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Immigration officer accused of slashing tyres

Not the vehicle mentioned in the story.

An Immigration Officer has found himself on the wrong side of the law after allegations surfaced that he slashed a woman’s vehicle tyres.

It is alleged that the victim parked her vehicle at a gas station in Baughers Bay on Tortola sometime this week and left to run an errand.

BVI News understands she returned to find four of her vehicle tyres slashed.

Reports are that one of her vehicle windows was also broken.

Sources told our news centre that police arrested the Immigration officer in connection with the alleged crime sometime after.

He has been charged with criminal damage, BVI News understands.

It is further understood that the law enforcement officer has been released on police bail and is expected to make an appearance in court.

His identity is not yet known to BVI News.

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  1. Human says:

    If he was charged why was his name not published in the news? If it was someone that is not f on here the news site would have published a photo of that person..

  2. To human says:

    Why the hell you don’t go home

    • Concerend Citizen says:

      It’s easy for you hide behind a phone or computer and spit out those nasty remarks, but it’s all fun and games until it happens to you or someone you care about. Think carefully about the things you say what goes around comes around. Nobody and I mean nobody has the right to take the law in their own hands.

      • Theo says:

        I love when people say”go home” it’s an obvious admission you either condone such behaviour or believe people should be able to act a fool in their “home”.

    • Born Bred and Fed UP says:

      That’s the best you got? Seriously? Go home? Why YOU don’t go from here? I am from here and its people like YOU that have this country how it is? People like you is who have the judicial system off balance and out of order. Wrong is wrong and right is right REGARDLESS! IF it was an expat that committed the act WE would be saying “send her @$$ home!” etc…”Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”

  3. Concerned says:

    He should have been suspened without pay until resolved. Name should be out. Typical of government! CYA

  4. BOSANG says:

    If this is true that officer needs to be removed from his post.

  5. HA says:

    Left to run an errand? LOL!!!

  6. shocked says:


  7. shame news says:

    Shame on the Media for not releasing this ass’ name. This is not news – it is something else!!!

  8. Cyril says:

    In today’s world you are guilty until proven innocent. Convicted by the court of public opinion.

  9. Responsibility says:

    He is in a position of responsibility and integrity so cannot surely be elegible to continue his job.

  10. Youngin says:

    It is alleged!! How she know its him if she left her vehicle unattended at a gas station to go run an errand? What time she left the vehicle there? Did anyone saw him do it? Did she see him do it? Did he told her he did it? Chupesss craziness!!

  11. I barnya says:

    The vehicle has more than 4 tyres I suppose. Just saying. …

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