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Don’t be fooled by persons claiming to be VIP candidates

President of the Virgin Islands Party Dr Natalio Wheatley

President of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP), Dr Natalio Wheatley is advising the public not be misled by anyone claiming that they are running under the VIP banner.

Dr Wheatley gave the advisory amid recent reports that certain political hopefuls are promoting themselves as VIP candidates.

“We are aware that rumours persist about who may be running as At-large candidates and who may be running in the Third District. But, I assure you that these are just mere distractions that do not reflect the future and new direction of the Virgin Islands Party. The VIP Congress will decide,” Dr Wheatley said in a media release late last night.

He said several persons have expressed an interest in running under the VIP banner.

However, none have been guaranteed a spot on the VIP ticket so far.

“To date, the Virgin Islands Party’s Congress has not met to select ANY candidate whether At-Large or otherwise.”

“Hence, we ask the public not to be misguided by anyone who says differently at this time. As soon as the Congress votes on the slate of candidates, which is in the near future, the VIP will come to the public to officially make an announcement,” Dr Wheatley said.

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  1. Leadership matters says:

    Why the VIP just didn’t call a name so that they didn’t have to write all this long release? There is a former dis and dat, esteemed jail bird from Sea Cow’s Bay saying that he is running with the VIP. Handle your problem Wheatley. That’s leadership. You don’t beat everybody to just beat one person.

  2. Ok buddy says:

    The next election will be 1st Quarter 2019 and VIP doesn’t have candidates. It will be another disaster similar to last time, just watch.

  3. I FROM HERE says:

    The EO begging for votes but I bet he won’t come close to winning anything!

  4. Diplomat says:

    The VIP was shellacked 11-2 in 2015 and another election is nigh and it is not prepared. A snap election fever is spreading yet the VIP is floundering. The Opposition is supposed to be the government in waiting. But the VIP is not ready. All we are hearing is speech after speech. How about a list of candidates, plans, programmes……….etc. Are they waiting for the election date to be announced ( there is no date certain for election; it should be)? Geez som bred! Them ting les saw!

  5. Truth says:

    This press release was needed because we have a guy that no one likes going around the BVI telling everyone that the VIP has selected him on their At Large ticket. I am glad VIP cleared this up because he had me beleiving him and wondering if the VIP gone CRAZY!!!

  6. My take says:

    This is a timely and intelligent move by the President of the VIP.

  7. BVI people? says:

    You can’t please BVI people. No matter who the VIP bring to run they are going to say that they are not good enough.

    • Facts says:

      They will bring the usual dead horses, stop the noise. If they bring a good slate then people will consider them. If they bring the same stale people then folks will either stay home or hold their noses and re-elect NDP.

  8. No supportet says:

    I do not support any party but for those who think that a snap election will automatically give the ndp back the government then you have a rude awakening coming. The people will surprise you all this time.

    • Voter says:

      The snap election will benefit the NDP more than anybody else. The VIP is starting from scratch, they need 12 candidates. Campaign will start in 6 months. If you think it’s easy finding candidates that are genuine, then building committees around them and planning a campaign then go right ahead. PPA and PEP both thought it was easy pickings and we know how they ended. July/August the campaign noise will have begun and VIP will be still on the ropes. If you think NDP has infighting then wait. The good thing for NDP is that their dirty laundry got aired from early and within a few months with the rebuild, everyone would have hugged, sung kumbaya and moved on. The spotlight will be on VIP heavily which will be to their ruin. Add the esteemed one to the pot and you have pure confusion brewing over there. Fahie in his right mind won’t put the esteemed on his ticket but the esteemed is going around seeking support and telling people he running with VIP.

      • To voter says:

        Ayo could always find excuses for the ndp. They will not kiss and make up. If NDP going back to the polls with Mr. Zzzz at the head and that is the end of them.

  9. voters says:

    Jw if that was for you we got your back. You going in next elections

  10. watcher says:

    Its either the NDP or Fahie

  11. jack says:

    I don’t see the need for this release as I have not heard anyone say they were selected by the VIP they always say; hoping to run with.

    But then again its always good to clear the air

    • Deeper says:

      Look deeper! They realize the individual could be a political cancer just like his namesake so they want to stay far from now. Problem is he is a member of their party and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If he doesn’t get his way then wait and see what happens on the yellow site. Andrew/Sowande/VIP better buckle up for this long bumpy ride ahead.

  12. Prophet says:

    Paying attn to bvi politics since I left school I think the people are ready for a people first government in this time. What sense in voting for fav candidates who can’t deliver to the people. I think any united movement can win this next election

    • To prophet says:

      You better ask God for more wisdom because you obviously can’t read and understand. Each party has their own process. If you can’t abide by them then you are free to run by yourself. It is as simple as that.

  13. Ahhh My BVI says:

    I have not a clue on what this is about. However, I do have a question after reading the article. Is it the VIP or NDP who decides who can identify themselves as a VIP or NDP? And is it the VIP or NDP who decides who can run and win under either one of the political party banner or is it the people through a free and democratic election process?

    Mr. Wheatley sounds like he is living in Haiti or Russia.

  14. Stella says:

    Whoever is advising the VIP needs to be fired early. It should be embarrassing at this stage for any Opposition party to announce that they do not have any candidates selected as of now, to run with the party.

    While I understand the internal process of Congress will decide, why air this?

    With some 6 to 9 months away from an new general elections, something seems to be wrong. I have now lost confidence in the VIP and must conclude that no one really wants to run with them, and those who want to, they seem not to want them!

    Many of us were willing to give Mr. Fahie a chance, but now will move away from that and see if we could relook at a new party or just go back with the Heartless NDP!

    • To Stella says:

      You sound so stupid. The VIP is doing exactly what needs to be done at this stage. They never said that they don’t have candidates. They said the VIP Congress has not confirm the candidates as yet. Learn to read & comprehend. Fahie is doing a great job as the leader and he will make an excellent Premier. He clearly doesn’t let a few loud mouth bad intention people scare him into doing what they want rather than doing the right thing.

    • @Stella says:

      The EO you ain’t tired blogging.

  15. Next says:

    VIP crazy with this nonsense

    • To Next says:

      I agree with the VIP. Get rid of negative entities from early. The EO when he doesn’t get what he wants tries to destroy rather than build so he doesn’t deserve to be elected. The VIP is doing the right thing by not letting him or anyone hold them hostage for their own selfish reasons. Don’t mind the noise, Good job VIP!

  16. ... says:

    Ndp got this again

  17. MASSIVE says:

    Why be fooled by these fake candidates when you can be fooled by the real deal?

  18. The real Boo says:

    He not running with allyo? What is this? He say he running at large with VIP

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