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Gov’t should help fund Summer Sizzle — event organiser

Models on the runway during last year’s staging of Summer Sizzle BVI

While noting the benefits of hosting an internationally-recognized event in the territory, Executive Producer of Summer Sizzle BVI, Terry Donovan believes the time is ripe for government to help fund the fashion show.

Summer Sizzle BVI will mark its tenth anniversary this year and is slated for July 25 to 30.

The four-day fashion and lifestyle event usually lures celebrities, internationally-known fashion designers, and models to the destination.

Speaking to BVI News yesterday, Donovan said it has been difficult over the years to host the event on a ‘shoe-string budget’.

“It has been a financial struggle in building this event and by now – being that this event is [celebrating] its tenth year – it should be a part of the BVI government’s budget being that it is a tourism product,” Donovan reasoned.

The executive director said the government offered funding for previous stagings of the fashion event but not consistently. He also made it clear that his request does not mean the government has to fully fund the event this year.

“I cannot say to the government how much money to give but they should look at the event and decide,” he noted.

Donovan said putting on the event costs roughly $200,000.

While noting that local turnout has been poor in previous years, Donovan also called for support from the local community.

Terry Donovan (left) and internationally-acclaimed photographer, Nigel Barker during a previous staging of Summer Sizzle.

Territory has benefitted

In the meantime, Donovan said the territory has reaped benefits since the event started 10 years ago.

He said there has been a considerable increase in photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and fashion designers in the BVI because of Summer Sizzle.

He further reasoned that when guests come to the territory for the four days, they pay taxes, hire taxis, eat at local restaurants, and shop.

“Those are moments that make me feel great about doing the event,” the fashion enthusiast said.

Event was almost shelved

Given the hurricanes, Donovan said he was in limbo in deciding whether to host the event this year.

But, after giving some deep thought, he concluded that the benefits would be enormous for the territory as it recovers.

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  1. Wrong says:

    Terry comes here annually with this event, getting lots of sponsorship and i personally don’t hear from him until it’s time to advertise the other one. How about he donate some funds to the FSN or one of the NGOs in the BVI who are helping after Irma almost kill us? If you can’t afford the show either scale it down or leave it alone.

    • Wendy says:

      Friends and Family of the BVI was promptly organized post Hurricane Irma in NYC and I am a member.I have personally witnessed by Mr Donovan the organization and execution of fund raisers and tons of donated goods packaged and shipped to the BVI. Mr Donovan has been very active visible and verbal in these activities.He is one of the greater presence in the organization by my observation.

      • Wendy says:

        My response is not an endorsement of Mr Donovan”s request from the Gov. It is simply an effort at correcting the notion aserted by ” wrong” regarding Mr Donavan’ s contributions to charitble efforts in the BVI.

    • hers says:

      fund show?? an the place needs to rebuilt??

      come on

  2. Who??????????? says:

    My tax dollars? Terry I love having the show here but if Government not going help me with my roof they can’t use my tax dollars to support the show

  3. Be realistic says:

    My question is still where is the government going to get all these money from to help fund these things. Should they take the money to help some of these helpless people get their houses in order for the next rainy season or should they cut staff and wages to help fund private schools and private events.come on people let’s be realistic with our thoughts and spoken words. The government just cannot do all these things.

  4. L says:

    He got to be joking.

  5. Gumption.Official says:

    Bs and fully agreed person’s above. Scale down or come when you have the budget. Won’t be wise and very disappointed if government fund this event when most of their civil servants still getting wet. Will also be good if some of the money made goes to a local NGO. Partying with a positive purpose was the best way to party.

  6. WOW says:

    Big man………

    You out your mind?

  7. Longshanks says:

    Bonkers. If you have been doing it for 10 years and it is still not worth it to you to do it, don’t do it or change the format. Don’t ask for support at a time when everyone needs help and the government has no money.

    Who is the real beneficiary?

  8. Concern says:

    Here we go again, another BVI event seeking a hand out when it gets too big for their budget. Since this is a private venture, tell me again, why the government should help fund it?. Please go and sit down, if you cant afford it, don’t have it.

  9. Nonsense says:

    Gotta be kidding me. At a time when the entire Territory is facing what is the biggest disaster to fall on our land, schools to rebuild, people without proper roofs over their heads, businesses blown away, people just dropping down dead from the stress of this whole thing and you want money from the Government for a fashion show. Come on man! This is something we can live without right now. So much of my clothes, designer and simple were either blown away, fill with glass from broken windows and doors or just turn to mold like mushroom. Goes so show that they were just THINGS. This guy should bring these models in and let them dirty their hands helping out. Show us where your heart really is

  10. HUSTLE HARD says:


  11. Recovering Tolian says:

    How about if those same performers would make it a charity event for your and my country? That would give them big time PR, I assure you that. We have 3 + 4 Families staying under one roof now. Where would they fork up the money to buy tickets from?

  12. Anonymous says:

    “…local turnout has been poor in previous years”

    Say no More. Take care bye bye

  13. A supporter says:

    It so sad that some of our people are so negative. Why are we so ungrateful? Summer Sizzle is a phenomenal event and I look forward to it every year.This is why nothing prospers in this country. We can support outsiders but we can’t support our own. SMH!!! Terry Donovan you do a great job and I know you do the best you can. BRAVO! Don’t bother with these crooks in this place.

    • Priorities says:

      Boss it got something name priorities. It had a down pour of rain a few minutes ago. People still got tarps on their roofs. It a timing and now is not the time. Set a parades in swimwear can’t get us out of this. The donations the country received is not for fashion show. What happens to the finds this guy makes every year with these showcases anyway. Sounds like it’s more than enough to relax for until another show. Sorry for busting your bubble but the kittie just bout empty

    • *Hmm says:

      Ungrateful?!? U not serious right? So what you’re saying is that for someone whose roof was ripped apart completely, every possession owned suck out the home like a vacuum, jobless & basically trying to survive day to day, they should be OK with gov shelling out the lil pittance available in a fashion show as opposed to providing proper & adequate living quarters, jobs etc. Why you don’t fund it since you’re such the supporter

  14. BVI For Life says:

    Same way government better not take our hard earned tax dollars and bring in the Trini and Jamaican Artists for Easter and August Festivals either. Every year all that money goes out of the country.We need to keep EVERY penny here to build back our country. Every year they say these festivals dont make money and the locals are left holding the bag. Lets go local. Terry and the festival committees need to stay close to home and SCALE back. Lobster Festival had NO outside artists and thousands came for lobster and fun.Too many ROOFS still off and no electricity til summer. Government i hope you are listening and reading the blogs

  15. SMH says:

    Event Organizer cannot be serious! People are still homeless, jobless, roofless, and for he suggest the monies collected for the show be donated in the recovery effort, he here chatting nonsense. Chupes! People auh tek yo!

  16. Billionaire says:

    Let someone else raise funds na

  17. Anonymous says:

    LOL He can’t be serious….

  18. Enthusiast says:

    I love fashion and enjoy the Summer Sizzle event each year. I see lots of locals come and not only enjoy themselves but learn new skills. Over the last 10 years, the interest in fashion as an industry has grown. This can be directly attributed to Summer Szzle as most of them got thier start from the event. I agree that the event needs some structuring and probably scaling back to accomodate the current situation in the BVI. However, it is still very much local! It attracts some positive attention to the BVI, which is based primarily on tourism as its main economic product. While rooves and house are in a bad state, the BVI needs people from away to come in to see what’s going on so that they can help. Even if their hands don’t get dirty in the process, the fact that they pay for hotels, food, transportation, etc helps to support families. Sometimes, we need to show a little more appreciation for our own. If the support it there, maybe the organizer would not have to go outside of the territory to get a lot of what’s needed, in terms of personnel with skills. Slowly, I have seen that less and less models particularly, are being recruited from elsewhere and most of them are local. I have also seen more local designers on the runway. That certainly is a good thing that should be commended.

    Terry is not asking the government to fund the entire production. He is just asking for some support! BVI Summer Sizzle, though organized by Terry and a team of dedicated people who are not BVI islanders and who do it out of love and at their own expense, is very much the BVIs and should be supported in a more positive way.

    No one is perfect and mistakes are made. Support your local entrepreneur who could have taken this to anywhere else and probably could have done better!!

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