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Murder witnesses told to speak out, Premier condemns crime

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith (File photo)

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith has spoken out following Saturday’s early-morning shooting that claimed the lives of two men.

While noting his concern, the territory’s leader is calling on witnesses of the double-homicide to come forward and give information to police.

“No matter how minute the detail, say something!” Dr Smith said while condemning crime.

“I want to make this equivocally clear, the British Virgin Islands is no place for crime! I have zero tolerance for it and the community should have zero tolerance as well.”

“Remember, we are working together to build the BVI stronger and better and incidents such as these will only undermine our efforts. It is important that we continue working together to make the BVI safe for ourselves and our visitors,” said the Premier who is also minister responsible for tourism.

The shooting happened near Althea Scatliffe Primary School and the Red Cross building in Road Town before 5 o’clock this morning, February 10.

Details of the shooting are still not clear but police investigations are ongoing.

The names of the victims are yet to be released.

Murders: broad crime scene extends from school to highway

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  1. Priorities says:

    Only now he want to condemn crime, where was he to speak out about the innocent child that was brutally killed??

  2. Eagle eye says:

    That 7 million give away is a crime that needs investigating to.we speaking out yh

  3. Well Sah says:

    Dr. Smith hush yo A%*

  4. Yes says:

    I agree, we really need to tighten up on crime from every aspect. No more of our law enforcers turning the other way for anything. They have to get tough. Some will suffer and some will be angered but this has to be taken seriously.
    When Supa Cop is out and about everyone makes sure their seat belts are on and they are mindful not to use their cell phones while driving. We respected him because we knew we would get a ticket. It’s the same way all police officers have to take their jobs seriously. If you see a youngster on a cycle breaking the law, go after him. Not saying to have a street chase which could possibly endanger others. Take a picture and find him later. Everything that seems suspicious, investigate and ask questions. We as a community must also play our role and speak out on anything we might know that could help to find these criminals. Today two families are going through the worst grief imaginable, tomorrow it might be one of us. We have to stop this. Parents, if you suspect your youngster is involved in something illegal, report them. You just might be saving their life and it could be a turn around point for them to change their gangster lifestyle.

  5. Lights or Curfew says:

    Too much bloody darkness in the place!! Put back curfew until street lights are restored all over the territory.

    • @ Lights or Curfew says:

      I doubt the lights or curfew will make much of a difference for these gangsters. They had the shooting in Baughers Bay in full day light. They don’t have any respect for the law or for life.

  6. I born here says:

    The bvi will fall..
    We will never learn..
    espeically after such damage from
    hurricane…I really thought we would be a batter bvi.Nature little secret..
    We litterally going back to donkey days..
    moving backwards..
    not opening our mind.
    focusing on all the wrong thinings..
    we born here..
    Look a joke..
    its an honour to bvi a strong bvi islander
    but not with the mind set of our people.

  7. Concerned says:

    If the Premier or anyone in the government and/or police force are serious about crime, start at the bottom (pedestrians, illegal parking, bikes, tinted windows, cell phones) get tough, get serious it will work its way up.

  8. The Real Boo says:

    What about the Pier Park, Hospital Overruns, BVI Airways, the lack of audited accounts and no COI and politicians who refuse to register their interests?

    We should not tolerate these either. These should also be condemned and reported to the proper authoirities for investigation.

  9. Wellsah says:

    No accountability. No consequences. All throughout society. The thing about belongers being “owed” a job that they can’t do makes it worse.

  10. Diplomat says:

    Increasing property and violent crime, especially murders, can be the dagger in the heart of tourism, 1/2 of the economic twin pillars, as it probably did for St. Croix in the 1970s with the Fountain Valley Golf Course incident. St. Croix is probably still reeling both economically and socially from the massacre on the golf course. The violent and property crime scourge need to be arrested.

    The murderers need to be identified, tried, convicted and lost in jail. Nonetheless we cannot just jail our way out of this problem. We cannot just treat the symptoms; we need to find and root out the root causes. The community is a key player in helping the RVIPF to root out the problem and bring the perpetrators to justice.

    But the RVIPF has a systemic problem; it leaks like sieve and people for their own personal safety lacks trust in it. The RVIPF is an indisciplined agency and is dysfunctional. Feud among local, regional and UK officers is not helping matters. It needs resources but just throwing money at it is not a panacea for healing its myriad of problems. The community is in my opinion willing to assist the RVIPF but it needs much more from the force. The force must be more than a pay check. It needs to demonstrate rock solid professionalism.

    Moreover, the community must also do its part. An improved quality of life and standard of living is no doubt a good thing. However, the drive/quest for materialism resulted in a causalty—-the children. The children are lost and not part of nation building. For there to be growth continuity, there must a generation to pass baton to. Where is the next generation? They are either chillin at Balo or St. Lucia being non productive or resting in the grave yards. This is a social problem that needs to be fixed; the whole community must be engaged——parents, family members, neighbors, schools, NGOs, churches, government……etc. Bring back the “ Village”.

  11. Watcher says:

    Sorry Doc but we do tolerate crime. The police do nothing about scooter gangs flouting the laws on noise and helmets, for example so they start to think they are above the law, and small crime leads to big crime.

    Zero tolerance has been proved to be a great policy in NewYork and elsewhere

    Let’s adopt it.

  12. bvi weak says:

    White collar crime

  13. Boo says:

    These five boys who call themselves the Government…smh and their entourage on the back bench waving gallery need to get real.

    Who are the real criminals here? Project after project goes into “overruns” and nary an audited financial or report in sight. Half-baked idea after half baked idea and no real governance in this our lowest hour and greatest time of need.

    That is a real crime. Do you condemn that?

  14. BOSANG says:

    Tell us about the 7 million recovery….

  15. Demotivated says:

    It would also help if the police are given immigration status and treated as part of the community.

  16. IM A WITNESS says:

    NDP murdered this island, where can i testify ? READY !

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