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Gov’t should be commended for post-hurricane progress — Fraser

Opposition member Julian Fraser, who can be described as one of government’s biggest critics, has said government should be applauded for their leadership after last year’s unprecedented hurricanes.

“The task that the Premier and his Cabinet has is an unenviable one and they need to be commended for the work they have done so far,” Fraser said.

“However, at the same time, we still have to ensure that we keep check on whatever is going to be done going forward,” he added.

He made the statement at a community meeting in his Third District constituency yesterday, January 30.

The former Leader of Opposition, however, said he does not support the government’s proposed Recovery and Development plan for the British Virgin Islands.

One of Fraser’s major concerns about the plan is the United Kingdom-sanctioned body that is referred to as the ‘Recovery and Development Agency’.

According to local government, the Agency is responsible for the delivery of action plans in a timely, transparent, accountable and efficient manner, and is proposed to have a five-year lifespan.

UK trying to regain control

However, Fraser believes the Agency is a ploy by the UK to retake control of the BVI. In a previous address, Fraser suggested that the UK’s actions can push the territory into modern-day slavery.

“It (the Agency) actually takes the place of what the government is doing. Government will be abdicating their responsibility to a board. How do you commit people to something over which you have no control over?” Fraser questioned yesterday.

“I cannot in good conscience tell the people of the Virgin Islands [and] my district that I will support something like that.”

He said the Agency is the UK’s way of saying it does not trust the BVI to properly manage the £300 million it has offered in loan guarantees.

Effectively, a loan guarantee is a promise by one party (the UK government) to pay the debt of a borrower (BVI government) if that borrower cannot repay.

Fraser also raised an issue with some of the shortcomings in the plan such as a lack of proper funding for local sports.

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  1. Sam the man says:

    What? is this guy for real – talk about blowing in the wind ….Andrew Fahie at least stands up for his principles and doesn’t suck up to those in power

    • Survey says:

      Listen I am not his fan but I commend the minster for calling a spade a spade. Call it as you see it sir. When they are doing crap call them out, when they do a good job applaud their efforts. That is good leadership.

  2. Guest says:

    Well its P-O-L-I-T-R-I-C-S time again my people how you gonna vote now… vote now…vote now smdh…………….

  3. What? says:

    I didn’t know that Frazer was still around.

  4. 3rd district says:

    I more thank the people of the BVI for what has been done to recover since Hurricane Irma. He needs to tell the truth. The government abandon we the people after Irma. Only lately they start to do a little thing to try to make us feel otherwise.

  5. SMDH says:

    The sooner the 3rd District gets a new leader that truly cared about people the better for us ALL!

  6. Ahhh says:

    He’s just sucking up.

  7. My take says:

    If he didn’t give us this multimillion dollar bad deal of buy water then we might not have to go for loans to recover from IRMA.

    • Seer says:

      As much as I am here laughing at this nonsense from H. Fraser, your comment is just as stupid. Irma and Maria didn’t just affect our water system but, electricity, sewage, roads, government and private operations. This nonsense of just commenting because you can need to stop. Truth be told if it wasn’t for the current governor our current situation would be worse.

  8. Interested says:

    Yes Hon Fraser,They should be commended.

  9. Oliver Twist Snr. says:

    Please retire this man Fraser. Omar would have been better off to keep around than him.

  10. Resident says:

    He’s supposed to be supporting his colleague in the Opposition not telling about what this government doing like they did something! Name one thing they have done so far. Walwyn did a little thing but he got a lot of help.

    • Smh says:

      Try to minimize what Minister Walwyn did as usual. That seems the style now so that some don’t feel too bad. Walwyn has been consistent since he got elected and he has worked even more after Irma. No matter how they try to make it look like the schools shouldn’t have been opened, anybody with sense knows that they had be opened.

  11. Albion says:

    People are naturally skeptical about any expression of support by him for the Government. The man who gave us the traffic lights on the roundabout and the BiWater contract is subject to well-deserved suspicion.

    But the truth is that we have come a long way since Irma struck. Although how much of that is because of the Government, I am not too sure. BVIEC is doing a great job. So is FSC.
    But Ports? BVI Post? Labour and Immigration? Police? They all seem be struggling. And don’t get me started on the state of our schools.

  12. My cents says:

    He coming ndp

  13. Ndpto lie says:

    Fraser jumping on a sinking ship it tells when they at the end of a political career

  14. ;) says:

    My God – who is this guy?

  15. Eagle eye says:

    Why he dont say which party he’s on.

  16. He talking BS says:

    This is his set up to join the NDP…he buttering them up…

  17. Talk says:

    Just beware of secret meetings between the overseers and one or two other people. Lots of millions in play for sure is my guess

  18. Diplomat says:

    If you cannot beat them join them. Leading the VIP into the last election, NDP handed him an 11-2 beat down.

    Is Fraser greasing the skids to be the NDP candidate in D-3 or will he run as an independent and hope to leverage his position, if he wins, to help form a new government? Will he play hardball to becoming Premier? What about OJ? Anyone saw or heard from OJ lately? OJ is behaving like most BVI politicains; they run for election, lost and go in hiding.

    Watch this blog.

  19. rastarite says:

    Haven’t seen the politician in the district at all. Not up on Sage Mountain anyway. Leadership needs to be seen!

  20. say what says:

    the government still have not paid people in the clean up hurricane process

  21. Len says:

    Government should be commended for post hurricane Irma progress; what about himself, and Honourable Fahie? What about the hard working BVIslanders who after the monster storm was seen on the streets cleaning roads, etc? At that point government ministers were MISSING IN ACTION!

    This monster storm made me realize that as Virgin Islanders we are indeed strong minded and resilient.


  22. Lb says:

    I have a new sense of respect for Fraser now! I guess humility has finally sunk in.

  23. disappointed says:

    slavery? how is a guarantor wanting simple standards checks and balances and accountability akin to slavery.

    It should be very obvious that a proper accounting of the money spent is in the interest of the BVI’s citizens no matter which political mob they are aligned with.

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