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Electricity now up to 80% territory-wide

This BVI Electricity Corporation worker is captured doing work on a fallen utility pole on Tortola. (Photo Credit: Davion Smith/BVI News)

The progress of overall electricity restoration in the British Virgin Islands has now bumped up to 80 percent.

Chairman of the Disaster Recovery Coordination Committee, Brodrick Penn said that is the latest estimate from the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC).

Of the four main islands, electricity on Anegada is virtually 100 percent restored.

More than 90 percent has been restored on Virgin Gorda while restoration on the island of Jost Van Dyke is said to be between 80 and 90 percent.

Electricity restoration on the territory’s largest island, Tortola is also said to be in the 80 percent range.

“There are some hotspots that they are working on now. But, they (the BVIEC) think they have about 80 percent coverage and by April or so, they expect to have 95 percent or more coverage for the people who are in a position to take electricity,” Penn told BVI News.

Penn said there is an unspecified number of buildings across the territory that will not be able to accept power because those structures are compromised.

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  1. Well Sah says:

    What happened to Brandywine Bay. Are we invisible? We are right on the main road. Hellooo

  2. We too says:

    So the remaining 20% includes areas such as Chalwell, Luck Hill and Sage Mountain who is still without electricity?

  3. Albion says:

    Good job, BVIEC. I appreciate that it must be very frustrating for those who don’t have power yet, but hopefully you will get hooked up soon.

  4. CGB resident says:

    And the people on the hill behind Hodges gas station

  5. duck1951 says:

    What about Jost van Dyke ?

  6. BillR says:

    How about Long Bay Beach Club??

  7. Me says:

    Joe’s Hill up Admiralty side, got apartments without electricity….

  8. Talk says:

    Thank God for the visiting line crews . Even they say the local crews claim the visiting guys do a weeks worth in a day . And yes the visiting crews do have an equiptment advantage

  9. Lc says:

    And Belmont?

  10. Retired says:

    It would be better for the BVIEC to provide the public with the number of electricity customers on each island before Sept’17 and then the number of customers re-connected on each island every 2-3 days now. These vague percent numbers are useless. I’m guessing there were around 150 customers on Anegada before Sept’17 so now those 150 customers are re-connected for a 100% restoration. What about the islands that have many 1000’s of customers like Tortola or VG? 80% of how many customers on Tortola: 2000? 5000? 10000?

  11. Longshanks says:

    Thank you to BVIEC, and all the visiting crews, particularly the Canadians whose workmanship looks fantastic.

    Still without power where we are and I would imagine for Tortola the figure is more like 35% but it is great to see the linesmen from everywhere out there working so hard every day.

    The one thing which is a concern is that they say that they could have finished the whole island if they had the materials. How much is backlogged at the port?

  12. Sam the man says:

    No way it’s even near 80% so many areas are still without electricity – the usual political spin with no facts or substance – better to be honest with everyone recognising this is taking much longer than it should than try and fool us …I have zero confidence in anything this NDP Government says – “No Direction Party” it is clueless and lacks vision, leadership, determination and accountability – ministers alays looking for what’s in it for them not the people!

    • @ Sam the man says:

      The restoration is at 80% or even higher.

      Please do not look past or dismiss the valiant efforts of the men and women of the BVIEC, because of issues that you have with the government.

      • Sam the man says:

        By April or so… will be approx 95%, 2 – 3 months sees another apparent 15% yeah right! more like its approx 50-60% on Tortola that’s much more realistic than you being fooled by over 80% – don’t talk nonsense….not a question of dismissing any efforts made at all, grateful for all assistance but don’t want to be mislead by positive sounding statements that are factually incorrect…

        • @ Sam the man says:

          The restoration is at 80% or more. And my figure came from someone who is senior at the BVIEC, not any politician.

          All that’s left to be connected are homes (most businesses already reconnected).

          Again, don’t let your disdain for the politicians cloud the good works of the women and men of the BVIEC.

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