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Employers encouraged to facilitate workers as gov’t stages nat’l thanksgiving service

A section of the main island of Tortola. (Photo by Davion Smith/BVI News)

Premier Andrew Fahie is encouraging employers to facilitate their workers as government hosts a national thanksgiving service this week.

The Premier made the request in a media release on Monday while noting the importance of prayer.

“As a Government, we believe that it is important for us as a territory to petition God collectively and to stay in the Grace of God to build up this BVI in a way that is pleasing to His sight,” the Premier said.

“We [therfore] encourage everyone living in the BVI to join us in a three-day Prayer and Fast commencing Monday, 27th May for the unification of all of us as brothers and sisters of the God of the Virgin Islands,” he added.

Premier Fahie also invited praise teams from Christian denominations to be a part of the praise and worship experience and requested that pastors welcome all willing persons into their place of worship to facilitate the initiative.

He said the BVI will be depending on these prayers to assist in moving forward in the right direction.

“Our Territory needs all the prayers going up. Prayers for a loving BVI. Prayers for a crime-free BVI. Prayers for protection for the BVI especially from forces greater than us but not greater than GOD. Prayers for a Peaceful BVI. Prayers for a prosperous BVI. Prayers for the BVI to rely on GOD to see us through the difficult times and lead us to better days” Premier Fahie further said.

Fahie who is also the Minister of Finance said that similar events will continue once he remains in power, stating: “Earlier this year, on March 6th, this territory had its first National Service of Thanksgiving, Prayer, and Praise. And, I did promise you that this will become the norm as long as God grants Your Government the favour to lead you–for we put God first.”

The service is scheduled for Thursday, May 30 at 4 pm at the Ellis Thomas Downs in Sea Cow’s Bay. The event also follows the shooting murder of a woman in Great Mountain of Sunday.

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  1. My take says:

    This is needed

  2. Truth says:

    Timely indeed

    • Invocamos says:

      Levantar un territorio no es nada fácil y mas si no cuenta con los habitantes, pero con Dios primero y los demás vendrá por añadidura, que bien pensar primero en Dios y extender sus plegarias hasta el infinitos, de mi partes estoy a la disposiciones siempre ministro. Los ocurridos durante los años pasado nos debe enseñar que solo él Dios que adoramos es el dueño del mundo.

  3. Ancestral Spirits says:

    We still peddelling the sky wizardey, a relic from distant times used to subjugate our ancestors minds and still a useful tool up to the 21st.

    Unfortunately, the masses are still very mush blind folded.

    Imagine, approximately 89.99% of Black people within the diaspor alone still believes that Jesus is “white”[a caucasian man] and prays to a “white Jesus and God” on a daily basis, when scientific research has suggested the contrary.

    It is a known fact that Jesus became white at the councel of Nicea..

    And we wonder why we hate each other so much. begin with that people.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      I shall be doing a dance around a bonfire with bongo drums playing as it is actually more effective.

    • Limejuice says:

      Jesus was a Jew, arrested by the Romans for Rabble rousing, condemned by the Roman-appointed Jewish leaders because he questioned they’re putting wealth before piety. It’s a pity that the Christian faith has forgotten that and is now so intent, generally, on increasing the wealth of their institutions and leaders, using promises of everlasting life only if their flock continues to give to the church of their choice.

  4. Ancient Codes says:

    “God is in the mind, the mind in the soul, the soul in the Matter, all things by Eternity”. –Thoth

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  5. Hmmm..... says:

    All this pushing for prayer and worship and yet this VIP government is allowing the speaker of the house to keep an elected member from taking his rightful seat in the House of Assembly. Hon Premier, please do the right thing and instruct willock to get down off his high horse and swear in Hon. Mark Vanterpool. The people of the 4th District spoke at the poles and need representation. Enough is enough with this nonsense that you our Premier is allowing to happen. The mere fact that you are not speaking out on the matter is proof that you are a part of the whole mess. Show us you are in charge and do the right thing. Let Hon. Vanterpool be sworn in. God doesn’t like ugly.

    • Limejuice says:

      The Premier can’t intervine because of the Law. If it is the verdict of the Appeal’s Court that Vanterpoolmust be sworn in, then Willock must step down of his own accord. If he doesen’t, THEN the Premier shoul ask the Governor to do so. Let’s ensure that we continue to be governed as set out in our Constution.

  6. Gloria Adams says:

    So, is letting Buju come here building up the BVI, a man who infects the minds of the youth with drugs and violence, yes sir you need to fast and pray for forgiveness? So hypocritical, claims to be a Christian but willing to damage our children for some tourist dollars!

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