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Gov’t launches ‘BVI Open for Business’ app

Government launches ‘BVI Open for Business’ app. (BVI News Photo)

At a time when visitors have been invited back to the British Virgin Islands, Government has launched a ‘BVI Open for Business’ app.

The app is an interactive map of the territory detailing the public and private-sector businesses that are now operating.

The map is also used to give a virtual representation of business locations in the BVI, and report the status, operating hours, and contact numbers of these businesses.

“This map is indeed a benefit to the public, businesses, and the world. People now have a central point to easily locate and access the relevant information about Government offices and local businesses that are now operational,” said Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

The app, which has a relatively easy-to-use interface, was developed by the Town and Country Planning Department.

Chief Planner, Gregory Adams said business owners will be able to update the app with information about their establishment.

Satellite view of Tortola on the BVI Open for Business app.

He said businesses that reopened since the hurricanes are not yet included on the map, and are encouraged to access and populate the application with business information such as location.

“Many businesses and Government offices have had to relocate and it has been very difficult for the public to keep up with the changes,” Adams explained.

The chief planner added: “The application serves as a convenient information source for users, businesses are able to advertise their services, which helps the economy by making information available for both residents and visitors so that they can patronise these businesses.”

The map is compatible with all electronic devices with location and GPS functions.

Below are other features in the BVI Open for Business app:

Browsing feature

Navigation feature

‘Add Business’ feature

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  1. NICE says:

    And this is the direction that we should all be heading in. Well done.

  2. Technology says:

    Greg on cutting edge technology. Cuddos!

  3. Panta06 says:

    Wow. That is cool. Well done

  4. Big Phil says:

    Unfortunately, a search of the Apple App Store does not show this App. First step in launching an App is to make it available.
    Speaking of open for business, when is power coming to Cane Garden Bay and Carrot Bay? Can’t BVI News get some real answers?

    • Not an App says:

      It’s not an App in the true sense of the term. It’s a web site. You can access it by following the link at the end of the article above.

    • @Big Phil says:

      Its not a Phone App that you download from Google Play or Apple Store but rather a Web App (application) accessible across all platforms (Windows, MacOS, linux etc) — even the no brand phones that dealers r selling

  5. BVI Visitor says:

    I agree, not available in the App store. Can you give an update on JVD, has power been restored yet?

  6. Vi To the bone says:

    waste of money ! ask how much they pay for it !!!!

    • Greg Adams says:

      This web app was created by The staff in the TCP department. The team was by Troy Dawson using the mapping technology owned by Department.

      • Watcher says:

        Congratulations Mr Adams, well done.

        Please now show your govt colleagues how the internet can be used to improve things like tax collection, the payment of utility bills, the payment of permits like cruise permits and so on. Well done again for leading the way.

    • I agree says:

      The usual mediocre, half thought through stuff that Dr Smith administration has a legacy with – the sooner the elections come the better

  7. Vi To the bone says:

    The same person festival paid $7,000 for app that they never got!! and who did funny man app! hmmm

  8. Sam the man says:

    Anything that assists with kick starting the economy is good – but this doesn’t seem all it’s billed up to be… What is the functionality and charges ? I don’t think Mitch has anything to be too concerned about here – however we should all be on the same side for the good of the BVI- respect to Adam for trying but it’s really not that great to be doesn’t have most of the companies in the BVI on it …starter for 10 maybe a 3 – as most things are if the government is involved it will be expensive and not fit for purpose…

  9. ibornhere says:

    the bvi is a first world destination with a third world government and infrastructure

  10. Kris says:

    I think this is really helpful and glad this is here. We travel to USVI & BVI annually and were so sad that these horrific hurricanes hit the islands. Not only for the people (their families and lives in how it affects them daily) but I’ve been through a few myself here in the states. I have prayed for you all and hope that your lives will resume to some normalcy soon. But this app is tremendously helpful for when we come down there this year. We will know where we can go, what area’s are open…I hope more businesses will post on here to advise that their businesses are back up and running for the local’s and tourists. Two thumbs up! 🙂

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