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Gov’t workers need to volunteer more labour — Deputy Governor

Deputy Governor Rosalie Adams. (BVI News photo)

Borrowing the famous words of former United States President, John F Kennedy, who said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country’, Deputy Governor Rosalie Adams has called on public officers to offer some free labour to the British Virgin Islands.

Adams said this year all hands will be needed on deck to tackle the critical workload that sprouted since the hurricanes.

The Deputy Governor was delivering remarks yesterday at a consultation with government workers on the proposed recovery plan for the British Virgin Islands.

“One of the things that I will be calling on you public officers for this year is to do more voluntary work,” she said.

“You will ask me, ‘haven’t we done enough?’ But, every time you do a little, you look around and see what else can we do. We are going to do quite a bit of work in the public service and I want you to be a part of it and to make sure that we reshape the public service even better than it was before.”

Adams noted that everyone must adopt Kennedy’s philosophy to “do as much as we can for our country so that all of us can enjoy it again, together.”

According to Adams, the territory got a ‘rude awakening’ because of Hurricane Irma.

She said: “All of us will have to make a contribution if things are going to work well.”

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  1. vi says:

    Practice what you preach. You start, others will follow

    • Martin says:

      How disrespectful. This is out Deputy Governor. Have some respect.

      • Velour Track Pants says:

        Disrespectful..? How? Is the deputy a saint or some other holier than they rest of us? Lead by example and show others you are not too old or above anyone else to get your hands dirty and sweat a little bit. For all the wanton abuse of the public funds – no incentives for hard-work employees- I foresee a lot of the valuable staff vacating the civil set ice for greener pastures. These dinosaurs have already made their fortunes and now expect others to jump up after the cookie jar is empty – well sah! Advantage never ends in this place sah – and nope not a government worker (thank God). I

      • Really says:

        She’s human just like me and you. What’s your point?? Try go siddung.????

        • Velour Track Pants says:

          @really – I was ‘siddung’ -but/ as a pleb you would not comprehend the jist of my statement above. If she’s ‘human just like me and you’ as you opined; then you’d realize post IrMaria persons have lost almost all of their possessions and some lost family (relocated, passe away). The stress is real for the majority. Tell Mrs. Holier Than Thou to firstly: Show Me The Money – or put up or shut up! Run go tell her dat!

    • Preach says:

      I love this!!!!! You couldn’t of said it better.

  2. just saying..... says:

    Not them lazy a#@ gov’t workers. they just want to stay at home and get paid but as soon they hear about letting go gov’t workers they making noise. Make them redundant and increase the salaries of those that are willing to work. We have an issue at hand since the passage of the two massive hurricanes, this is when the country needs us most to rebuild our beautiful virgin islands yet some of us want to sit back and expect all will be well. All cannot be well if we don’t go the extra mile the Deputy Governor is asking of us. CAN WE DO THIS? SURE BET WE CAN.

  3. I FROM HERE says:

    Not them lazy good for nothing civil servants!

    5% of them work hard! Rest of them on cellphones and social media all day!

  4. Laura says:

    Gone are the days when government jobs were competitive and well respected. This era only knows how to be vilified, furloughed, or ignored. JFK also wrote “government service must be attractive enough to lure our most talented people. It must be challenging enough to call forth our greatest efforts.” Unfortunately, that passion for government service no longer remains as strong. His generation knew that government service meant the opportunity to make meaningful change and earn public respect while receiving fair compensation, unfortunately ours DO NOT. We need to reverse this trend but it will require a major reinvention of what government service really means. But we can’t just count on our elected officials to make these changes. So before even considering JFK’s words we should ask well, what is “your country”? Believe it or not, “your country” doesn’t start with whose in office, it actually starts with you. The BVI was never meant to be defined by the actions of its government, but instead by the values of its people, thus, a country “for the people, by the people.”

    Can we create a workplace worthy of JFK’s challenge? I think that Richard Nixon’s rewording should be more of what we aim for: “Let each of us ask not what government will do for me, but what can I do for myself.”

    Kennedy’s words are more than just a call for national pride, they’re a call to help make our nation a better place, one neighborhood at a time. Whether you’re motivated by national pride, spirituality, or simply the goodness of your heart, I strongly encourage everybody to find their philanthropy. Quit relying on the promises of politicians. Take matters into your own hands. Be the difference you wish to see. Stop asking what your country can do for you, and start asking what you can do for your country.

  5. helma says:

    Yes agreed that we need to go the extra mile, but its only the same 5% OF STAFF THAT ARE WORKING,YOU CANT KILL A DEAD HORSE DEAD AGAIN. Check some of them sitting on their WhatsApp’s, Internet it just cant work. You already say no job description, no increment you cant kill out the few. Some who are not permanent sitting on their laurels doing nothing waiting on the 15 and 30 or 31 and that’s it sorry you not going to work.

  6. E. Leonard says:

    Happy and highly motivated public sector employees are apt to volunteer their off duty time to help rebuild their BVI communities. Employees need to see a purpose in their work, feel appreciated, treated fairly, recognized for outstanding performance, input valued……..etc. Motivating with words is a good start but not enough to get employees to catch the volunteer spirit. Employees respond to strong and positive action.

    Strong and effective leadership, high confidence, trust , teamwork, personal example……..etc are critical to lead and motivate employees to volunteer their time for community rebirth/rebuilding. Leaders both elected and appointed must take the lead in putting together and leading teams in the community rebuilding volunteer effort.

    Moreover, agree with Deputy Governor that all hands on deck is needed to fuel the recovery effort from the ravaging damages of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. All hands must be pulling the wagon.

  7. yolo says:

    I have no radio at home….so i don’t know who need help or what to do, i think you should get in-touch with the cell phone provider and leave them send out a message where to be at what time……i am willing to help but if i don’t know i can’t

  8. Devon says:

    “Public officers” are too busy with there “busineses on the side” and earning extra monies to be able to help out with any of this !

  9. Sam the man says:

    Well said we all must step up – I’m sure many won’t want to hear this but they to but more importantly contribute more

  10. SIR whatever says:

    Volunteer ?
    And bills to pay

  11. Definition of volunteer says:

    You don’t command people to volunteer and you don’t hold it against them if they do not. It has to come from ones own heart and it has to be a cause they are truly interested in doing, otherwise it will be very visible where ever they are volunteering.

    However, if you must Deputy Gov here are some suggestions:

    1. Make it peer to peer initiative. Let the employees at the rank and file level develop and promote a volunteer program. Folks in the trenches don’t like higher ups telling them what to do on their own time, but peer to peer and colleague to colleague works best trust me. As a leader I have done it at a major us organization and it works because people feel empowered and it’s an opportunity for further development and leadership experience. Keep the managers and supervisors out of how program is designed and ran, but they too should volunteer.

    2. Incentivize it by rewarding people with a day or two off for every set number of hours of volunteer work.

    3. Recognize the volunteers, but keep favoritism and politics out of it.

  12. A worker says:

    If y’all treat us like s*^% , what you think y’all going get back ?

  13. Yes says:

    Def of volunteer in agreement

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