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MALE, local bikers ‘ride for life’ this month

Local bikers. (Photo provided)

Following an accident that left one of its members with two broken legs, one local mentorship group is taking scooter safety to a whole new level.

Mentoring Anointed Leaders Everywhere (MALE) and local scooter-riding group, 284 Reverz are hosting an event being dubbed ‘A ride for life’.

More than 50 riders are scheduled to collectively ride on March 24; demonstrating responsible riding with their safety helmet and gears.

The ride will begin at 3pm at Port Purcell’s roundabout and continue to Prospect Reef before culminating in the Sunny Caribbee parking lot in Road Town, where a closing ceremony will take place.

Among the speakers at the ceremony will be Police Commissioner, Michael Matthews.

Event two-fold

President of MALE, Henderson Tittle told BVI News that the event will be two-fold.

“One of our boys got into an accident at Fort Hill last month and literally broke his two legs so it drove us to do something. Right now he is home on bed rest,” Tittle said.

“We want to raise awareness when it comes to safety for young men and young ladies when it comes to riding their bikes. And, at the same time, we want to use this event to shine the light on the recent crimes that we are seeing in the territory,” he added.

Tittle extended the invitation to other bikers to join the ride.

According to the MALE President, they will be hosting the event every year.

In recent times, the incidence of gun-related crimes has spiked. Coupled with that fact, a number of unprotected scooter riders have either injured themselves or others or lost their lives during accidents.

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  1. Love it says:

    Glad citizens are DOING something to try and change the ways these scooter riders are behaving on the roads. Their behaviour has been nothing short of derelict for far too long. I am hopeful this will show the little thug thumpers who have committed these murders something too, at the very least to open their eyes a bit to see the people won’t stabd for it. All for this!

  2. Calwood says:

    None of those motor bikes have visible plates to the front, that atv is illegal and not road ready. I shall be there to ensure that all riders are meeting road reg ulations……

  3. watcher says:

    Many of those bikes are way above 125 cc and as far as I understand illegal.

    Ban all bikes now.

  4. Isee says:

    Glad to see this. Set an example .

  5. Gumption. Official says:

    I endorse the key reasons why the group is together and challenge them to keep their word and leading by example.

    I believe the individual are key to our youngsters both men and woman. Off the bikes within the group also have individuals with responsible jobs from being a police officer to Archie tech or simple as flying a drone. It’s the kinda of examples and image our community need to see.

    I know they’re going to do their best to reach the reckless ones, but a ride will do what they please even after a long speech about safety. Male (Mentoring Anointed Leadership Everywhere) is a perfect place to pick up from the last place you guys left off.

  6. Yolo says:

    I would love to join the ride my we are expecting a new baby girl I would be in st Thomas that week keep up the good job my fellow riders

  7. Sam the man says:

    Good start, we all get tired of seeing some scooter riders with no helmets and wearing flip flops racing down the roads recklessly they endanger themselves and the public…I wish the police would do more also that would send out a message to everybody….

  8. Joe says:

    I love USA police they don’t Kay there you come from they do there job

  9. East says:

    Hope all bikes are license and insured for this rally.
    Is super cop indorsing it by speaking at the event? hmmmmmmmm.

  10. Wha says:

    Get a life and rebuild your country

  11. of couse says:

    lemme just take a pic with all our illegal bikes.


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