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Reigning Calypso Monarch contemplates politics

Eustace ‘Boss’ Freeman. File photo

Reigning Calypso Monarch Eustace ‘Boss’ Freeman has said he is contemplating whether to run for political office in the British Virgin Islands.

Freeman said the idea of becoming a legislator weighs on his mind daily and he is now awaiting divine confirmation on whether to run.

“Recently, it has been the first thing I think about as I rise, and the last thing on my mind at night. I’ve prayed on it and [I am] now awaiting the big man’s (God) sign,” he said.

“Problem is, I don’t know if he already sent it.”

The Calypso Monarch who took swings at the political leaders on his way to the throne last August said he has a deep-rooted love for his country.

“The tremendous concern [I have] for the wellbeing of us all has me seriously considering [and] if I would be in a position to help the BVI move forward, then definitely I would consider doing it,” he told BVI News today.

Freeman said there are several factors to consider before deciding to step in the political arena, adding that nothing has been finalised.

“For now it’s just a thought,” he said.

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  1. BE VI says:

    Stop thinking and do it, we need people who care about everyone not some.

  2. Let’s go says:

    Don’t hold back. Jougo all ayo need come together and help V.I.P.get back in…….Now is the time!!!!

  3. Youths says:

    You know what i think he would make a good leader. He has always been involved in the community, i see him taking Archie Seat easily!

  4. Facts says:

    Which party is the biggest question here

  5. Bull Dawg says:

    A change is definitely needed.
    Too many crooks in the NDP now.
    The world is a cycle.

  6. lol says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Ya’ll got to be crazy!

  8. Youngin says:

    Hmmm! Nobody wants to run but as soon as somebody step up to try do something ayo coming with ayo negative crap. Boss if you want to run, go ahead. Don’t matter what Party you with so long as you do what is right and don’t get corrupt or caught up in the tricks. #GoodoverEvil

  9. Haha! says:

    Trump gah them feeling anybody can run lol

  10. I FROM HERE says:

    Look at all these negative comments because a young person thinking on running for politics!

    Then when you see an elderly person come out of retirement to take up a position, you all want to say “why he/she don’t stay retired and give the young people a chance”


    • Reply says:

      I don’t know Mr. Eustace ‘Boss’ Freeman personally, nor do I know anything about his politics. Nevertheless, if anyone out there regardless of who there are believe that they can contribute to this country positively politically, I encourage them to take a go at it.

      I agree there is too much negativity among some, and I believe this is discouraging good people with good ideas from stepping forward and throwing their hats in the ring.

      So, I say to Mr. Freeman, if he is reading, if you believe that you can bring something to the table that would benefit this country, why not?

      Haters gonna hate; they always have and always will. At least you have the courage to try as oppose to standing on the sidelines complaining.

  11. ... says:

    No. Just no

  12. Vanzetti Sacco says:

    Well if Trump could be President this too is possible

  13. Hey says:

    Just do it.

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