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Gunmen target home in Belle Vue last night — police

Armed officers patrolling Road Town. (File photo)

Police are investigating yet another shooting incident on the island of Tortola.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police said the incident happened in the Belle Vue/Manchester area last night.

“A home appeared to have been targeted [but] no one was injured in that incident,” police said this morning.

No further details were provided to the media.

There has been a series of gun crimes in the territory since the start of the year.

There were at least three reported shootings over the weekend. There was also a double murder and a spate of other shootings in previous weeks.

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  1. Dodge City Resident says:

    One day with no shootings then here we go again.

    • Albion says:

      Other than the usual pious platitudes, has anyone in government actually come up with any kind of plan to address this issue? Anyone at all? We are shooting at each other *daily* and no one seems to have any ideas what to do.

      • @Albion says:

        Nope. I think they are thinking if they ignore it, it will go away.

        • Sheriff Mathews says:

          We are hoping all the villains will shoot each other

        • Lady says:

          It is amazing how we blame the government for everything. As parents we live in the same house with out childred who are doing the shooting and hiding the same firearms in our houses. Are we reporting this to the authority? or we are too afraid of the children to report them. Let us take responsibility for the hoodlums we are rearing and put the blame exactly where it should go

  2. Haymaker says:

    Honourable Myron Walwyn, and Honourable Delores Christopher deserves another term in office, not sure about the others, both politicians have represented the ppl very well.

  3. Karma says:

    Let’s just pray and hope another innocent child is not gunned down in what is now becoming the wild west. And if those who know what these gun toting fools are up to continue to stay silent, then it will just continue to get worse. People can always SEE and GOSSIP about who’s sleeping with who but when it comes to crime… everybody gone dumb and blind.

    • Trouble Parent says:

      Well said nothing else is left to be said about this. Agree 100% everybody gone deaf and blind Karma you comment is very constructive,

  4. Karma says:

    I would also like to add this. It seems like the police have their hands full so to insure that the little angel isn’t forgotten, I am sure there’s someone who know who the KILLERS are. So if the police can’t catch them, I am sure there is SOMEONE OR SOME GROUP that can find these killers and BRING JUSTICE FOR TRINITY. For 2018 let’s take back our beautiful BVI,come on people WE CAN DO IT!!!

  5. J says:

    It is a gang war.
    Do somrthing about it.

  6. solutions says:

    we have not seen armed stop and search. Why?
    Are not the police carrying out the basic initiatives that are being suggested. If that’s the case we need the Bermudians, Caymanians and more Brits back asap to do the job. Whether certain politicians feel like they are in control is not more important than security of the citizens.

  7. yes says:

    Tola is dangerous. We should ban guns and drugs here.

  8. Please talk says:

    Non of us like to talk because our police to much like to mellee around, but you can write a note and push it under the door of the Commissioner’s Office, upstairs Riteway. Just walk up the steps. Everything is closed after 6:00 and nobody will see you – you are safe!
    Please!!!!!! Our country going down the drain. Every tourist looks at news site nowadays before they travel. I even too scared now going liming with my friends after dark

  9. Wacka flocka says:

    It was all GOOD just a week ago ????

  10. NDP says:

    Hope miss P is safe up there

  11. Curious says:

    There has to be some concerned responsible people in government who should be able to ” profile” who are the productive ,hard working young people in our society and who are the non working layabouts who have money but no jobs. Yes profiling is a nasty word but we have a war on our hands and the educators and police and responsible citizens in each district can surly check social security records and see who is working from who is not. It cannot be that hard to figure out who are the bad guys in each village and then start to check them out, harass them if it helps to get this problem solved. Why not bring back the curfew and lets get the cameras working. These are desperate times and we need desperate solutions.

  12. Be Conscious says:

    People we have to be conscious of the reality at hand.

    These trigger happy dead heads have already decided what type of reality they want to live in and they are acting it out into existence.

    They are few but as a good people we are far to many to be sitting back in silence.

    We all feel the same anger, worry and shame that these very bad few have brought on our communities and our islands.

    That’s the reality that they have brought upon us.

    We have to change that NOW. People have to give tips, and start giving the Police officers a hand. No names needed,just the information to get the job done.

    When we start getting these bad actors off the streets one by one then and only then will we be happy again.

    The World is Watching.

  13. Alias says:

    Sigh* That’s just a BLACK community for you, no one ever SEE anything or come forward with anything. Just another Black [derogotory] Moment in our little dirty secret and if nothing is done, soon enough it’s going to turn for the worst….#ViRevalation.

  14. We need the UK says:

    We can’t control our own in the best of times lest in the worst. We had widespread crime after Irma, then the UK came in and instant peace. They leave and we have instant crime.

    I know that we can’t have state of emergency military all the time, but certainly it is cleared that UK soldiers worked. The governor is appointed by the UK and the RVIPF is under his jurisdiction, but too much attempt is made to try to work with the BVI to take care of itself.

    Unfortunately, the reality is that the BVI is unable to take care of itself under either political party and is in need for real enforcement and consequences from the UK to save itself from itself.

  15. VOLDAREN says:


  16. t says:

    @yes; how dumb can u be?
    yes we are now a s…t hole country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. from here says:

    The police man is to be blam them know who all coin the shooting an play a blind eyes because is there friends an family an at the end off the day them have a big pay check to get

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