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More residents getting sick from backyard fires — Evntl Health

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An increase in backyard burning in the British Virgin Islands has begun to cause health complications for young children, elderly persons, and asthmatics living in the territory, the Environmental Health Department has said.

Chief Environmental Officer, Lionel Michael said the department has been receiving ‘numerous complaints’ from residents being affected.

He is now appealing to firestarters to put a stop to backyard burning.

Meanwhile, Michael said the practice is not only affecting residents with vulnerable immune systems.

“Backyard burning is also harmful to the environment and [is] a potential fire hazard,” the environmental health chief said.

He then urged residents engaged in the practice to allow fallen branches, leaves and trees to decompose on there own.

Michael added: “If persons cannot manage their yard or any other type of waste that they may have on their property, they should contact the Department of Waste Management for assistance with removal.”

He underscored that proper disposal of waste is important to local health overall.

“It [also] helps to improve aesthetics and reduces pests’ infestation,” Michael added.

News of an increase in local backyard burning comes months after last year’s category-five hurricanes, which levelled lands and dumped countless amounts of debris across the territory.

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  1. bull says:

    This has been going on for generations

    • Oh well! says:

      Yes and we are also getting sick and KILLED from the neverending open air burning of trash at Pockwood Pond. At the very least my neighbour’s trash will eventually burn out, but this menace is lasting a lifetime. And honestly, there is no one to complain to, because NO ONE GIVES A $H*T!!!! This too has been and will continue to go on for generations, but on a daily basis. (Sigh!)

  2. ;) says:

    And Government’s solid waste facility is any different? Where’s the concern for that Mr. Environmental Officer?

  3. Guest says:

    Don’t talk about all the chemicals that those genius’s up in East End burnt after the hurricane on the East End festival ground. Yeah they got rid of the thrash but in the next 3-4 years residents in that area are going to have an explosion in cancer rates…I always said East End people are not too bright….

    • VI says:

      Or the one next to the college

    • Fine Food's Finest says:

      So East was the only place where material of this nature was burnt, clown? You must live in one of those areas with a made up name and plenty of ypeepo to feel like you above anyone else on this little rock called Tortola.

  4. Love my bvi says:

    Maybe we can control the fires at our landfill… Maybe…

    Remove the stick from your eye before you help others with theirs. Just sayin

  5. just Ice says:

    please put out the fire in Pockwood pond!

  6. The Dump in VG says:

    What about the gigantic toxic blaze at VG dump site that burns all night every night? How long must we endure this health hazard? So many ppl coming down with all kind of life threatening illnesses. Do something about that!

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