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Gov’t discontinues home inspections for persons renewing permits

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith

Government has discontinued inspections on households occupied by persons renewing work permits.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith made the announcement at a media conference this morning, February 8.

“When we had discussions, it was decided that it was not necessary because what we want to do is streamline the [Labour and Immigration] process so people can come to work,” Dr Smith said.

The government-sanctioned Immigration Department was conducting home inspections and was not renewing work permits if the applicants were living in ‘unfavourable conditions’.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Geraldine Ritter-Freeman said the government department was conducting inspections because they didn’t want persons living in unfavourable conditions to become a ‘burden to the state’.

However, government came under heavy criticism from residents who described the practice as invasive.

Asked whether backlash from residents had anything to do with government discontinuing home inspections, the Premier said: “It’s has been discontinued. Let’s leave it at that.”

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  1. Albion says:

    Good sense finally prevails. Now if they could just relax the restrictions on incoming tradesman so we could get more skilled builders on island…

    • Yep says:

      Lots more skilled construction workers are urgently needed in here or else lots would be without homes for a long time looking to government for rescue. Take heed

  2. cut and paste says:

    thank you.

  3. Jack Be Trutuful says:

    Expect mo errors from the ndp gang. Hope they not fatal. Bout peoples party hahaha what a set of jokestars.

    • Well.. says:

      At least he is man enough to change this nonsense! Do you really think it’s the Premier that gave the initial directive to check people’s houses?

  4. Marley says:

    Dr. Smith, you are ——–! We are all brothers and sisters in the lord and you and the workers at Immigration Department behave this way. At present I am on my knees for what you all are doing …

    • Ok says:

      So what about the senior government officials doing the actual nonsense? No blame for them? You really think the Dr. Smith would have asked them to do this nonsense?

  5. WOW says:

    The bigger question here is what is the housing accommodation plan, for those in the shelters, in overcrowded homes, squatting etc? There is an obvious housing problem on the ground that is brewing how is this administration going to address it or should we await the social ills to manifest as a result and then react some more?

    • Hmmmmmm!! says:

      well if they know that there are people still homeless, and of course there is overcrowding and God knows there always been, and now more squatting, wait till all hell broke loose they will find somebody to blame…I’ll sit back and wait for it!!

  6. BOSANG says:

    Did he call the hill man for advice on that move?

  7. Sam the man says:

    Wow now that’s the Quickest about turn I’ve witnessed in a long time !!! due no doubt to the public ridicule they faced, I think the immigration department are that out of touch and….The No Direction Party are sure living up to their name… step up Sir its getting too embarrassing

  8. LOL says:


  9. LOL says:

    The NDP thought that they could get away with this but the people’s voices made them back up. What a government!

  10. Mr. Hodge says:

    Question though….if the people who LIVE in the BVI are displaced and have difficulties finding housing where are the influx of laborers going to live? Possibly at a campground like the volunteers who are at Nanny Cay?

  11. ohoh says:

    The premier is a humble man. No matter what some said about him. The problem is the vampires close to him that causing chaos . Ms _____ take it easy. Slow down. You are too fast.

  12. The real Boo says:

    Another half-baked idea back to the drawing board

  13. voom says:

    i bet that ideaa of inspection was that of the acting CIO.

  14. watcher says:

    The Labour and Immigration departments are prime examples of what happens when you give serious powers to people not equipped to handle them.

  15. To Leave or not says:

    Well of course they had to also they should be charged for invading people’s privacy

  16. Thank You Jesus! says:


  17. WHAT.. says:

    Immigration and Labor are hugely responsible for the set back recovery due to their archaic rules and regulations. It is not rocket science. Simplify the process to make it faster and efficient. Or hire some unemployed BVI landers and continue on with the nonsense.

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