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Immigration inspecting homes of persons renewing work permits

Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Geraldine Ritter-Freeman

The Immigration Department is conducting heightened inspections on households of persons renewing work permits or seeking to change jobs in the territory.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Geraldine Ritter-Freeman said Immigration will not renew permits if the department is not satisfied that applicants are living in ‘favourable’ conditions.

“We have a Surveillance Unit that always does site inspections. We have had to ramp that up, of course, because of the situation with the hurricanes and homes being destroyed, we want to ensure that persons are living in favourable conditions before we approve them to remain in the territory,” Ritter-Freeman said.

She said Immigration ‘double checks’ even when landlords write letters and testimonials claiming that homes are livable.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes

The acting Immigration boss said inspectors look out for certain signs when determining whether households are in good condition.

“When we go out, we report on what we saw and then a decision is made between myself and the Labour Commissioner and other persons to determine whether or not we think that is an appropriate situation. So, there is no checklist that we’ve established to say ‘this is right and this is wrong’. But certainly, 20 people living in a two-bedroom apartment; that is not favourable.”

“I can tell you that there are less than favourable conditions right now that I have seen with my own eyes,” she added.

Ritter-Freeman said favourable conditions are determined on a case-by-case basis and that Immigration officers have been instructed to be ‘empathetic’ and use discretion when evaluating these cases.

In the meantime, the public is being asked to be compliant.

“We are not trying to invade anyone’s privacy or anything like that. We have to do what we have to do to make sure that our environment is safe and that we are keeping our end of the bargain in terms of border security and national security on a whole,” Ritter-Freeman said.

“You just don’t want people to become a burden on the state and living in conditions that are not favourable.”

The building that houses the Immigration Department in Road Town.

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  1. ..... says:

    One’s liveable might not be yours or your officers liveable. What are the required criterias that satisfies liveable.

    • OMG says:

      This is a time of recovery! We need lots of people helping us rebuild our homes, our schools, our roads, our electricity, our water, our internet. Why the ministers want to harass those that help us? All they want is a longer runway to land their new jets when we still don’t have electricity and schools be broken.

  2. eyes on says:

    and then less money for immigration and work.

  3. jonny says:

    well wah things to talk

  4. Albion says:

    This sounds like a simply *terrible* idea (if it is even legal, which sounds questionable – Government officers do not have a right to enter people’s home unless they have a warrant, which I am guessing they are not going to take the time and trouble to obtain).

    At a time when the Territory is suffering badly from depopulation, immigration’s idea is to throw out even more people if they possibly can. How can that possibly help rebuild the territory?

    To say nothing of the damage that it will do landlords who are struggling to rebuild and meet mortgage payments. Now they lose a paying tenant.

    Labour and immigration are so backed up people have to arrive at 5.30 in the morning to try and get their work permits renewed that day – but instead of putting more people on processing work permits, *this* is what they want dedicate extra effort to.

    Strupes. Do people ever think things through?

    • TurtleDove says:

      @ Albion

      I could not agree with your more…The people that want to stay and help rebuild should be given a fast track to citizenship! Not have their privacy invaded and humiliated. Shame on who thought this is/was a good policy.

      • Casual Observer says:

        Why doesn’t the government send officials to all of it’s belongers so they can assess how their citizens are suffering through this terrible time??? And just say thank you to the ex pats who continue to serve the tourists?

      • Peaches says:

        It so it go? Fast track to citizenship yuh say?????

  5. See through says:

    Ungrateful ????.

  6. Deedee says:

    Now this is a height of bull****

  7. .... says:

    I bet the owner of a certain takeaway restaurant in Wickhams Cay gets all her work permits renewed despite the subpar treatment that employees receive.

  8. Naked and famous says:

    This government department needs much better leadership and is currently a joke. How can you make people wait for over five hours for a simple renewal and waste all of that time away from our business trying to rebuild. How hard is it to have people make appointments for renewals so that they can be done in a matter or minutes. Same employer for six years and I wasted always the whole day to get a simple stamp? Really? BVI you have to get it together if you want people to remain in paradise.

    • Angie says:

      This is not the person to be heading or leading this department at this time.

    • Hm says:

      But it looks like they dont want ppl to remain in paradise thats why they are doing all this nonsence

    • Online Now says:

      The problem is, this isn’t really paradise at the moment. Good luck replacing the expats, especially
      the professionals if they do decide to leave.

      • Yessah says:

        They are leaving. Not because they don’t want to be here, not because they don’t want to come back to their homes and rebuild but the schools are too expensive and the teaching ( not the facilities) is not good enough and there simply are not enough homes and those that are of an ok standard are ridiculously expensive versus what people can pay in cayman, Singapore, HK, Channel Islands, Canada, Australia, UK, NZ. We are in a competitive market and we have to be attractive to all survive economically. All landlords, construction, public purse, restaurants, hotels, airlines etc all do well when we atttact and retain the best in the financial services and tourism industries and this leads to more opportunities and training for BVI nationals.

    • Jandy says:

      Elsewhere you would wait and shut up. People have no respect for the BVI

      • Taxpayer says:

        And apparently, the BVI has “citizens” such as yourself who have no respect for those of us whom respectfully live here, pay our taxes, volunteer with local organizations, shop locally, abide by all laws, and help our neighbors during times of need and trauma – irregaedless of creed or colour. Shame On You!

    • Follow the money says:

      Most of our ministers have worked as public or elected officials their whole professional careers. Where and how did they accumulate their wealth? Many own dozens of BVI listed companies. Others have bank accounts in offshore accounts. Where did this money come from? How come they so lucky?

      • Hmmm says:

        Actually most of the govt ministers are businessmen, doctors and engineers who were in the private sector before they were elected to gov’t within the last 8 years. Most are still running businesses along side their political work. Get outta here with your mess. Do your research before you start trying to hint false things about people. If you don’t know you better ask somebody.

  9. Really? says:

    How many people living in in not you all business! twenty persons is an extreme. But considering the events that occurred, are you really penalizing people for finding alternate accommodation by possibly shacking up? This Government has no Compassion!!!!!!

  10. ohhoo says:

    burden on the state?? if someone is working but their living space is less than ideal, how is this a burden on the state?? and what are you asking people to be compliant with? and are government workers going to be fired because they don’t have homes?
    every time I think it cant get worse in the BVI it does.
    After Irma unlike most things xenophobia in the BVI is alive and well.

    • Puzzled says:

      Im here wondering the same thing how are they burdens on the state? No resident belonger, born here, exempted work permit received state funding. Everybody works pay their social security and their NHI and taxes when they come due so again I ask when burden are they to the states if there is no state funding no section 8 no good stamps??? If people residence prior to Irmaria is not liveable and they are able to live with friends and or family temporarily I don’t see the problem especially when all they are trying to do is make an honest living till they can find their own space

  11. People says:

    have to survive despite what circumstances might send their way.

    If ones condition is not “satisfactory” to some does not mean they should leave. If the individual has an income his/her situation can and will improve.

    Those precious resources should focused on the illegals; the undocumented; the tax dodgers and cheats and those who are ripping off the government daily.

  12. Eagle eye says:

    People like yall make tortola look bad.

  13. Aghast says:

    “You just don’t want people to become a burden on the state”.. how are persons being a burden to the state when they are living privately? People are doing the best they can to hold on while their landlord deals with insurance companies, the port delays and the unavailability of building materials on island, to repair their homes. Should they lose their livelihood because of the effect of a natural disaster when they have stayed and helped to rebuild? Will you fire locals from government jobs if it is found they are living in the same type of temporary conditions? How is getting rid of tenants helpful to the landlords trying to rebuild?

  14. ANGRY says:

    This is illegal, they will be challenge, they cant come in your home and look at nothing, i must go to parliament and be put into law, the immigration act must be amended, this is nonsense. I bet this is her idea, dumb dumb dumb idea.

  15. Ridiculous says:

    Although I understand the department’s concern, I feel this is absolutely the wrong time to be doing this especially after all that everyone’s been through.
    The most ridiculous part is there aren’t any guidelines to follow for future use. Can you imagine some of these egotistical officers boosting their ego and making an unfair decision just to feel powerful?
    Wrong, on so many levels!! Please rethink your timing and PUT GUIDELINES IN PLACE!!!!!

  16. Madness says:

    Immigration officers are now certified building inspectors?

  17. legal eye says:

    I am troubled by what am reading..there is absolutely no provision in the Labour code or the immigration Ordinance for the respective officers to inspect work permit applicants home to make an assessment of their living conditions. I wish to know under what law is guiding such an inspection. In the absence of any law, such conduct is unlawful,philistine and jejune.Public officers can only enter a person’s home under the province of a law e.g a search warrant or a building inspector.Are Labour and immigration officers building inspectors….how will they determine how much persons should occupy how much square feet.those work permit holders have a right to privacy as guaranteed by the constitution and this right though not absolute can only be derogated by a law ….and hence no law is here in the Labour code and immigration Ordinance to do so hence that conduct is unconstitutional…..they are threading on some thin ice…

    • tallfat says:

      Were they invited or they invited themselves? Did they have a warrant to carry out this inspection? Is there any LAW that say Immigration officer has the authority to inspect your home, lodging or sanctuary? Isn’t this an abuse of authority/power ? I believe it is abuse as it seems they feel that the person cannot challenge them because in doing so they fear refusal to grant the permit and ultimately deportation.

  18. Man about town says:

    I will challenge the authority of the Chief Immigration Officer. I have not seen this in the Immigration and Passport Ordinance and I hope that they do not intend to apply policy to a democratic society. I will be waiting on the officers.

  19. WHAT??? says:

    This is absolute nonsense!! Yet another form of penalising expats for being expats. Irma did that to their house…why should they have their work permits denied because the Territory is in a state of recovery..WHAT THE HELLL???? Am I reading correctly??? Does common sense exist in these Government departments? Who is making these ridiculous policies? This is DISCRIMINATION…If you don’t like their home…then house them in yours but don’t deny them the right to earn a living because they had no control over their Irma’s destruction, the greedy insurance companies who are not paying out fair compensation, the landlords who were under-insured or not insured and don’t have money or don’t want to spend money to build back….It’s just 4 months after Irma…should such a drastic policy/measure be implemented now????

  20. WHAT??? says:

    How will they become a burden on the state if you allow them to be gainfully employed?

  21. Who Dont care!! says:

    This is ridiculous!! What does people living conditions have to do with them?? I thought the people of this nation was going to change because of their wake up call, but they’re worst!! There is no need for this , everybody is trying to make a living and this by far is bullshit!!

  22. WHAT??? says:

    And you know what…I believe it is a round about way to reduce the expats in the country to create more jobs for BVIslanders because things are getting hard. NONSENSE

  23. WHAT??? says:

    Me again…do these people even realise that Irma destroyed 95% of the housing in this Territory and to deny people’s permits because they don’t have good living conditions just 4 months after the worst hurricane in recorded history…it is NOT a matter where suitable housing is available on a large scale…WHAAAAATTTTTT…I hope one of these Ministers see this article and read the comments…my gosh man!!! IDIOCY!

  24. WHAT??? says:

    This is what VICTIMISATION looks like!

  25. Longshanks says:

    The interpretation and selective implementation of immigration policies is the single biggest barrier to recovery in the BVI right now.

    On the one hand you have messages from the highest level saying that the BVI welcomes back people who return (and without which the BVI cannot function and will have no income). On the other hand you have a complete lack of control over the immigration department and how they actually deal with people.

    I have a great deal of sympathy for the conditions in which the immigration team have been working (ironic given they are now inspecting aliens’ places of residence), but taking it out on residents is absolutely the wrong approach.

    Someone needs to get a grip of the immigration department.

    The whole mindset needs to change and you really need to have the immigration department headed by someone who sees the benefits of immigration and wants to make it as smooth and frictionless a process as possible.

    • Pat the Expat says:

      Its the tiny little bit of power they have, and by god are they going to wield it

      I would laugh for weeks if all the expats left , all those that run the boats for tourists , see how long that lasts when no ones there to crew the yachts

  26. Yes yes says:

    They can go into your home without that warrant.

  27. what a ting!! says:

    Instead of harnessing their work force to get people from sitting for six and eight hours to get a stamp , they sending their work force to enter people private homes. Who train these HOD’s. They are frighten that outsiders have to come in and build back the country. So instead of thinking how to move forward, they concentrate on how to keep people from entering the country. One cannot have their cake and still eat it. The BVI needs help to recover. But at the same time you have to be wise. However, this is not the route to take. What a stupid decision. Some of the decisions is going to affect the process worst than IRMA

  28. ReX FeRaL says:

    “We have a Surveillance Unit that always does site inspections”.

    Speak the truth. That unit does WORKSITE INSPECTIONS not house search for living conditions.

  29. Reply says:

    I am happy to read so many people objecting and speaking out against this silly decision. It is ill advised, and yet another example of the fabricated, unnecessary, and ongoing tension between locals and expats.

    Its also a waste of manpower that is questionable legally which if carried out will slow further a cumbersome process. Some people need to stop…just stop the madness. These kind of decisions makes the BVI looks bad.

  30. WTF says:

    People of the Virgin Islands, we need to get up, stand up, speak up, about the dragonian ways of this government. They simply is out of touch with the ordinary people who struggle every day to survive. As a fact I have experience of of this government adding and compounding the hardships people are already going through. This will catch up with them. There’s a God and He does not have any favorites. My Caribbean brothers and sisters let not your heart’s be troubled. Judgement day will come for these people. I am from Tortola and I am not treated any better. The only thing is I don’t need a work permit. I am so disappointed that I voted for this government, and months of trying to get an appointment with one of the ministers is a monumental task. They gave you an appointment and 20 minutes before the appointment his secretary calls and cancel the appointment, making an apology that don’t make sense. Animals are more sympathetic to the plight of humans than NDP. This law is just to be cruel and further dehumanize people. Have no fear. Be of good cheer. God is watching.

  31. Craziness says:

    Who goea to sleep and wake up with this bullf@@k.Do these people see what is going on in the BVI? We nees help!!! We are not ok!!!! We need these skilled people to help us put our s*&^ back together. You cant even ask for the minister of Labour or the PS for that ministry cause all their heads in the clouds or stuck in the sand. Pride going kill most ayo. 7 deadly sins.

  32. WTFx2 says:

    This is the heights of BS. Why is this a concern of Immigration?

  33. I From Here says:

    Perhaps immigration should pay more attention to those landlords who refuse to refund deposits or refuse to maintain properties in livable condition or the landlords and real estate agents who advise clients to impose ridiculous rents and property prices. Or perhaps immigration could pay more attention to the services they perform at their office and not have the public wait for hours on end and be treated like children.

    • Sam the man says:

      Well said an expat having their deposit returned is about as rare as an NDP Finance Minister publishing audit able yearly accounts ….

  34. Question for renters says:

    If a person has a property that they have been living in since the storms/Irma and paying rent to the landlord, and Immigration labels it unhabitable/unlivable, is that person able to claim back the rent from the landlord? At least that would be one thing in favor of the renter, but I really am curious as so many landlords/agencies are charging full rent for property that is not 100% maintained.

    • I From Here says:

      Because there is no consumer protection law here and they can get away with it. That is where a strong government is needed but too many people related to each other here and it takes willpower that is absent.

  35. Angie says:

    And they raked the hill man over the coal for following the darm law. Keep on living.

  36. Anonymous says:

    So what about the people that are from here or are belongers (me and my mother) that are living in unfavourable conditions? Which department is going to do those inspections to make sure we aren’t burdens of the state?

    Like geez man give the people dem a break!

  37. Yes! says:

    That’s right……BVI needed a cleansing, Irmaria started the process and now you finish it!!!! We need sweeps of Purcell, East End proper and Road Town and environs. This is a chance to rebalance this country!!!!! Some of you all Goose Cook! and I love it!!!!! Lets make BVI Great Again!!!!!

  38. confused Bvislander says:

    did she meant to inspect the work place? I know by law they can do such.

    Inspecting a person livable condition is beyond those agencies reach.

    Someone needs to gave proper information.

  39. WHAT.. says:

    What more are they going to do to kill the BVI? It is something weekly.

  40. Jandy says:

    Nothing is wrong with this because people are sleeping in cars and begging for a shower. I saw some guys sleeping in a lady’s yard in a car with their laundry hanging on her retaining wall. Her house is badly damaged and she does not live there, but people who do not belong there are around her house looking water and sleeping. It is a terrible shame. Home cannot be any worse if people have to resort to that.

  41. Sam the man says:

    This is madness, this island should be bending over backwards to encourage, support and help expats that are here supporting the Island – very bad PR…and adds to the prejudice against expats…add another few years to the recovery programme now if this attitude continues…

  42. Patrioctic says:

    Bvi immigration is breaking all the UN fundematal laws of human right immigration is a good thing for any country , it promotes growth and development . Take a look at how strong our social security is financially and that directly lick to immigration nhi sucesss also heavily depends on immigration

  43. Landlords says:

    Why not crack down on landlords to make sure they provide homes that are up to code? Is it because they have rights and the ones renting them don’t? Provide laws that protect all people not just a few. I had to pay my landlord for rent while I was not living in the property because he was “fixing” and still the water pressure is weak, the heater is not working, and the water pump cannot even pump water from the cistern in case we don’t have street water. So Miss Chief Immigration Officer if you want to crack down on the people who helps your economy crack down on those who don’t help people live in favorable conditions.

    • bruce says:

      well said one of the things i have notice here is the BVI the leaders in any of those department are jack*^%#%. They cannot think logically.

  44. Omg says:

    Just when i thought i heard and seen everything .what a waste of government limited resources who in their right mind would want immpliment such an ungodly act on people during this time of crisis
    Lets think what jesus would have done am sure not this .remember guys god is watching us
    Ultimately we all going to be judge by the way we treat our fellow human beign who can do us absolutely no good

  45. Landlord says:

    Why not crack down on landlords to make sure they provide homes that are up to code? Is it because they have rights and the ones renting them don’t? Provide laws that protect all people not just a few. I had to pay my landlord for rent while I was not living in the property because he was “fixing” and still the water pressure is weak, the heater is not working, and the water pump cannot even pump water from the cistern in case we don’t have street water. So Miss Chief Immigration Officer if you want to crack down on the people who helps your economy crack down on those who don’t help people live in favorable conditions.

  46. idea says:

    Thinking of it some more, there is something definitely broken in the immigration department. Is it that you lost peoples files and you are trying to cover for it with this ridiculous procedure???

  47. Hm says:

    Some people have alternative living areas by their landlord who promised to fixed back their apartment in due process suppose one of those person(s) have to renew their permit will they be asked to leave, some people have kids in school here they never ran they stay in the rain and sun and mold just to help rebuild the bvi now you want to ran them out. There are hardly any apt up for rent now ms. Immigration the expat have to live in a shack until they can be comfortable again thank god to be alive after irma may god continue to bless us and the bvi.

  48. Jono says:

    You know, sometimes you think , the BVI government couldn’t possibly be any more prejudiced , stupid, or obstructive.

    Then, they prove you wrong every time.

  49. Hope springs eternally in the human breast says:

    Andy Roney once said, “I won,t exchange experience for some of the best classroom in this world. One of the criteria in a top level job is people skills. The views expressed are, or are not necessily those of this government?

  50. Wondering says:

    No one mentioned illnesses that occur in crowded premises. Too many people living in a small accommodation it dangerous to all of those who live in the BVI bcuz certain illnesses can spread like wild fire.

    • @wondering says:

      Like Meningitis. As a precautionary measure they could encourage those in crowded living siituations to receice a vaccine.

    • tbh says:

      Then that should be for the HEALTH authority not for IMMIGRATION. Ya’ll wouldn’t bat an eye at a bunch of BVIslanders living in a crowded apartment because of the displacement due to Irma so why do be like that just because its expats?

  51. Island bird says:

    Why dont the government just tell all the island expats to go home because everyday there is something to victimize them. I said island peeps because all the rules abd regulations only affect them the most caucasian can rent one of the reality homes because they can afford it why their salary are 5 times more than island man but yet the govt want to victimize the poor man who choose the live in an u comfortable situation until everything is sorted out.

  52. Heart says:

    My home is not livible after but what im still here helping to rebuild. What can we do ro.e was not build in a day

  53. Heart says:

    Rome was not built in a day

  54. Cayman Bound says:

    Does the government want all the expats to move to Cayman? The government circulated a report today, confirming the 2018 hurricane season will be worse than 2017. What expat is going to stay in the hurricane hotspot BVI with all this obstructive discrimination when they can live on another paradise island, earn more money, pay no tax, not endure this nonsense racism?

  55. Cayman Bound says:

    Just another reason for the foreigners to move to Cayman or other (undamaged) paradise island & get better salaries, pay no tax & not have to deal with this racist discrimination. Foreigners will come back after one hurricane IF they are trated as valued human beings. Hurricane predictions for 2018 are worse than 2017: immigration needs to make the work permit process easier: not harder and more intrusive or there will be nobody left to pay rent and spend money here

  56. LOL says:

    These people want to cut our ass for enforcing rules in our own country. I had never hear and read more s*^% in all my life. This is welcomed news. Law and order must be restored in the Virgin Islands, one way or another!

  57. Smh says:

    Tortola getting worse everyday they putting up all kind of dumb laws, don’t they see most of their locals left and find better place to live none want to come back to that ass backwards island, those that are staying there are just as bad, just how tola putting out the expat other countries will do the same when they come there karma is a b*^%#

  58. the bible says:

    Leviticus 19:34 Context

    31Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God. 32Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD. 33And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him. 34But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God. 35Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, in meteyard, in weight, or in measure. 36Just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin, shall ye have: I am the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt. 37Therefore shall ye observe all my statutes, and all my judgments, and do them: I am the LORD.

  59. Ms wize says:

    Wow! This is harsh.. I must tell you I’m an expat. Since the day after the hurricane I have been sheltering 2 tortolians . I mean sheltering and feeding. I have absolutely no problem with doing it. And I promised them I will not let them go until their houses are fixed. It is against my lease but I prefer risk that to help a human being. I say this to say that.. Tons of the locals ran away after Irma but these expats stayed.. And now look what they are going to do to them. Kindly rethink…

  60. Tremors says:

    Remember Irma and Maria bring us all down to the same level in a few hours not but because some of u rise up faster than some u coming with ur nonsense again Remember God is watching this just doesn’t sound right at all

  61. JC says:

    No one else but immigration and labour are placing a burden on the state. When u deporr Expats for these crazy reasons..who will pay social security who will pay NHI , who will pay taxes.who will buy from the super markets and the restaurants. You all are so desperate to send Expats away but in the end you will self destruct this little paradise. Have u all thought this clearly. Do u all have a heart of God?. God is Love….Irma has not taught us anything

  62. Pffff says:

    You are really going low now. Using a natural disaster as an excuse to enforce your racist motives. Shame on everyone who supports this.

  63. This Govt Needs to Repent! says:

    Shame on them for choosing to implement such a heartless, despicable and unbiblical policy. As a BVIslander and a Christian myself, it breaks my heart to know the unnecessary pain and turmoil this would cause to so many hard working persons who are already struggling to recover from this devastating storm. Praying it is cancelled and/or revoked in Jesus’s Name! I’m truly grateful to and for every person who contributes positively to the BVI regardless of where they come from.

  64. Just lookingYou says:

    So ppl here if apartment not liveable will have to go…but yet there are ppl seeking apartment as New workers to enter the BVI….where will they find liveable apartments?. Waiting to see

  65. Disbelief says:

    Increased work permit fees, Immigration bonds, NHI, Social Security, Payroll Tax, rebuilding of the Territory through personal on island spending, patronage at local business, groceries, supporting of local causes, volunteer services, Rotary etc.
    Expats contribute so much to the Territory and instead of being embraced as part of the rebuilding process are being shamed in the most inhumane way. It already takes in excess of 6 hours to get a single stamp in your passport. Shame on Immigration Dept and those in authority that support this measure.

  66. try come to my home with out a warrrant says:

    good luck

  67. bad ass says:

    You all is treating the people from the other Caribbean
    Islands like dogs you all should be a shame of your self
    Thinking we are one nation but you putting them out are
    You going to do the work our government is poor and labour
    Is the same

  68. Sad says:

    I am an expat working for the government in an essential service. My apartment was damaged by Irma and I am still waiting on my landlords to fix it.
    I am now able to use only one of the three rooms. Will immigration deem my living conditions unsuitable and send me home?

  69. Ready Fi Shake Up Earth says:

    I think ur decision making in this is so cold bloody heartless, Remember Irma and Maria bring us all down to the same level in a few hours,Where were u and ur investigating team on Sept-06? Not because some of u may rise up faster than some and u have regain ur earthly powers again in ur political Society u making all kinda stupid cases against people by now we should all see how vulnerable we are in this life.Remember the world is a cycle and it’s a New Year more Strong Winds are Coming soon And seems like the Tremors are Close Too “WHATUGONNADO”?

  70. Black Eyed Pea says:

    It is very disheartening to see how so may of you people are jumping all over the Officials and their Officers for doing their jobs. Why do you all ALWAYS take offence to certain initiatives and regard them as personal attacks? There are many undesirables in this country that may have come after the hurricanes to take advantage of our broken state. There are many of them that were here before but they won’t leave because people hide them. We need to get the long list of unsolved murders solved and the perpetrators brought to justice. We maybe able to find some of them now. Some of you may have sought refuge with a total stranger whom you know nothing about. They could be criminals and you wouldn’t even know it, so please let the officials do their jobs. I don’t have anything against persons from other countries coming to the BVI to make a living and I wish you all the very best.

  71. Global issue says:

    This is not new. Right now this is what the Trump Administration is doing to Mexicans and people from Muslim countries. Immigration is the issue driving Brexit. So we must also protect our Borders.

    • Human says:

      I hope they stop your all ass when you try to enter St Thomas and R P, what damn borders? You all damn ungrateful.. You all don’t learn anything from witnessing two category five hurricane???you all worst and more hateful to people then you all was before..God have to wake you all up again for you all to learn??? I hope miss Rita provide a search warrant to enter peoples private homes.pure wickedness…

  72. Being Human says:

    This is a sensitive issue which is being treated in an insensitive manner. The approach is crude and details too sketchy…hence the outrage. Not too long ago we were all up in arms over the US president’s racial categorizing Haitians and people from poorer countries as “Shitholes” societies. There is a stark similarity here. I know the Immigration department means well but this approach is very…very…poor!!

  73. @YES says:

    the thing that you fear the most will come upon you. Mama bear already took over, only a matter of time before the hand is shown. see how you like expats being in charge of you now.

  74. Bs says:

    Don’t think this person is suitable for this position

  75. Ummm says:

    Waiting for the BVI to crash and burn. Oh wait that’s happening! We are about to become a shithole country like Trump said since no one else wants to admit it. Good luck, move in a few weeks.

  76. Look says:

    I read on a news site sight that the working condition at Immigration is un favourable

  77. Raise Your Standards says:

    Madam CIO,

    Raise and maintain your standards. Do the duty set before you. Brace your back!

  78. Bosang says:

    Don’t blame Ritter. she was placed there by people.

    • Heart says:

      Well she should not be those people mouth piece too can those people not talk why letti g her talk for them let them do their dirty work she is getting all the cussing now

  79. Tola me from says:

    Lol ???? ???????????? it’s soooo funny how these people think we from the BVI are stupid! It’s time that’s all I have to say!

  80. Gefferson says:

    Strange how only last month, the Premier was talking about reviewing the work permit process and making it easier for expats to stay.
    Already, 1000’s of people have left the BVI, not just because of Irma and Maria, but because of the way this government and some of its people treat foreigners.
    This is just going to persuade more people to go. The BVI is experiencing an economic collapse and pushing people away is just going to make things a lot worse.

  81. Gwen says:

    This is so nonsensical. What does having a work permit have to do with the way a person chooses to live as along as he /she is not breaking the laws of the land?
    What is your criteria for one to obtain a work permit?
    If you don’t want foreigners to your shores you should just stamp DENIED in their passport. Please don’t try to adapt what is going on in America. You country will not survive without foreigners.
    Born virgin islander living in the USA.

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