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Insufficient investigation from cops in drug case, court hears

Junior Bradford Prince. (Facebook photo)

Police officers seemingly did not conduct sufficient investigations to link Bradford Prince and his alleged drug-dealing operations to a quantity of cash that they suspected were the proceeds of criminal conduct.

Police reportedly found more than 1,600 grams of cocaine, a quantity of cannabis, and $4,000 cash when they raided the man’s residence back in June.

But, during Prince’s trial in the Magistrate’s Court, his attorney Stephen Daniels sought to disprove that the $4,000 amount was money earned from the sale of drugs.

Forensic tests

While cross-examining Officer Richard Francis – one of the law enforcers involved in his client’s case – Daniels asked whether police carried out forensic tests to find out if any of the monies had cocaine or marijuana residue.

“I have not done it, Your Honour,” the cop replied.

The attorney further asked whether police conducted any follow-up investigations about the salary of his client, who is employed by the Public Works Department.

The law enforcer, again, replied no.

“Obviously he would be paid by the government … you didn’t follow up on the nature of his employment,” the attorney said.

And while continuing in his attempt to discredit the ‘drug money’ charge, Daniels asked: “Could you recall that Mr Prince told you that the monies that were found came from his singing, also, it came from doing survey work, also, he would have mentioned that he sold some CD’s because he is a singer?” asked Daniels.

Francis responded “yes” to all questions.

Is $4,000 a lot of money?

Daniels then asked the cop whether he believed $4,000 was a large amount of cash.

“I cannot say what is a lot for someone. Some people may find $4,000 to be a lot of money, some people may find $4000 is no money,” Officer Francis replied.

Prince’s trial was then adjourned and is scheduled to resume on October 8.


It is alleged that police accosted the 56-year-old accused during a stop-and-search operation outside a nightclub on Tortola on June 18.

The law enforcers reportedly found $1,666 in Prince’s pocket and 12.8 grams of cocaine in the vehicle within which he was travelling.

He was subsequently arrested.

The court heard that police later executed a search warrant at Prince’s residence where they allegedly recovered more cash and drugs.

Police reportedly found 1,644.36 grams of cocaine and 21.58 grams of cannabis.

The law enforcers also found four bundles of cash bound by rubber bands at the residence. Each bundle amounted to $1,000, the court heard.

Prince was subsequently charged with two counts of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another, as well as possession of proceeds of criminal conduct.

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  1. White Magick says:

    LOL what a world we live in where criminals are treated like innocent victims…I guess the cocaine was used to powder his doughnuts LOL

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  2. ford says:

    How much money a man suppose to have?

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  3. resident says:

    another great job by our men and women of law enforcement

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  4. Concerned says:

    Blame the Commissioner he has lost the plot.

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  5. Yep says:

    I’m not watching the money in his house. Could of been from his salary or his Rainy day savings. My problem is at what age do ppl quit nickel and diming with drugs? Think a man should stop dealing in dope especially hand to hand at a certain age. 56 you need to be cooling out. That’s my view

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  6. LOL says:

    Daniels making sure he secure the bag to make sure his fees get paid. HAHA!

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  7. Haha says:

    Lawyer can’t defend his client so he tries to discredit the investigation. Good luck with that.

  8. Fuk 12 says:

    Dem need shot ——- motherskunt to f-kn pumpos

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  9. Beware says:

    Beware of the so called righteous rasta man. Man will chant a Psalm then sell you —-.

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  10. B’ WIZE says:

    Prince Maccabee Royalson- it’s time to pick-up your Ankh and “live clean.” Our youths are looking for us to “speak love and life” and live in our higher-selves- and this goes to all the others living in the underground.

    A New Era is being ushered-in into OUR Virgin Islands to restore the Beauty once bestowed upon us. It’s time for our conscious brothers and sisters to give up the demons of our lower-selves and live the example of “THE MAAT LAWS,” for the other generations to bear witness.

    Be the “Prince” you truly are and stop living in fiction. One Love.

    From your mouth to the world: Live Clean-

    We are Blessed.

  11. Gumption. Official says:

    Rastaman ! It’s time to get it straight! Be a living testimony to our up and coming. Jah ain’t done with you yet. I seriously wish you strong health and tons of guidance. The devil will always be a liar! I’m here always here.

    Brothers keeper

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  12. de silent one says:

    Mr Daniel is trying to discredit the police about the origin of the money. Wondered what’s his take on the type of drugs, the amount and the manner in which they were kept. Another observation, this guy is a father of several children, is that the example he’s setting for them to follow?

  13. Brad Boynes says:

    Lawyer got some nerves.

  14. Future says:

    I find so many on here called him guilty before they knew the whole story. But this is why strong people cannot deal with those that just live off the media accounts. You are free so speak so speak. I KNOW of men that plead guilty to murder and take the punishment, to save another, what do you know?

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