everything dont need a consultant. All they do is tell you what you already knew. If you can’t come up with solutions why are you there? Anyone could take your job then!!!!!! Stop wasting the taxpayers money.

  5. What says:

    I mean why the hell do we go to the polls we have all kind of retired customs officers and former controllers of the port.

    You want to tell me that our current administration and the Port authority board cant go over to the port and see the problem and apply a simple solution.

    • Truth says:

      All of them know it all until they know nothing. We paying current managers why we need retirees? The port isn’t that big and not that hard to manage. It shouldn’t have taken more than 2 months after the storm to get it under control. A set of know nothing “I BORN HERE” moo moos is what causing the problem. Yes, I BORN HERE TOO!

  6. nick says:

    how much this consultant will cost?.

  7. watcher says:

    Every dock and warehouse in the world has numbered bays and shelves and a means of recording into which bays and shelves containers and parcels are put.

    Except of course Port Purcell

    That has a chaos and a lets make it up as we go along system instead.

  8. Teepee says:

    Just bring the British marines back, you know things were happening then

  9. LOL says:

    Maybe the shipping companies should halt shipments until the dock is cleared. I am still waiting on one company to find my items that I shipped to my family last year. They were non responsive. The break down was between the shipping company and customs. Primarily customs. All the paper work was in order, but customs did not give all of the packages until shipping company pushed back. When family went back to pick up the rest, somewhere between customs and the shipping company the boxes that were there initially all of a sudden disappeared. So stop the BS about customers not collecting their goods. There are thieves running wild at both organizations.

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