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Headley allegedly opens fire in front of cop; denied bail

Headley. (Facebook photo)

Thread Falls resident Akeem Headley tried to gun down a man three months ago in full view of an off-duty police officer, prosecutors alleged in court today (February 23).

Headley appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo this morning on charges of attempted murder, possession of a firearm to endanger life, and unlawful possession of ammunition.

He was not made to plead to the charges because attempted murder is an indictable offence. That effectively means the matter may be heard in the High Court.


Allegations are that on November 4 last year, the complainant was at Ramone’s Bar in Huntums Ghut with his cousin.

While at the bar, the complainant and his cousin allegedly got into an altercation with Headley.

It is alleged that Headley left the bar shortly after and went to a nearby garage where he was seen removing an item from his scooter. He allegedly placed the item in the waist of his pants and returned to the bar.

It is said Headley’s girlfriend met him outside and reportedly tried to prevent Headley from going back into the establishment.

“Loose me, let me go inside,” the accused man said before advancing to the entrance of the bar.

He allegedly opened fire and shot the complainant in the leg.

Hot pursuit

The court was told that the complainant’s cousin managed to push Headley before running in the direction of the Road Town Police Station.

Headley allegedly gave chase and fired several shots at the cousin as he ran away.

The prosecution told the court that an off-duty police officer who was at the location then ran after the alleged shooter.

Headley reportedly fled. However, law enforcers apprehended him for questioning sometime after.

Different stories

During an interview, Headley reportedly told police that he was at the bar but had left before the shooting started.

However, the court was told that the accused shooter changed his story when he discovered his girlfriend had also spoken to police.

During a second interview, Headley allegedly admitted to being at the bar during the shooting.

It is alleged that he also admitted to having an altercation with two men while at the bar. But, the accused reportedly claimed that he mounted his scooter and fled the area when he heard the gunfire.

Headley was then invited to participate in an identification parade but he refused.

The court was then told that police formally arrested and charged Headley on February 22 following further investigation.

During Headley’s appearance in court today, he denied the allegations.

However, Magistrate DaBreo described the allegations as serious and denied bail to the accused.

He will return to court.

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  1. This doesn't sound right says:

    So you are telling me that this attempted murder took place since last year in the presence of a police officer and only now he is taken before the court .what the ????am I hearing hear.was someone in law enforcement trying to cover up this shooting. Mr commissioner something is not right. Investigation take so long my ???.

    • Glass Half Full says:

      It is possible that Witnesses were displaced since the Hurricanes–people moving in and out of the territory. Also possible that damage to courthouse infrastructure among many, delayed trying the cases.

      Given the circumstances, 4 months is really impressive!!

      Congratulations TEAM RVIPF

      • Omg says:

        Excuses for a criminal. What is wrong with you people? The man should have been in custody same day.
        He could have committed other offences within that time. The court system here is just too slow.

    • @this dont sound right says:

      Do even live in the BVI? Last I checked all the courts were displaced post Irma and are now resuming business. The problem is you all rather egg a man on to do wrong and kick them when they down instead of telling them take a chill and do the right thing. Its all fun and games until shots get fired. It takes a village to raise a child but lately all of you playing blind

    • Jerry says:

      you forgot we had a hurricane??

      • hurricane says:

        Hurricane was in September while this attempt was made in November. So what exactly are you trying ton prove?

        Poor excuse, he should of been in custody since that same night, especially since an off duty office saw him.

        Law enforcement needs to step up when necessary.

    • 500 says:

      his father is a police my boi

  2. Bad boy, bad boy says:

    What you going do? What you going do when they come for you?

    • Reply says:

      Lol I was thinking the same thing. Like bruh you might as well tell the truth; especially since your gf appear like she already dimed you out. My gyal say her name ain Bonnie and yours ain Clyde.

  3. This doesn't sound right says:

    I almost sure that if an attempted murder in the presence of a police officer and several other witnesses is taking almost four months to bring this guy before the court well the Murders that took place without witness over the yrs up to recent is not going to get solve. The public can rest assured that their love ones gone without any justice.Does the public know why this Headley guy was not charged before??please read again

  4. Trigger Happy says:

    Nice job RVIPF.These young fools are quick to grab their gun unlike back in the days where men will settle their differences like REAL MEN. Now let’s get those killers next.

  5. Mick Mars says:

    So you mean to tell me, man getting haul straight Ballo for getting catch with a quarter of a joint in the bush….and this man allegedly run in a bar shooting , shoot a man, run out the bar, shooting and only now getting haul up?

    Messon it look like I got to start snorting Coke and bussing my Gun ’cause The Cocaine flowing freely and the Gunman them moving at leisure within this joke of a Law system we got here currently.

  6. VG Massive says:

    goin buss his lil ass soon let he keep play gangster

  7. Coco and souse says:

    … his father is an x police … Haters your turn.

  8. Nohomo dawg ^ says:


  9. SIGH says:


  10. Bam says:

    Does people understand that the police doesn’t charge people its the dpps office is what gives the order to the police to charge when they feel theres enough evidence to do so

  11. Irma. says:

    You want to tel me that a police saw him go to his scorer and remove something and put it in his waist and return to the and didn’t call the station or take some kind of action. The man was not wearing any mask and they took 4 months to arrest him. He was only arrested now because the police want to say they doing something after all them shooting.

    • L says:

      From what I understand, The police officer didn’t see him go to his scooter. He only saw him chasing and shooting at the cousin.

  12. Hmmm says:

    Just look at him

  13. The watcher says:

    More to go good job rvipf.

  14. Interesting says:

    He looks like Tyrek from the show Power!! LOL…

  15. Shares says:

    Lock his ass up for good.

  16. Fool says:

    … throw away the key

  17. Nonsense says:

    The laws and prison are too soft. Right now he should be facing a minimum 15 years [if convicted]…

  18. Rubber Duck says:

    [If guilty] Gonna get 10 years unless he from here an he get small fine.

  19. OAN says:

    So his girl single now or nah? Keep sendin them up Balo, more fish in di sea for meeeeeee

  20. Father Time says:

    What an idiotic thing to do. Wow.

  21. law says:

    well sah good work to the police but still missing out on some important information in the case need to find out why he did the word is on the street

  22. Hmm says:

    That can’t be the perfect principals son .

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