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Gov’t taking back its generators soon

Karia Christopher

Government will be taking back its generators from local businesses within a few short months when power is fully restored in the British Virgin Islands.

The Bank of Asia (BVI) Limited had donated a number of generators to the state-owned Department of Trade to aid businesses that were left without electricity after the hurricanes.

“To date, we have had 53 recipients for these generators. Mainly those persons are in the Second District and some parts of the eastern part of the island (Tortola) where we know that power would not have been given based on information from the electricity department,” said Director of Trade, Karia Christopher.

Christopher, who was speaking recently at a public consultation on government’s proposed recovery plan, said she expects to retrieve the generators in roughly the next six months.

“We are saying that we the Department of Trade has a right to retrieve those generators,” she said.

Power has been restored to roughly 70 percent of the territory.

The generator donation programme

Interested business owners had to apply for a generator. Recipients were chosen based on location, the timeline of electricity restoration in their area, and the soundness of their building’s structure and electrical wiring.

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  1. GoT says:

    And when they take em back they going get neglected and Rot away Ayo know the usual

  2. Watcher says:

    That is if they will be any good!

  3. WOW says:

    I wonder if this will ever happen.

  4. ? says:

    Were the generators a donation or a loan to the businesses?

  5. Foolish says:

    The Government needs to sell the generators whether to the businesses that currently have them or to interested parties. They will either end up missing (Stolen) or left to rot in a corner somewhere. Government doesn’t need to be managing anything else right now. Otherwise, let the bank or whoever take possession and do something needful with them.

  6. WHAT.. says:

    How petty! Taking back used generators that were donated in the first instance. What is Trade going to do with them? Leave them with the businesses that will need them again.

  7. NDP says:

    NDP needs to hire QUALIFIED people who can read rules and regulation to run the trade department. Too many are being given licences to run businesses/firms contrary to Trade and Investment legislation. Try and look at that instead of bothering people for a generator that is just going to sit in a storeroom and rot after you all take them back.

  8. I want to know says:

    To be honest I have lost my interest in this government why is this government making all the decision without hearing from what the people have to say. I feel the bvi citizen and others are left out when it comes to decision making. Most of this decision should be discuss with the people and get their feedback before arriving at a conclusion that will affect so many lives. Is this government for the people or for their self interest! The people have the right to know what will be done to those generators this government should stop given the people half story.

  9. LOL says:

    Taking back? The government going get a Cat Boil….

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