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Curfew will remain until more power restored

Members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force in Road Town.

Amid growing public uncertainty, government yesterday gave a clearer indication as to when it may lift the territory-wide curfew.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith noted issues in relation to public safety before stating that the curfew will remain until power is restored to more areas.

“Without power, we don’t have the safety that we were speaking about earlier, and hence the curfew. And that is why we need to maintain that curfew at least until we have a satisfactory amount of lights back in the territory,” Dr Smith said.

While speaking on radio last evening, the Premier lamented that too many persons are still without power.

“To match it, the roads are not completely lit as well, that is one of the important reasons why the curfew was put in place and that is one of the important reasons why we maintain the curfew,” said Dr Smith.

He said the curfew was pushed to is current time (11pm to 6am) because a satisfactory level of normalcy had returned to the hurricane-hit BVI.

The Premier further claimed that relaxing the curfew was a calculated moved.

“There has been much discourse about whether we should stop it, whether we should extend it, or have it come earlier in the evening as opposed to 11 o’clock. But when we started the curfew first, of course, it was earlier.”

“It was 8 ‘clock in the evening to 6 o’clock in the morning but over a period of time – as we saw a state of calm return to the country when people were respecting the curfew and not getting into activities that are deemed not acceptable – we were able to gradually reduce it. We did not go from 8pm to 11pm [instantaneously]. It happened over a period and until we have more of the homes and streets lit, I think it is important to keep that curfew,” Dr Smith said.”

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