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Local gunmen trigger-happy; easily provoked — James


Deputy Commissioner of Police, Alwin James has suggested that gunmen in the British Virgin Islands have become trigger-happy.

“It is more important [now] for us in this fight to seize firearms, and take them off the streets and out of the hand of persons whose quick, hot tempers can – with little provocation– result in the death of another person,” James said.

He made the statement while noting that Huntums Ghut residents Clevaughn Sweeney and Michael Stevens were dead before police arrived at the scene where they were gunned down early Saturday morning.

They were travelling in a rental vehicle at the time of the shooting.

Police said the murder victims were met with gunfire from the James Walter Francis Highway going west near the intersection with Station Avenue before the vehicle they were in came to a stop near the Old Works Museum.

“The victims were seen at Crystal’s Nightclub where close to 300 persons were in attendance earlier that morning. What happened after they left the premises is unknown at this time,” police said in a media release this morning.

Police are now appealing to persons with information on the murder to come forward.

According to the release, Deputy Commissioner James said police are constantly on mobile armed patrols around the territory but said ‘there will never be enough officers to cover every inch of the community’.

“Mobile armed patrols [officers] who were on duty responded to the scene immediately following the incident but the victims were dead,” he said.

Persons with information about the location of any illegal firearms are asked to contact the police at 368-9342 or the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 368-9339.

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  1. Good boy my foot says:

    I wonder what they could have been involved in for someone to hunt them down like that.

  2. Velour Track Pants says:

    Does the club not have Security cams? What is the Satya on the millions pumped into RVIPF CCTV system? Have any of the damaged cameras been replaced? Why were these critical crime fighting tools not urgently replaced/upgraded? I mean what is the PLAN for the RVIPF in combating the upsurge in violent crime in the territory? The silence is deafening as is the rise in unsolved crimes. Sad to say but will his become the new normal for the citizenry? Customs lack of enforcement and patrolling of the waters makes it really easy for all manner of illicit activities to flourish right under their noses- are they indirectly complicit in these matters? More questions as usual than answers from those in authority as the beat goes on!

    • Thinking says:

      The RVIPF is currently being held back by infighting for positions within the force so don’t mind the grandstanding by the COP. The entire force is a big mess with all the bickering, fighting and division while the Territory suffers. I know of some very good and effective officers stressed out, some fired, some left, some transferred and frustrated. We need proper investigative journalists here instead of these surface baggers we have here now just reporting the simple easy stuff that we already know.

  3. Only saying says:

    What ever went down, they were hunted down and disposed of. When I hear people say they would love to visit Tortola but they are afraid due to the fact that it is a violent place to visit, I always tell them there is nothing wrong with Tortola, it is the people that lives in Tortola that is making it a violent place.When any Country start allowing different cultures in that is when the problem starts.

  4. Saddened from afar says:

    Wow! On an island where there are no legal gun and ammunition businesses, so much is wrong with the statement, “that gunmen in the British Virgin Islands have become trigger-happy.” There should not be as many guns that there are on the islands in the first place. And yes, I probably have read into the statement more than I should have 😉

  5. Cops provide ammo says:

    The bickering is between the expats and locals and a lot of the police are corrupt they help the robbers and the gun man are hired by cops to rob local business just for a small eat sometime a 3 to 4 thousands and they businessman them call the same police to escort them to bank and they get rob before pick up time. So white boy clean your house first then try clean up community.

  6. Local says:

    What is most curious is where I live, guns are everywhere and violent crime is 1/10th of what it is, for example, in the USVI, and more recently in the BVI. There is a 12 gauge Browning Auto 5 shotgun(Belgian, by the way) sitting in the corner of my office (not loaded), and handguns & hunting rifles in the closet at home. Nobody cares. It’s what I grew up with. It’s what my children and grandchildren grew up with. Gun safety. I remember an old gentleman over by Rhymer’s telling me years ago that “everything was safe until cable TV come along.” The MTV and gang banging, chains, blah blah come on scene. It ain’t the guns. They are inanimate objects. It’s the entitlement attitude, “my me mine” and societal structure and corruption that drives the ills. Until the mindset is changed, they’ll be “trigger happy.”

  7. Just sayin says:

    I am sure that Police must be getting full cooperation from Crystal, seeing it’s a family business…

  8. Richgdgy says:

    There are so many drugs on your islands what the hell do you guys expect?Wake up!

    • Theo says:

      You’re forgetting that is a silent but legacy pillar of our economy.

      In the 90s certain top cops were being shot up over such things.

      Those whom ignore history are doomed to repeat it and possibly in a grander fashion.

  9. Theo says:

    You’re forgetting that is a silent but legacy pillar of our economy.

    In the 90s certain top cops were being shot up over such things.

    Those whom ignore history are doomed to repeat it and possibly in a grander fashion.

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