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Man in custody on suspicion of murder, rape after Sunday’s shooting

This forensic officer processes a vehicle in custody at the Road Town Police Station. (BVI News photo)

A man has been taken into custody following the shooting death of a woman on Tortola, Sunday night, May 26.

The man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and rape, BVI News understands.

Police have not release the identity of the suspect but highly-placed sources told our news centre he is an expatriate resident living in Great Mountain, Tortola.

While details of the fatal incident are still sketchy, BVI News understands that the crime happened minutes before 11 pm at the suspect’s residence.

The female victim was found in the area with gunshot wounds sometime after and was transported to hospital for emergency treatment. She succumbed to her injuries.

BVI News will continue to provide more information on this developing story.

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  1. I said it says:

    It was a savage brute from ST.Vincent that did it.

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    • @ I said it says:

      How do you know?

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    • Father Time says:

      OMG, how’d you know? Did he tell you that luv?

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    • Chupes says:

      For u to make such accusations only predict u were present when it happen an therefore they should question ur a** too……

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    • Anonymous says:

      What part of the new stated it was from st Vincent note I ask what part I’m not defending anyone but your jumping to something the police themselves don’t even know and they claim to have that particular person in custody and didn’t mention his nationality but yet your on the media conforming something your not even sure of how ridiculous

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    • Not vincy says:

      stop putting blame on people, for all we know her h*****d found out about them and payed her back hoping the l***r takes the fall

  2. Bewildered says:

    What??? Had she gone for walk in that area? Did they know each other? Was she at his house voluntarily? Was this a random attack? Was it premeditated? Why???

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  3. Vincy again? says:

    Vincy again! Blame it on the weed.

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    • hey you says:

      blame it on vincy wife less vincy people these vincy man is fargit they never go round a man play they quicker go kill a woman fargit that should of bin my mother I would bin the jail the same night just to kill that

  4. Vincentian Again says:

    We have to take more care with who we let live among us. Vincentian have a history of this type of crime of passion. If the police did no apprehend him he would have probably go off somewhere and drink Dramazone. Premier are you taking note!

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    • Anonymous says:

      What is a Dramazone if you can’t spell don’t bother to say anything.

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      • Meaning says:

        Dramazone (as opposed to Gramaxone) means a place in which all manner of high drama is generated by any kind of news whether significant (like this brutal murder) or insignificant (like the nationality of the suspect currently in custody). Dramazones are generally found prevalent in small societies whether it be discrete (for example, small countries) or in subsets of larger societies (for example, small towns in big countries).

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    • Yeah says:

      Like the one who chopped of the woman hand not to long ago. He took a lethal dose.

  5. School children says:

    Hope they are checking his DNA against any that might have been found on the young lady who was murdered a few years ago and buried in a shallow grave. Whoever did that is still out there somewhere.

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    • WTH says:

      Are you referring to the lady who was washed up by the flood after it had been raining for weeks? OMG

    • @School children says:

      and the one that was at the side of the hill under the blue tarpoli, if you are referencing the same one.

      It is hoped n they have those kinds of modern forensic tools at their disposal

      Frankly, we should consider not being an OTs territory for longer if not.

      Think me deserve much more than having some psuedo political colonial linkage andnames on prisons to remind us of a not so glorious past.

      • Tooth&Claw says:

        Was that near Ballast Bay? Some guys sometimes up to something in the bush near the old slave Road, under a dark tarp. About 100ft down the hill from the road nicely hidden in under the vegetation. They ain’t gardening.

      • Tooth&Claw says:

        You think we’re better off on our own? Good Lord that’s the worst idea ever proposed.

  6. clint eastwood says:

    “hang em high”

  7. son of the soil says:

    I done tell ayo that these ungrateful island people isn’t good for this country but who don’t hear will feel.

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    • Son of soil says:

      I feel the same way. All they do is come here with their dirty worthless ways. They are the ones that destroy and give the BVI a bad name. They are the reason why the true BVI people is leaving and why the ones that is away refuse to move back home.

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      • Pure Ignorance says:

        All the Tolians who are up Balson GhuT is Vincentian inspired them to do their wrong doings?What happened to the lady is very disturbing and unacceptable everyone in St.Vincent isn’t the same.You all need to stop it.Some of you all call yourselves Christians but look at you all self and see if you all are Christian like.Rest In Peace Miss and my deepest sympathy goes out to your family.I pray for justice.

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    • peace says:

      why u dont bag your face with out island people u all eat rock and sea weed

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    • Anonymous says:

      No BVIslanders commit any crimes. Hope the prison has no locals as inmates since people from here are so PERFECT. Give me a break. Well what you guys should do is deport every islander back to their homes. Since we are so worthless. Simple.

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    • Father Time says:

      @son of the soil

      You all sound like the white men speaking against the africans.

      ‘island people’ is the diet ‘nigger’

      I hope you can all stand on your own feet when all the ‘island people’ decided to pack up and leave. God bless.

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    • Supremacists says:

      Not ungrateful island people alone are the ones who are not good for our country. Please do not rule out the white supremacists from the UK, South Africa and America who are the most dangerous threat to our country. Our Caribbean people are saints to them. You doubt me, watch carefully for the next year as events unfold.

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      • Kfsaint says:

        I’m a visiting white person from the US who is thoroughly impressed with the gentle people of St Thomas. Couldn’t imagine anyone desirous of inflicting harm or death upon these people or any others for that matter. You either revere human life, race and other factors aside, or you don’t. Yes, violence can be directed to a particular race, people, religion or gender, but let’s just consider these criminals psychotic, in humane animals and all work together to put them away.

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      • True says:

        What’s about the white man that kill the white lady years ago and try to say it’s a island man.

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      • Bruce says:

        You a racist

    • Truths says:

      Not ungrateful island people alone are the ones who are not good for our country. Please do not rule out the white supremacists from the UK, South Africa and America who are the most dangerous threat to our country. Our Caribbean people are saints to them. You doubt me, watch carefully for the next year as events unfold.”

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      • Tooth&Claw says:

        Truths? It’s amazing what passes for “Truth” these days. I call it hate filled paranoid delusion. White supremacists? Really? Someone needs to take a dunk in the sea.

    • Chupes says:

      Shut ur mc, island ppl came an taught y’all how to stop f**k with y’all cousins, the bvi had a bad name before island ppl arrived,y’all dirty f**ckers are the ungrateful ones…. Go check ur god darn background an find out y u have soooooo many relatives!!!!!

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  8. Celia says:

    “Dramazone” is a poison, I suspect (laughs)

  9. celia says:

    I said it, you seem certain, so I hope you call the hot line and tell what you know.

    • hmm says:

      you mean like the same BVI people that leave here and go sell drugs and go prison and get send back home so arent they tarnishing the USA. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE.

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  10. Not to late says:

    …They have to put a block on the people from ST.Vincent comming into the Country.Let them migrate somewhere else. They are no longer welcome in this Country.

  11. hmm says:

    you mean like the same BVI people that leave here and go sell drugs and go prison and get send back home so arent they tarnishing the USA. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE.

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    • @hmm says:

      Yeah but,see the thing with the US is they will deport your A** in a heart beat before you get a chance to tarnish their Country something the BVI don’t do.

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  12. Proud "Islander" says:

    I am a PROUD “ISLAND” Educator doing a great job here. These same ISLAND PEOPLE are the ones educating your children. To categorize all island people as the same just shows pure ignorance. The same reason some island people are here is the same reason those from here flock the US. Many run to the US to give birth so their children can have entitlement and US rights. This world is a wicked world because we humans made it that way. No love among us. We fight for all the wrong things. What can we take with us when we pass on from this world……NOTHING.

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    • Concerned says:


    • Tooth&Claw says:

      Far too much entitlement. In fact, not a single bvislander deserves a UK passport without ever actually setting foot in the UK. People here get given all sorts of privileges and entitlements not afforded to the majority of persons in the world. And instead of showing gratitude people flap their arms because white man this white people that. So much misguided hate and bitterness for an entire race of people you’ve never met. The truth is that the hate and bitterness you feel is for yourself and your own sad little lives. When you realised this you will feel better, I promise. And you can stop hating on people just because of their face. I knew a black guy from England working here and he received racist abuse every day from y’all locals, because he “Spoke like a white man.” Some of you people really are the bottom of the barrel types.

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  13. East says:

    And these is who Andrew Fahie want to give residency to. Please Andrew wake up. They need to. That girl/woman a family a friend for almost 50 years think please think …left her 3 children to mourned!

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  14. West says:

    Very sad indeed

  15. John says:

    Very sad indeed

  16. Resident too. says:

    This was a heinous crime committed by an individual who is evil. It doesnt matter where he is from. Blame him not the other hundreds of Vincentians (myself included) for his criminal acts. It is wrong to bundle everyone under the same umbrella. We are not responsible for his actions. Throw his behind in the jail and lose the key. SVG dont want him back either.

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    • Well Said says:

      This is what i was thinking. How could mature people with sense write such rubbish. This truly brutal crime is not accepted here in the VI PERIOD. Dont matter u local or from TimBuck2.


    • Bvi says:

      It matters where he is from indeed just like it matter that
      – spaniards killed off the Indians in the islands
      – colonists stone Africans
      – Haitians are unwanted in Dominican Republic
      – blacks are unwanted in France
      – Venezuelans are unwanted in trinidad
      – jamaicans are unwanted
      – Europeans are unwanted in England
      – Mexicans are unwanted in USA
      And on and on
      People must protect their own borders

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      • Huh? says:

        So when the Africans were “stoned” whose land were they on?! No crime against another is ever justified. I’ve never read more nonsense.

  17. Why not says:

    Give this man a dose of gramazone already, I don’t want my tax dollars that I am paying into the system feeding the savage to sit up in jail doing nothing.

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  18. Ambitious Jamaican gyal says:

    Love love triangle gone bad I hear it’s sad these expat so horrible yet these locals can’t get enough of them every nation does wicked things stop the stigma please

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  19. I grew here,you flew here says:

    Those Vincy men to damn Baddddd and evil. They Can’t seem to know how to deal with anything the civil way, they only know how to handle things with a cutlass,gun and poison.

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    • @I grew here, you flew here says:

      You watch too much Love and Hip Hop ATL with that screen name. Something not right with their head

  20. Bruce says:

    You a racist. It’s common sense that people coming here should not be easily allowed to live here.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Three quarter of these women that bashing down island people f***ing a down island man

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  22. Observant says:

    Since BVIslanders are such noble citizens, can you rush to provide info on the murders of Trinity and Mr Penn that occurred since 2017 post Irma so that the perpetrators would be brought to justice without fail!

    • Hmm says:

      Sadly they didn’t seem to give a shhhhh….about that murder case. Only a few spoke out at the time and only a few would remember them. I thank those who still remember the victims and continue to pray for justice….I SAY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for caring.

  23. Vincy to the bone and very proud says:

    These tolans need to stop talk shit, because crimes everywhere. No Vincentia ain’t here suffering and Vincentia don’t pay rent where they born and grow. We only came here to work, not to live forever. Our life living is superior to yours. You all do what you all have to do, because we won’t miss here. Is we the same Vincentia help you all after the hurricane and look what you saying about for one person that committed crimes. Stop the s**t.

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    • Me again says:

      @ Vincy to the bone and very proud
      I do not normally take part in these kinda things But I have to comment on this one
      IT IS TROUBLING when we hear about this type
      Of crime and VINCY involved
      We had one where the Vincy man “ chopped her on her arms “. We had the “ cut throat “ in Green land
      We had “ attempted cut throat “ in VG over weekend
      We had “ gun work “ in. Tola over week end
      They are making it BAD for all Vincys ; rather than offering STAY/STATUS it seems that Government need to make a CLEANUP/ CLEAN OUT and start shipping VINCYS out and put “‘restrictions/ban “ on any more coming in
      This is out of hand and NOT acceptable and it did not just start
      Back in the 70’s when I was in High school : a VINCY cut an old lady throat in East End
      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH TIME TO CLEANSE the BVI ( Peter will have to pay for Paul)as ALL Vincy is not bad but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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    • Ok then says:

      Exactly, vincentians don’t need to be in that f**cking shit hole, the only thing the bvi have that st Vincent don’t have is the money… Ask the minister who recently visited our shores an he will tell u, he didn’t want to leave but as soon as something happen(and I’m not condoning his behavior in any way) they quick to bash the whole country, sick of those family ram(goats) that acting like they so perfect when their lives messed up just like their country!!!

    • Interested says:

      If your life living at home is superior to here why are you here again.

  24. Vincy to the bone and very proud says:

    You all better pray that another disaster ain’t come back here, because this time you all will suffer, because people done see how you all v.i people ungrateful. Our government seeing and listening to all fxxk you say about people country.

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  25. what a ting says:

    The bashing of local minds against Vincentians and Vincentians hitting back is adding to the already hatred that exists amoung the populace. Any intelligent people would realized there are good and bad in ALL people. So for locals to lump all Vincentians as the same is the most STUPIDand for Vincetians or Caribbean people living here to say all locals are interbreeding, ungrateful is the most STUPID and IDIOTIC statement . We need to stop this madness because island people and Local people would continue to exists side by side as long as life lasts. STOP fueling the hate.STOP IT! STOP IT! This is not creating a helthier environment forthe BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS.

  26. Yes says:

    It is very sikening the way some of these people keep bashing non b.v.islanders… why so much HATE against the same people who are teaching your children, cleaning your house, cooking your food, taking care of elderly parents, dating your can’t cook daughters and your irresponsible sons, renting your apartments, and i can go on and on. There is nothing you can do about them being here, absolutely nothing, you can talk until “cock get teeth” but there is nothing you can do.

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  27. Unfortunatel says:

    Visa for Vincentians about time. Such ignorant people, iff the bvi was so bad why you all flocking the place and don’t want to leave. Enough already

  28. Sweet Negrita says:

    All I see is people questioning what could happen.. let the police do their Job.. pray for the families… to much fight between humans.. remember the families are in pain…Lord have mursey

  29. In Shock says:

    Lord have Mercy a young woman was raped/murdered. She was a Mother of (3) boys whom she loved dearly. She was a wife to her husband. She was Sister and aunt to her nieces and nephews . She have her grieving family and friends. Are we so overwhelmed with Hate that instead of sending condolences the grieving families you ALL come on here to vent about STATUS/HATE. WHY?????? This is not the forum for this kind of thing. Its not about who, what, or when. Think about the Family, PLEASE

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