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Independent audit to be conducted on relief distribution

Some of the relief supplies donated to the British Virgin Islands after the hurricanes.

An independent audit on relief distribution since the hurricanes is to be carried in the British Virgin Islands.

Disaster coordinator and Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) representative, Superintendent Sylvan McIntyre will be in the BVI for the next two weeks to conduct the audit.

“It is important that the BVI fully documents the steps taken in its relief distribution programmes launched following the impacts from three unprecedented events.  A significant amount of aid was provided and must be accounted for,” said McIntyre.

He explained: “We will examine how the needs were identified, the pledges made, the relationship with local, regional, and international organisations in addressing the needs of the impacted communities, systems in place for tracking the receipt, storage, delivery and distribution of aid, and how the government prioritized the aid distribution.”

The methodology to be used in the audit will involve the application of a survey tool, focus group discussions, interviews, and documentation review.

A full report on the findings will be presented to Cabinet. The report will include the findings, recommendations, and lessons learned.

CDEMA will be offering financial support to the audit.

Meanwhile, a government release today described McIntyre as a key member of the Regional Response team and Regional Needs Assessment team who has been with CDEMA for more than 15 years.

Following the hurricanes, tonnes of aid was provided to the people of the BVI through various mechanisms and organisations.

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  1. Iman says:

    I did not see or get any. Investigate dem bauxide yes.

  2. Too early for the audit says:

    Even if the audit begins now..wait until all aid is distributed to finalize the audit and wrap up the report. Otherwise those yet to be spent donated dollars and goods will not make it to the intended recipients and will lack further oversight which is an open invitation to fraud and corruption or rather even more of it than before.

  3. Socrates says:

    Is conducting an audit of donations received after an emergency/disaster/crisis a standard operating procedure? Is it a best management practice? Or something is rotten in the state of Denmark? Who requested the audit? Were there suspected actions that something was not right? How confident are we that the findings of the audit will be highly favorable or it will be another national black eye for the BVI? Was there strict accountability of the receipt, storage, security and distribution of donations? How will findings of wrong doing, if any, be handled?

  4. Poor me says:

    Don’t put locals to distribute. They are selfish and are selective to whom they give. Lord they made some people beg. It shouldn’t be.

    • @Poor me says:

      Much of the people over supplies were not even from here ( born here).

    • B says:

      If not locals then who. Only locals should be on the breadlines and only locals distributing
      The problem is that some xpats do not understand that their home full up of gods bounty is where they belong instead of here taking bread from those in need.

  5. audit says:

    Hmm sounds like a joke to me I didn’t receive any aid when I went they were turning people away and the people assigned to the distribution was not pleasant you swear the things belong to them. Anybody notice after Irma the store was packed. Makes me think

  6. Tola says:

    Thank God they doing that plenty people ain’t get nothing.

  7. Hmmmmmm!! says:


  8. It's a Shame says:

    Some districts hardly received any distributions and they are still trailers on the field filled with goods.

  9. Watcher says:

    I live long trench and I never received anything, when Delores was up and down on radio saying go the long trench center when I went no one was there with anything some districts you could here distribution every minute which was good cause the whole island was in need but what happened to the rest of us, Delores will NEVER get my vote!

  10. Lip service says:

    Why not Audit govt books instead? No doubt this audit will find improvements are needed. This will be documented in a report that will then be buried in the archives and will not be made public, like all other reports that find we could do better.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jehovah auditing every day let them go ahead. We either do right or pay the price. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. We can do a lot better than these set of nasty dirty ways in this country. Only for some while others perish. I heard a few stories bout some of them distribution stuff and all I could say is well sah. When I look around and see the devastation more so in certain areas the one thing I hope people can have each day along with God love is food. Lord help us to love each other and to be our brother’s keeper.

  12. More money wasting... says:

    We don’t got time or money for this audit. SMH wasting more money…all they had to do was leave relief distribution to the aid organisations but they had to politicise that too…

  13. Watcher says:

    What is also needed is a plan for next time.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It was so sad that how some the distributors behaviour made persons feel more homeless than they already were, telling people what they can’t have but when you look its put aside for their friends an themselves and taking their personal life situation out on the public it wasn’t the place and there’s a few that can be name starting with the one who’s suppose to be an educator, when she herself needs the same education, book sense don’t mean you have the other senses and she’s living proof

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