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Marijuana imported in boxes of baby products

Not the exact supplies mentioned in the story.

Local law enforcement officers have discovered an importation of marijuana that was concealed inside a few boxes of baby products.

The packages were reportedly imported into territory late last week through a well-known multinational courier.

Reports are that Customs Officers were at the Terrence B Lettsome International Airport when they received the packages in question.

Upon inspecting the items, the law enforcers discovered an unspecified amount of the illicit drugs inside.

It is said that the drugs were compressed and stashed among a relatively large number of baby products such as diapers.

BVI News understands that police were summoned and the matter is now being investigated.

It is not clear whether anyone was arrested in connection with the discovery.

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  1. Politician says:

    Stinking Irma. We were able to grow our own now we have to wait until next harvest

  2. Haymaker says:

    An increase in illicit drug trafficking activity is expected in the VI due to the status with the recent hurricanes and the lack of government swift action in rebuilding the territory, the loss of jobs and the closing of small bznz, The black market economy will rise in an effort to subsidize the local economy due to it’s stagnation. Only the rich surviving in this country at the moment.

  3. .... says:

    People need to stop bringing their bad habits into this country.

    • hmm says:

      the bad habits was always in the country, its just ya’ll like to point fingers, and don’t like to take blame, the bvi is no garden of eden……stfu

  4. Mick Mars says:

    Yet the Cocaine coming in here got it’s own social security number, NHI card and personal valet service. What a mess.

  5. WELSAH says:

    Weed psychosis is not a joke

  6. L says:

    If the wanted to arrest someone, they were supposed to wait and see who collects the packages.

  7. Yep says:

    Exactly…..this is y they will never solve any crime here….something like this incident is not supposed to be exposed rite away…..wait for the person picking up the packages, and since it’s a courier service , most likely someone will pick it up at their office or they will deliver it to a home etc..follow them unmarked(distance tho) and u will get ur man….dont alert the courier service before either cause maybe someone there is in on it and will alert the package recipient….jus follow and u got ur man….Im 100% sure u will…these cops and customs officers here to jumpy…they discover illegal and yayyyyyy(we make a bust…let we put this on news)….take it slow fools….dont let the public kno ntn period cause ur man will be alerted and abandon the package then u hav ntn besides him finding another avenue to import which continues the business…yall have positions but no sense period

    • Deliver to....??? says:

      While true, I’m sure the items had a name(s) of the individual(s) of whom they were being delivered to. Let’s hope it is/was his/her real name and that Customs checks ID’s for persons collecting goods. Either way, the BVI always seems to do things backwards. SMH

  8. Ras Allah Speaks says:

    Legalize it- is the only way to get a handle on its illegalities.

    Research my people- it’s another way to carve out our unprecedented success in the global marketplace. Don’t sleep on information. Let’s carve out, once again, before it’s too late, our place in the global market at a time when it’s crucial. Research which strain grows best in our climate and claim it- intellectual property rights. There will always be detractors, but if you’re plugged into the natural state of awareness, you will know this venture can catapult us to global prosperity if we are smart with it- i.e.: medicinal, cancer agent blockers and supplements, medical tourism, and other value-added spinoffs. Produce the strain that grows best in our climate and we are on our way. This natural plant has so much more to be discovered that should undeniably require an investment in our young local scientists.

    We need to stop being so negative on ideas that are presented to us even if it comes from “questionable” politicians for their own ulterior motives. Politicians “once taken the oath” – accept their dualistic role upon acceptance – a play on conscience. They are forced to accept within their being- how they intend to balance their mental, physical, and spiritual motives; this in itself- is a “craft.” Research the definition of a craft.

    “You can only know them by their works.”

    With that said, keep in mind— “with our votes,” we have granted them access to some of the most powerful and brilliant global minds- for good or for worst- through our “X”es/votes;” and as such, they are privy to information beyond the average population unless they share with us.

    A preview of- International happenings in the industry: “ONE LOVE SO LONG AS THERE IS BREATHE:”

  9. Jennie says:

    While consideration is given to the exercise of Legalizing Marijuana for medical use. Perhaps by growing specific strains under controlled and monitored environment to export to countries that already have rigorous inter-border standards. Please let us also invest in increasing funds for drug abuse programs geared towards the unfortunate folks that will succumb to the downside of this.

    If our population is too vulnerable to have this “not so new industry” carried out on our shores, then don’t do it.

  10. Government says:

    just legalize the plant and put taxes on it, economy robust ?

  11. Goodness me says:

    They were actually bringing it here? I thought there was enough 🙂

  12. Uncle Buck says:

    Waste of police time. Drink driving is illegal, and has a much higher death count than the illicit marijuana trade, yet police do not enforce that law with the same dedication they summon for their war on herb.

    Blue collar crime is arguably worse than drug related crime. There are a lot of criminals in suits here who should be locked up.

  13. Nothing new says:

    This is nothing new. Authorities just got wind of it. Start checking the feminine hygiene items. Pads and Tampax.

  14. Hmmmmmm!! says:

    why would you broadcast some stuff like that? why not wait till owners came to retrieve packages. dumb dumb!!!! it really need a button for rolfao!! lmaoooo

  15. Helping hands says:

    Arrest for what, Isn’t it a good start to the marijuana plantation idea?

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