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Displeased event planner: ‘Let insurance kick a**’

Cindy Rosan Jones

Organiser of a public meeting aimed at addressing insurance woes, Cindy Rosan Jones, has lashed out at members of the public for expressing an interest in the meeting but not showing up.

Jones said several persons had approached her on social media site Facebook and complained that they were being ill-treated by insurance companies since the hurricanes.

She subsequently volunteered to organize a meeting with all major insurance companies, members of the House of Assembly, and representatives from the Financial Services Commission to address the public’s concerns.

However, none of the stakeholders including members of the public attended the yesterday’s meeting and Jones was not pleased.

“Let insurance kick a**. I don’t have a dog in this fight. Nothing happened to where I live. Nothing happened to my car, not even a crack in my windshield. Nothing happened to me,” she told BVI News.

“I was trying to help. I’m not taking blows for you. We can do it together. If we not doing it together then we keep it moving. Like I said, I am here to stand with you. I am not here to stand for you. So when they are ready to stand, we can all stand together.”

Why the no-show?

Jones said she was not sure if persons were ‘all talk and no action’ or whether they were dissuaded from attending by insurance companies.

“What I have come to understand from this small turnout that we have today is how many people have been threatened by their insurance companies for being verbal,” said Jones who also noted that other events were happening relatively close to the time of her meeting.

“There is indeed a lot of victimization happening in the BVI and I believe it is time to address those issues because we are not going to move forward with them lingering. We are not going to move forward when people are repressed. It is a crazy situation.”

Still baffled 

“We have had a lot of interest from the public… I personally had a lot of calls, because I am a vocal person so I guess people feel comfortable in calling me and saying this is going on.”

She continued: “This wasn’t to con anyone it was just a question and answer [event]. Talk to us. And that didn’t happen and they hadn’t shown up as you can see… I expected to see a lot more people here. We continue to see complaints on social media, and we are going around in conversations over and over and over. At what point do we say I need my legislators to come, I need our representatives to come, the insurance companies need to be called out and give us answers?”

The meeting was scheduled for 4:30pm yesterday at the Sir Olva Georges Plaza in Road Town. When the minuscule numbers did not increase at 6pm, persons left the venue.

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