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Recovery plan too vague, give more details

A section of Tortola

Queen’s Counsel and former Acting High Court Judge, Gerard Farara has said the government’s proposed five-year Recovery and Development Plan for the BVI is much too vague and short-term.

While speaking yesterday at a district meeting about the plan, Farara recommended that government change its proposal to a 10 or 15-year plan.

He added that the plan needs details on how each local sector will be restored and developed.

“If I was to summarize it, having read this document a couple of times, it is long on generalities and short on specifics,” Farara said.

“At this juncture of this country’s development – particularly in light of what has happened in the aftermath of hurricanes – we cannot be dealing in generalities. The public must know the specifics as to what the country should look like … in every aspect,” he added.

Government has said the recovery plan has an indicative cost of $721 million but Farara has questioned how realistic that figure is.

 Starting point needs to be established

The former judge said government should research and report the full extent of damages to the territory.

He said such research would assist the government in coming up with a more precise figure in relation to the cost of recovery.

“The starting point in the early part of this report has to have some details about the impact [and] the level of devastation – what has been destroyed, what needs to be rebuild, etcetera.”

“This is the sort of details that must come forward… We must know what is our starting point from here on and then we look at where we want to go from a vision point of view.”

Gov’t responds

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said there are reports available about how the hurricanes impacted the territory.

He said information from those reports were not included in the proposed recovery plan because government did not want to overwhelm readers.

While also giving a response, Chairman of the Disaster Recovery Coordination Committee, Brodrick Penn reiterated that the current draft is a skeletal version of the recovery plan.

He said government intends for residents to shape the details that go into the final plan.

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  1. Socrates says:

    Agree with Jerry. It has been 4 months since Hurricane Irmaria strike and by now government should have better estimates of the damages. It is obvious that Irmaria caught government flat footed and back on its heels.; it was in a maze after the Hurricane Irmaria. Investigation teams should have already been comprised to hit the pavement after the storms passed. Did this happen. No.

    What is the basis for the $3.6B damages? There must be confidence and credibility in numbers. A technically qualified team should have been put together to assess damages.

    Similarly, a technically quailified team should be leading the recovery plan? No diss on Penn. Why the hell is TBLIA extension on the recovery plan? People are homeless, unemployed……..etc and you elitists are worried about satisfying your rich friends, your stinking damn legacy……..etc. Excuse me I need to puke!

    The BVI recovery needs both a short-term and long-term recovery plans. The 5-year, $721M ting is a supposed short-term recovery plan. 10-20 year is typically longer- and long-term plan. We are behaving like some poor 3rd World country. Oh yeah, we are resource poor and poor boasting.

  2. Sam the man says:

    Let’s face it a 10 year old could have come up with a better plan – kids often see what’s critical – better buildings, reliable energy, clean water, unpolluted beaches, remove rubbish/debris, better roads – making the BVI a quality destination to visit not some armpit of an embarrassment – so much potential … So little vision and action….real sad

  3. Not2Sure says:

    What bothers me most is the lack of vision. This is the time when people should be engaging in really big picture thinking – major infrastructure change, reorienting roads for traffic flow, streamlining key transportation hubs.

    But we get none of that. Instead we just get a Government that wants to slap a little bit blacktop onto potholes and tell everyone they fixed it.

    Yes, it would be nice to get back to how things were before. But what would be better, given we have to rebuild anyhow, is to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild everything better than it was before.

  4. t says:

    then is it true bvi is s..h country?

  5. Scary Mary says:

    “He said information from those reports were not included in the proposed recovery plan because government did not want to overwhelm readers.”

    And there it is in a nutshell! Our “leaders” continue to view us as children, incapable of handling the truth or dealing with facts, without losing it!

    They seem to think we can’t understand or process even the most basic truths about our current situation.

    STRUPES – Lord I am sick of the arrogance!

  6. Jerry says:

    Its the Ministry of Health and they don’t know squat!!!

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