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Grounds broken: Haycraft funding ‘every brick’ for primary school

From left: Second District Representative Melvin Turnbull, Education Minister Myron Walwyn, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, and donor Peter Haycraft breaking ground today for the reconstruction of Enis Adams Primary School in Meyers.

Officials broke ground today (February 13) for the reconstruction of Enis Adams Primary School in Meyers.

The school was destroyed because of the September 2017 hurricanes and is being rebuilt by former majority-owner of Roadtown Wholesale, Peter Haycraft.

The businessman had initially pledged $1 million to rebuild the educational facility but announced today that he plans to fully fund the project.

“Financing is guaranteed right through to the last brick no matter what it costs,” said Haycraft at the groundbreaking ceremony this morning.

He also assured that, like all the buildings he owns in the territory, the new school structure will be resilient to future hurricanes.


New standard

Education Minister Myron Walwyn said the new Enis Adams structure represents the new standard of how schools will be built throughout the territory.

“The new model of schools in the territory, including this one, will have access to smart boards and other technology in the classroom, wireless and ethernet access through the institutions, solar energy and other green energy-saving methods, wheelchair access to and throughout buildings at all levels, and buildings that can withstand 185 miles per hour winds and magnitude-four earthquakes,” said Walwyn while giving an address at this morning’s ceremony.

Meanwhile, the new Enis Adams school campus will comprise seven classrooms, two lecture halls, a music room, a principal and guidance counsellor office, a staff room, computer lab, science lab, resource centre, and a multipurpose space, which can serve as the school’s auditorium.

Newton Construction headed by Hesketh Newton will be reconstructing the educational facility.

According to Second District Representative, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, the school will be ready for the 2019 academic year.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith was also present at today’s ceremony and thanked Haycraft for the donation.

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  1. Albion says:

    Good for you, Peter. You are a model to us all. I hope this encourages more civic minded citizens to step forward and give generously.

    • watcher says:

      Yes great respect Peter, well done.

      Lets hope we see some of the indigenous multi millionaires following his example. A govt minister or two would be a good start.

  2. Good says:

    This is what the BVI has needed and will always need. Good and proper corporate citizens! Good on you Mr. Haycraft!

  3. Julia Donavan says:


  4. Gary C says:

    A wonderful and very generous thing to do for the community. It will not be forgotten.

  5. nalyd says:

    Good stuff. Sticking with a winning partnership, as I believe that was the same contractor that built RTW for him as well. I look forward to seeing the result.

  6. Sue says:

    You see someones entire savings is another’s donation. Thank you Sir

  7. jacket men says:

    Thank you Mr. Haycraft. We know there is no chance for under-handedness in this one. No paybacks. The other 3 in jackets should have been doing some real work, like digging the actual footing for the building. That would have saved you a day’s pay.

  8. E. Leonard says:

    ???????????? to Peter Haycraft for his exemplary effort giving back to the community and his corporate social responsibility. He is talking the talk and walking the walk. His effort is setting a standard worthy of emulation.

    As such, other wealthy residents need to follow his example. It is important and forward looking that he focused on education; education and training are critical to chart a new course forward; it lays the foundation for building a knowledge-based economy.

    Moreover, just curious. But will the Enid Adams Primary School be actually constructed to withstand the wind speed from a Cat 5 hurricane(156 mph). Off topic, but public rideout shelters should similarly be constructed or upgraded to withstand Cat 5 sustained winds. New rideout shelters should be domes with double function. During normal times they can be used as administrative and other spaces and as shelters during a major hurricane. Each district should have a dome shelter.

    • true says:

      He said it will and the man is as good as his word. Concrete structures built to code with 5000lbpsi can withstand those forces and more, my house did without taking a lick, my other structures that were built before I arrived did not and will be rebuilt to 5000lb psi

      • VI Structural Engineer says:

        Specifying 5000 pound per square inch (psi) for concrete is fine but it takes more than concrete design to ensure that a building can withstand a Cat 5 hurricane. Concrete design is one factor but construction and inspection is another. Will cylinders be taken and tested at 14, 21, and 28 day points to ensure that the 5000 psi strength was attained?

        In addition to the concrete design and construction, roofs and openings (windows and doors) must also be designed and constructed to withstand a Cat 5 storm. During Hurricane Irmaria, lots of expensive and luxurious looking homes were severely damaged due mostly to poor roof, windows (nice looking but poor quality glass) and door construction. Suggest that if property owners desire tun of glass spec high impact glass; if you go for non impact glass, make sure that they properly covered during a storm.

        Thus, to meet the Cat 5 standards, all the systems must be tied together as a whole, ie, roof, walls, doors, windows, foundations………etc.

        Moreover, constructing to resist Cat 5 wind speed is a high standard that may be cost prohibitive for most residential property owners, as well as many small business owners. Thus, in many locales, eg, US, the minimum code for wind speed is set a lower category, ie, 2 or 3. Property owners assume some risks for the less frequent storms, ie, Cat 4 and 5. Those that can afford it may insure for full coverage.

        Well, insurance is another tory for another day. My rant is not intended to take away from the uncommon generosity of the Haycrafts. Indeed, the Haycrafts rock. The VI owes the Haycrafts a debt of gratitude.

  9. Eagle eye says:

    Name the school after him

    • Hmmm says:

      Thats a tricky one because the school has been renamed from the Meyers Primary School to Enis Adams Primary. Enis Adams is/was an educator who made significant contributions to education and the school so its a bit tricky now to say rename the school. We would be sending a dangerous message if we start renaming schools or buildings that are already named. Mr Haycraft should be hounoured in another way.

  10. AT a glance says:

    Step up TCL

  11. Um says:

    The owners of a company in fishbay can donate something too they are taking down a whole hill. They can donate some of that to the b.v.i because some years later that hill will no longer be in the bvi map. We can say we fix the road with it 🙂

  12. Mick says:

    Good on you mate. What a fine man you are.

  13. Good move says:

    This is a very good move Mr. Haycraft and I think more persons would try to help if they were made to feel at home and a part of this community.

  14. Longshanks says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you Mr Haycraft.

    As to the minister’s comments, all well and good but get on with sorting out the schools. Smart boards etc are things the kids should have but get all hands to the deck rebuilding in the meantime – these are a longer term ambition. The BVI cannot allow its children to forego places of education simply because it thinks others will fund this (and while ministers wrangle over the terms of aid from the UK because they want control).

    The BVI Islanders were so resilient post Irma but the government is now looking like an incompetent f•cling disaster which is going to ruin the long term welfare of the islands over petty personal concerns.

    I cry for my BVI.

  15. aha says:

    where’s the bronsens, vanterpools, ritters, crabs, skeltons and the johnsons?

    • Answer says:

      Except for the first name you mentioned, the rest waiting to see what they can reap as their piece of the pie the BVI has to offer. They ain’t sowing nothing

  16. ??? says:

    I’m calling out the biggest Trust Company in the Virgin Islands. They make ton loads of money and donate very little. They must do better. Thank you Mr. Haycraft.

  17. It's says:

    about time a little is given back!!

  18. ??? says:

    … he has given back a bit.

    Thanks much, though there is not much to celebrate.

  19. My take says:

    I am glad that he is giving back but he should because the BVI made him a millionaire out we the little man shopping by him for years so let us not get too carried away with this good gesture.

  20. Wait a minute says:

    Where is Mitch? Why wasn’t he breaking ground with them? Everything is about Myron and Myron only.

  21. ??? says:

    One more thing. Thank you for reading Mrs. Haycraft and thank you God for that wonderful view that inspired them to give!

  22. rastarite says:


  23. Visitor says:

    Just trying to solve problems with locals will bring more problems.
    Thanks to Mr. H. but please do not trust to all locals. They just use him for their advantage.

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