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Murders: broad crime scene extends from school to highway

This section of Station Avenue next to Althea Scatliffe Primary was cordoned by police. (Photo Credit: Davion Smith/BVI News)

Police cordoned a relatively large area while conducting initial investigations into the confirmed double-murder that happened early Saturday morning, February 10.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force said two men were killed during the shooting incident near Althea Scatliffe Primary School several minutes before 5 o’clock.

One victim is said to be a close relative of a local police officer. Names are being withheld at this time.

Meanwhile, when BVI News arrived at the location in question, our journalist observed that the crime scene extended from Station Avenue where the school is located, on to the James Walter Francis Highway heading east.

A section of the dual carriageway next to the entrance of the Moorings was littered with police evidence markers. Traffic was redirected to one side of the thoroughfare.

Armed officers securing a section of the crime scene on the highway. The photograph at the foreground shows a closeup of an evidence marker at the scene.

This morning’s incident is the second double-murder in just over two months and the second reported shooting this week.

Today’s murders are reportedly the first for the year.

Residents reported hearing a few single shots then rapid and successive gunfire when the incident happened.

Our news centre will continue to provide information as this story develops.

BVI News captured these crime scene investigators this morning.

Police name murder victims; apparent drive-by shooting

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  1. Horrible says:

    This is getting out of control. Missing home right now but glad I am not there during these dark times. Come on BVI, get it together.

    • Albion says:

      I never thought I would see the day. How long were those boys chasing them firing their guns all through town? So lucky nobody else got hit by stray bullets.

  2. Priorities says:

    Such a lawless society when an innocent child who had just turned 11 yrs old was shot with a high-powered gun and nobody wants to give any information on the KILLERS. Can you imagine a CHILD an innocent child who was loved by all that met her, had her life taken away by those heartless animals and yet those who know the killers refuse to talk. Even if they don’t want to call the local police,they can call England or even leave a comment with a clue in the comment section. Come on people PLEASE talk up

  3. Law and order says:

    I think it’s seriously time to bring back the Royal Marines and start kicking down some doors clearly on a small island like this everybody knows who’s behind this

  4. BeeVeeEye says:

    Time for a MASSIVE Police presence with a door to door home search…forget the warrants….enough is enough!

  5. Not surprise says:

    This is nature’s little secrets. Our people continue to deny the reality. We like to cover up and pretend. It’s all about image. We see it all over the country – church,prison,school…

    It will continue until we start accepting that we have too many wannabes in this society who couldn’t care less whether the country sink or swim.

    Sorry to say but we use too much of our time and energy focussing on trivial matters such as whether we should renew someone’s work permit whose place Irma mash up. So much time spent cussing and fighting each other – expats versus locals while the country going down the drain and sadly it’s going to affect all of us, no matter where we are from.
    Beautiful country but indiscipline and lawlessness is too rife.

    • Theo says:

      The BVI doesn’t have anywhere to run or hide either. There isn’t another island which can take over from the capital. These issues happen anywhere on the island or islands, it happens everywhere. It needs to be stopped now, or everything is lost.

  6. Dam says:

    Looks like they were chased down. Wow

  7. Hmm says:

    How long can they keep the names secret?

  8. Money due says:

    Drug suppliers want their money, not excuses why you don’t have it. Banks be acting the same too.

  9. REALLY says:

    Come on guys, I’m a single female traveler! BVI was my safe place!!!

  10. Minister says:

    By thy works though shall be known

    Live clean and let your works be seen

    What soever though soweth ———————————-

  11. Politician says:

    I’m suprised at the closeness to the police station. Lack of fear or don’t care ways frightens me

  12. Sam the man says:

    people know who did this and by not disclosing info they are just as guilty – get a confidential line set up and invite those that know something to get in contact …fast action is needed to alleviate heightened concern that things are just going from bad to worse…I’d get external help from the UK as the police aren’t really up to solving murders to be honest… previous track record etc…

  13. de silent one says:

    @Law and Order, I support your comment 100 0/0. When those guys was here, they had this place lock down. Our so call young punks/Criminals were dear to challenge them, and the place was quiet. From the time they leave it was and has been chaos.

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