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Fear over faith: Cline says pastors quiet on crime

Bishop John Cline

President of the BVI Christian Council, Bishop John Cline said religious leaders are declining to speak out against crime because they are afraid of being victimized.

“A lot of them will straight up tell you: That’s not my fight – I will preach the gospel and that’s it,” Bishop Cline said.

“In the BVI, this spirit of fear has gripped the church and not so much the church but the leaders of the church,” added the clergyman during the Honestly Speaking radio programme this week.

But, Bishop Cline is urging local pastors to speak out despite fear of repercussions.

The bishop suffered repercussions of his own last year after speaking out on a number of national issues — he was pressured to resign as Chairman of the BVI Health Services Authority.

“You got to be willing to sacrifice so if they ship me off; they ship me off. But this cannot remain an issue that is a mute point with me. There can be no silence with this,” he said.

“We got to get involved as the church. I want to appeal to all churches, whether you are a member of the Christian Council or not, one voice can make a difference. Many voices can make a whole lot of difference,” Bishop Cline said while rallying support in the fight against gun crime.

Over the last several days, the territory has seen an upsurge in shootings.

These recent shootings have resulted in two murders and at least two non-fatal injuries.

Police continue to appeal to potential witnesses to come forward with information.

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  1. LIFE says:

    2 Timothy 1:7…

  2. TurtleDove says:

    Many of those BOYS in the streets living with someone in those churches…..maybe they should be speaking to the parents as well….My son know I have the right to search his room anytime I want and I do. And my wife have have no problem going through his car…..LOL….he looked at me one day and I said she used to check mine too….just kidding she never did but that was my response to him.

  3. .... says:

    John is the only man of the “cloth” speaking out. Much respect to you. The rest of them rather just play church inside the comfort of their respective buildings.

  4. SAD says:

    That is the problem right there. Most of those Bishops, Pastors, Leaders, Politicians, Followers are all the same. Churches have become businesses. Big congregations, Big tithing. Preaching things to tickle every one’s ears. The Bible speak to it. That is why the whole world is going down the same path. The hurtful part about it, our Youth know this and they act accordingly. They all have their reasons for not taking a stand. They might lose some people, thus lose some money. They are all in the same boat. They cannot make a change in this BVI. Infact most of them are the reason why the BVI and the world for that reason is in CHAOS. Yes, I am brave enough to say so. Come, challenge me.

  5. Golith says:

    Maybe these boys with there pistols should ditch the drugs and switch to the church, much more money to be made and longer life expectancy. Look at Clines house and life style, get smart kids and wake up!

  6. yes yes says:

    and Politics of faith/religion

  7. Canary in shrubs says:

    The bird in the bushes said that some of the men of the cloth is to busy sleeping with church members and the people…

  8. They aren’t brave enough says:

    As they all said – there are too many ‘ respectable business men and women’ who go to church on Sunday and spend the rest of their week doing illegal things.
    This whole island is scared of the big people with the money and the power. Don’t tell and don’t shake the boat are mind tricks by the powerful to keep people in line. Gossip is the trade so people will know the killers and the drug dealers but whilst they keep throwing their money around or pulling favours this country will go to the dogs to protect their interests.

    The elected politicians and the pastors are equally as much as the problem as they give dodgy contracts or handouts to people. The kids are kept stupid or paid off as bling and feeling important is a thing. It will get worse until all the BVI lose before they stand for good.

  9. watcher says:

    For myself I trust none of these “ preachers”

  10. Me says:

    How do u know Bishop Cline what is preached in the churches. Maybe the other pastors do not want to be in the news. They know when they preach to their congregation and speak privately to young people they hear or forbear and it is recorded in heaven.
    So do not speak what u do not know
    My Pastor been doing that and long before now

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