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Maybe months before police stations fixed

UK Project Manager for RVIPF’s repair and restoration, Paul Brooker.

Though the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has received more than a pocket-full of funds to repair its police stations, it could be months before works actually start on these facilities.

The United Kingdom (UK) donated £1.2 million (US$1.68 million) to the RVIPF last month and since then, building materials have been purchased.

But, UK representative and Project Manager for the repairs, Paul Brooker said other factors are delaying the rebuilding process.

“Orders are being placed for the material. But, as you know, and like everybody else, that is nine or 10 weeks lead-in time [before they arrive in the BVI]. By the time that equipment gets made either in the US and/or Puerto Rico and then get shipped down here, you know as well as I do we are facing challenges on the docks with containers and just the pure backlog there,” Brooker explained.

“Getting hold of building materials has been a real problem. Everybody is trying to source it … So, we are facing the same risks and challenges that everybody else are,” Brooker said.

He said he cannot give any timeline in relation to when works will start on police facilities.

Real security concerns, Matthews dissatisfied

The government has been implementing measures at the ports to solve the problems.

But, despite the efforts being taken to address the issues, Police Commissioner Matthews is dissatisfied with the speed at which things are being done.

“I am dissatisfied with the caveat. I understand [but] I am dissatisfied because I am an impatient bugger and I feel that we should be getting on and doing these things.”

“The UK Project Manager arrived in the territory in December and his job was to get the infrastructure going on Road Town, West End, and Virgin Gorda. [But], here we are at the end of January and not a single nail or a piece of wood, or a piece of glass has gone in any of those buildings yet because he can’t get the materials. So, even though he’s on the ground and the funding is in place, we cant get the materials in quick enough,” Matthews said.

The commissioner said the delay in repairing police facilities poses a ‘real security issue’ for the territory.

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  1. local says:

    the police officers don’t do no work let them build the station all they do drive around some actually go home and be in them bed while police vehicle park in the yard

  2. Vancito says:

    Project Management 101.

  3. Diplomat says:

    The VI cannot catch a break. It was devasted by two Cat 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, along with a historic flood that cancelled its Emancipation celebrations. Now poor logistics, poor port management and transportation are adding to its misery. What is the hold up in getting material from the US (Puerto Rico has its own problems)? There is no shortage of material in the US, even though Florida and Texas were hit by hurricanes. What is needed is a more coordinated procurement process. Procurements need to be bundled for a lower unit cost and faster transportation to the territory.

    It may be a mirage. But is the VI leaning more on UK personnel to perform routine tasks, ie, construction project manager? Are there no qualified construction project managers in the territory? Or the Governor and UK agency heads feel more comfortable with other UK personnel? Is the VI and other OT becoming a employment haven for UK personnel at the expense of locals? Does it seems as if there two governments, local and UK, in the VI operating on parallel tracks? Is there any doubt that the UK government is being dissed? Are the NDP chickens coming to roost?

  4. Eagle eye says:

    It looks to me bviec have a problem getting lights for the streets to.spend some of that money on lights so the police can do their work and thiefs think twice

  5. Watcher says:

    @t prisoners which prisoners to build the building the ones that we’re sent away?

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