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Electricity will be fully restored in BVI by Easter

Linesmen working to restore power to a section of Tortola. (Photo Credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson.)

Power will be fully restored to the British Virgin Islands by the end of March.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, Anthony McMaster said power has been restored to approximately 60 percent of the territory so far.

“We are expecting that by Easter, for the latest, you will have power 100 percent restored,” McMaster said.

He was speaking at a public consultation on Virgin Gorda this week.

Ninety-five percent electricity has been restored on that island.

Phase V project saved the BVI

The permanent secretary said most residents in the territory would still be without power had it not been for the BVI Electricity Corporation’s (BVIEC) Phase V Development Project.

The $50 million project saw the installation of three Wartsila power generators that have a combined capacity of 25.5 megawatts.

McMaster said the Phase V generators were the only section of the Pockwood Pond power plant that was still functional after Hurricane Irma last September. Other sections of the plant are still not operational to date, he added.

“So, had we not gone forward with Phase V, today we probably would have been fighting to get power and possibly still using generators maybe at a 100 in the territory,” he said.

McMaster said government’s next step is to develop its underground electricity network.

The hurricanes that hit the BVI last September damaged or destroyed nearly 100 percent of the territory’s electricity distribution network.

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  1. wow says:

    strupes- I need power now its 5 months now. They do not care about Brewers Bay.

    • Worker Bee says:

      Too true!
      Is the Minister even on island?
      Has he driven around?
      Sure, after some uproar he threw down some paving around Prospect Reef, and of course when the Prince was here. Nothing more than a small plaster on a larger wound!
      Where does one go to find signs that the roads are being cleared of debris? Dead power cables, insulators, pulled-down phone lines, broken power poles, they litter the roadways along with brush and boulders, some of which have been present since August Monday! Perhaps the Minister resemble his VIP predecessor in only looking out for his district?

    • smh says:

      If you could do the job go ahead and do it since you think its so simple. At least commend the guys for doing a good job thus far they didn’t have to come from their country to help us. Pure ignorance!!

    • Brewers Bay Too says:

      Lord. Brewers Bay always gets the dregs. What happen, we don’t pay tax too?

  2. More Info says:

    What would be helpful to those of us still trying to wait patiently, would be if they’d publish a list of the order in which areas will be handled and if at all possible with some estimated dates! We already in the dark, have mercy on us and shed at least a little hope!

    • Please says:

      A list do not make a difference. When the first list came out Paraquita Bay was on it and we still do not have electricity.

  3. LC says:

    how about Belmont?

  4. Albion says:

    People forget quickly. The day after Irma there were almost no poles standing – anywhere. To get power back to the entire Territory by Easter is pretty good. To get power back to 60% of the islands by today is pretty good.

    My worry is that so many poles on my road wobble in the breeze. I don’t like their chances of surviving next hurricane season. Sooner they could bury those cables, the better.

    • Not says:

      60% in five months is not pretty good but we appreciate the efforts.

      • Tolian to the Bone says:

        I think we should applaud the electricity restoration crews for their hard work and I say this while still waiting for my electricity to be restored. I don”t know how to walk in their shoes. So I thank God for them.

  5. Ungrateful says:

    Are you serious? What an ungrateful comment!

  6. Stella says:

    LEAVE THEM TO HELL ALONE,they are more committed to the task and situation than all of us. We are too ungrateful and selfish!!

  7. WTF says:

    What are the prerequisites for getting power restored to residences if any? Are houses have to be fully restored, roofs repaired, windows and doors replaced etc. Are these things conditions for getting electricity? Any one who knows, or someone in authority please address these concerns.

  8. REALLY says:

    I support the idea of the main grid being burried.In addition, why can’t we get a clean up crew to clear all the broken poles and wires that are jutting out and scraping our cars especially cable TV and telephone wire, they seem not to care

  9. Unrealistic says:

    We suffered a catastrophe (almost) unparalleled in modern history. While we don’t have electricity at our home yet, I am impressed with the work that is being done by the BVIEC and the public road workers.

    But these wishful pronouncements made by our government (“Open for Business!” in October????) are irresponsible. There are remote feeders leading up or down mountainsides that won’t be connected until May or even July. Such magical thinking is not leadership; these are bedtime stories told to placate frightened children….aren’t you tired of being treated like a frightened child by our government?

  10. Bob says:

    Just get it done!!! It’s been far to long that people in the West End have been going without!!!

  11. Interested says:

    May God bless and help them as they work tirelessly to restore power.

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